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Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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(Alrighty then, let's get this show started. Now, as you can see, the format is basically the same: place, time, and day. Every once in a while, I will do a news report which could help you later on, who knows. Anyhow, here you go!)

Gensokyo Foundaries Time 7:00 AM Day ??

The sounds of welding echoes throught the quiet of the morning. Although grudingly, everyone decide the best place to meet was at the Moriya Shrine. The (supposed) Great Powers of Gensokyo met around the large table.

"Ladies, I'm sure you are all aware of the danger that is closing in. The Border around Gensokyo, as strong as it is, is weakening at an alarming rate. It will not be long before outside forces will overrun Gensokyo" Yukari stated to the others. "Kanako, how much longer until the vessel is complete?"

"The modification of the treasure vessel is nearly finished. We are currently working on furnishing of the ship, and the Bio-domes are almost ready to take in the fragments." Kanako said, looking at a number of sheets of paper.

"Excellent. Remilia, Yuyuko, have you found able bodied people to serve as the crew for the ship?" Yukari asked

"Yes, we have. They have already been assigned stations around the ship." Remilia.

...this is how the meeting started out, but then it turned to this...

"So, how are we to defend ourselves?" Satori questioned. "From the specs of the ship, there are not many ways we can defend ourselves. And we cannot rely on our powers alone, Suwako. We'd run out of energy with the lack of ambient mana in the outside."

"Wh-- oh. Nevermind then." Suwako sat back down.

"Well, there must be something we can do, right?" Asked Kaguya, looking around the room. From the doorway, un-noticed until now, a single word was uttered by the resident miko at the shrine.

"Mechas..." Sanae said.

"Mechas, of course!" Yukari shouted while getting up from her chair. The best way to go is with mechas!" Everyone else shot doubtful glances at each other. "Think about it! We can store energy in the mech and fight with relative freedom!" Everyone began uttering sounds of agreement. "Sanae, you shall be in charge of creating a defensive force of mechas!"

"This is just an excuse for something weird." Ran groaned silently to herself.

"Alright, now we need a cool sounding name for the team!" Yukari said with new-found energy.

"Army of Scarlet!" Remilia piped up.

"Battlestar Galactica!" Shouted Kaguya.

This sort of nonsense continued for a while until...

"Why don't we just name it the Gensokyo Coalition?" Suika spoke up. Everyone agreed to the name. And preparations continued.

Years pass, and the war over raw materials ignites as the border to Gensokyo was ripped apart. The fate of the Colony Ship Gensokyo was unknown for many years until one fateful day...

Lunar Base 057  Time 11:50 AM Day 1


....the time is now 11:50 AM. At 10:00 AM, Premier Acrulov of the United Republics of Jupiter made a statement today regarding the ongoing rebellion on Europa.

"Commrades, we must not let this cancer affect our rise to greater glory! Those who stand in the way of creating a utopia for the common person are oppressors, who must be stopped!" The Premier went on to talk about nationalism as well as stopping the Europan Rebellion.

The Martian 32nd Fleet mobilized and attempt to sweep out the radical group, the Liberators of Eden, from the asteroid belt. The LE have intensified their attacks over the past few months, even venturing as far out as to strike a Martian convoy enroute to the recently established Venus colony. The Martian CEO has refused to make any statements on the matter.

In other news, Terran Munitions and Martian Foundaries have stated that they will work together in alarge scale operation. There were no details, but it is expected to be the largest one since the migration to Jupiter.

In Colonial news, military forces have discovered traces of an ancient Lunar city while exploring the dark side of the moon. Previous claims made by scientists, stating that such a city was not possible have been shot down as move artifacts are discovered.

The Lunar Corporation CEO Alexis Shoungrain announced an energy crisis. The extended use of personal heaters has cause blackout to occur in several districts of the Lunar colony. The CEO has advised that people turn down their heaters in order to spare power for the entire colony.

In local news, Thrax Farnsword died today. The noted scientist worked on many revolutionary inventions and pioneered the terraformation of Venus. He then worked on more efficient energy cells and plasma cells. He died of a heart attack at the age of 173 years.

In entertainment news, pop star Mitokana Ayushi's solo hit "Remember Me Gently" has risen to the top spot of most popular songs, knocking all other songs off the charts. Tickets have sold out for the Lunar idol's next concert, which is to be held in the Lunar Capitol, and many have camped out in front of the Selia Park waiting for the concert.

The time is now 12:00 PM. That's all for the 11:00 hour news. Stay tuned for the "In the Kitchen" with Arnold Shwartzenburger.


Forte turned the TV off. It was a shame that he couldn't see what new antics the pyromaniac chef was up to, but lunch hour was lunch hour. Unfortunately, this meant patrol duty, so no proper lunch today, again.

"God damn it, I hate the food they give in the mech." Forte grumbled. He walked down the pale hallway to reach the recreation room, where his flight members were resting until their shift came on. What he walked in on was a rather unusual sight for military men.

