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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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Losing my touch, Shizuha muses, or perhaps I never had one. I'll have to ask Kisume about the proper sneaky way to pay eavesdrop someday. She turns her attention properly back to Alice, hoping that Rem was just exceptionally observant and that she hadn't given herself away to Alice as well.

Rem, having shaken off an eavesdropper, quickly notes that a valuable and difficult to replace bit of diagnostic equipment he was using has gone missing.
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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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The Hangar

Rem sighed and looked around. He fidgeted around his person and noted that something was missing. Hmm...? The measuring device is missing... That's not good...! I need that! Work and research can't be done without it! he mused to himself silently. He looked calm, but inside he was extremely worried. He looked around and noticed that a girl with a brown hat. He smirked. "Oh, well... Looks like I'm going to have to find a replacement. Well, no, it's hard as hell to get these things. I hope whoever has my measuring device finds good use out of it, and has more use of it than I do. I almost busted open my dignity trying to get that!" he chortled, loudly and flamboyantly on purpose.

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