"Captain!" The men were doing some sort of dance, in step to Mitokana Ayushi's older music video, "Neko Miko".

"What in the world are you doing? It's time to depart. There wil be more time for your idol crap or whatever it is..." Forte turned to leave. The squad members began talking loudly.

"How can you call it Idol crap?!?"

"Mitokana is the best!"

"Seriously guys, that stuff is kinda creepy" Forte said, looking back at his fellow pilots. "Ah, whatever. Come on, we have to go."

The familiar whines of the fusion cores echoed in the hangar bay as Forte's flight took off. It wasn't long before a large Terran fleet was spotted making its way towards Mars.

"Full Moon, this is Mission Control. You have new orders. You are to trail the Terran Fleet and relay their co-ordinates to our fleet stationed nearby."

"Roger that." Forte trailed the Terran fleet, unknowing of what laid ahead of him...

MFC fleet, Mars High Orbit, 3:00 PM Day 1

MFC forces awaited the orders high above the Martian surface, their top pilots on standby in should the need arise. Their distinct shapes hung in the upper atmosphere. The commander of the fleet stood at the bridge and waited for the attack. Hopefully, the operation could end quickly. If the TMC found out about this, then all hell would break loose. Little did the MFC forces know, the TMC was already on it's way, out to fight the MFC for control of the target. The target being the Sactuary ship, Avalon.


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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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Welcome to Team Heaven and Earth Border of Ecstasy Love and Be Loved Gift of Earth I?m Hungry Froggy and Her Merry Men No Frogs!  Frog Legs <3 That?s cannibalism!  Towel-Fu Rocks From the Gap With Love Celestial Pain Froggy and her Emo Men then? I said no frogs!  Gap Express <3 Marsh-Mal-lows perhaps? Towel Circus?  Pain and Peaches! We are not naming this team PEACHES!  Huh? Wut?!  Densha Otome, desho? Ministry of Corn, because The Amphibian Movement Will you people make up your mind? Froggy and?. Shut up!  FUBAR, the team that runs on tea, sake, peaches, and general madness.

It?s easy enough to explain away the reason why such an unlikely cast managed to come together to form this traveling circus of a team ? they were all victims of fate?

?or so they claim?

But that?s a lie. That?s a terrible lie.

The truth is, fate doesn?t do shit like this. It wont' touch shit like this with a 20 foot pole and a biohazard suit. Rather, it takes shit like this and shoots it at heavy booster units and watches to see what comes out the other side.

No, they came together because nobody else wants them on their teams. Yes, this is the reject pile, by rejects, for rejects.

Nobody wants Suwako because she?s made of concentrated sugar, topped with sugar, with a side of sugar. They say that the reason the Noble White lacked a pilot up till now is because whoever tried, male or female, would either die in a diabetic coma or moe-splode majorly. Some people, who other people consider insane, say that the Noble White?s so-called nosebleed buster cannon is an actual nosebleed shed by some poor unlucky sod stuck in the same cockpit as Suwako.  Besides, she talks to her Nachtmare and shares her cookies and milk with it. That?s creepy.

Nobody wants Yukari because she?s a manipulative middle-aged b**** who can?t stop chuckling ominously at every single little thing you say, as if every little breath you?re taking is a step closer to some giant mousetrap she kindly set up for you. Besides, she has a bad habit of molesting anything and everything, male or female, living or inanimate. She's so infamous that she has been banned for life from every single public bath in Gensokyo. Nobody wants to be stuck in the same ship as her, let alone the same cockpit.

Nobody wants Tenshi because all she has in her brain is peach puree and all she ever wishes is to be made into peach puree. Nobody else could get so bored that they?d stick their hand in a cageful of hungry weasels on purpose. Besides, nobody could stand that godawful racket of a song she always plays when she?s co-piloting, something titled ?Get Down? or similar. Some believe it?s a form of psychological warfare. Some (more rightly) believe that she simply enjoys the painful headache. Many believe this is specifically the reason why the Celestials dumped her and left her with the Gensokyoites - to spare themselves the agony while slowly killing the Gensokyoites through mind-rape.

Nobody wants Trent because he?s a Trent.

While none of them seem to be aware of this fact, they still seem to stick together somehow. Was it the tea and sake? Was it the cake? Or was it the general lack of actual leadership in the team that kept them together? Well, Tenshi would like to think she's the leader. Yukari thinks she's manipulating Tenshi into believing she's the leader while following her whims. Suwako knows better though....'kero~'. As for Trent, he's just following the voice of the towel which is telling him that there might be cake and frog legs for him at the end of this, no matter how much Suwako tells him otherwise....

This is their story, a story of love towels, pink hippos, froggies, peaches and cream?.

Now pay attention. The special effects are quite costly?

Borroughsbury Royal Palace, Avalon Haven Colony Biodome, 3.25 PM, Day 1

?This is a trap, I just know it!? Chief Ambassador Princess Watatsuki Yorihime of the Lunarian Capital Haven hissed to her diplomatic entourage as they walked into the spacious, ornately decorated circular meeting room.

?Your highness, please?? Lunarian Ambassador Yutsuha whispered as they took their seats around the gigantic round table. ?Marius-sama has requested that we take part in these talks. You have already been briefed on the threat of the corporations?.besides, we need help in taking back the moon from the Lun-?? Her whisper was cut short as all the delegates in the room turned as one to face the center of the round table where a stately, blond-haired woman in a long, frilly white dress had taken the podium.

?It?s that Yukari Yakumo!? Yorihime hissed. ?She gathered us all in one place for a reason!?

?Ladies and Gentlemen, honoured dignitaries of the Havens and Sanctuaries?? Yukari began, abruptly, as if to hammer home the urgency of the situation. ?Firstly, my thanks to the Avalon Haven and the Avalon Royal Family for allowing us use of your fair Haven for this meeting. It is a huge security risk you?ve undertaken to make this possible. You have our tanks. Now, you are all aware of the looming threat that encroaches upon our peaceful Havens. The corporations are aware of our existence. They?are aware of our Mana Cores??

?And just how could that have been possible?!? A dignitary, one of the El-Dorado contingent it seemed, stood up and bellowed. ?We of the Havens never interact openly with the outside world!? Whispers broke out all throughout the ranks at this.

?Yes!? Another, this one from the Atlantian entourage, stood up to have his say. ?Somebody divulged that information!? Everyone?s eyes centered heatedly on Yukari. The mass accusation was left unspoken.

??Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Haven dwellers, I will not mince words.? Yukari continued on as if nothing happened. ?The situation is far too grave for long speeches. You all know now that our survival depends on us sharing intelligence, resources, and effort in defending against the?.?

Another interruption, this one from the Shangrilla contingent, who shrieked a long string of incomprehensible babble. The translator looked stricken with fear as he gathered the courage to translate. ?Uhh?ummm?a-an a-alliance?? His shaky, nervous voice not carrying the strength of the original. ??you dare talk friendship, Yakumo? What this, a ruse so you can stab us in our behinds at your convenience? I would not be?err?surprised if you?.? He looked at his ambassador with a fearful look. The ambassador nodded curtly, gesturing him impatiently to continue. ??.you spiked tea with?errr? fairy dung?? He finished, gulping perceptibly.

The room erupted in roars of fury and accusations at this.

?Dear friends!? The Emperor of Avalon boomed over the commotion, in the sort of patronizing tone that said ?you?re all children. Shut up. Listen to me.? ?I believe some sort of cooperation is the way forwards! With unity under leadership, we can??

?Leadership ay?? The Tir A Nog ambassador hammered the table with his cane for attention. ?And who, I asks, who?ll do the leadin? aye? You, your frilly highnessness aye? Gotcha breeches down, did'ya? Too much air around yer privates??

"I'll ventilate YOUR privates, you whisky-blubbering blob!" The Emperor launched himself at the Tir A Nog Ambassador.

The uproar had reached a din. It was only a matter of time until they?d be at each other?s throats.

?This?is pointless?.? Representative Tenshi Hinanai of the Celestials muttered, burying her face in her hand as she poured her tea over the screaming dignitary beside her, causing him to gasp in shivering outrage. ??and you, putty face, shut up before I improve your face with my tea cup. I knew it. Yakumo wants us all dead, and we?re doing her the favour!?


The crowd paused amidst attempting grievous bodily harm on one another.

?You know, this?ll save the corporations a lot of trouble?? Yukari eyed the entire room. ?Let?s kill each other right here and now. Yes. And let them march in and take the rest for themselves! Have you all forgotten why you left earth in the first place?! Peace! Now that the peace is threatened, you seek to disrupt it amongst yourselves!?

Before she could pause for effect, she was again interrupted, this time by the doors slamming open to reveal?

?.a towel?

Everyone blinked as they tried to squint to make out the towel?s design under all the grime on it.


?Oh?was I late? It looks like you?ve already started without me?? The towel spoke.

?Who is this?.this??? The Emperor of Avalon began.

??walking towel??? Tenshi supplied.

?Oh, I apologize, Kero-chan is a little excited at the prospect of tea and cake.? A hand moved the towel aside to reveal a pile of tousled black hair and a pair of bright blue eyes. ?Oh dear, no cookies. Plus you all started without me. Now I?m sad.? He sighed, before picking up a second towel slung around his hips. ?Shirayuki is sad too?? He sighed, swinging the second towel around a little. ?Aren?t you all sad? I know I am. This won?t do?? The boy sighed as he lowered his towel onto his shoulders. ?So let?s have a little intermission to cheer everyone up. Now, please mind the gaping gap?in my sanity! AHAHAHAHAHA!? He broke out in cackling laughter as he threw his first towel up into the middle of the room.

Everyone hit the deck?.

?everyone peeked up to see the evil tattered thing bloomed up, as if taking on a life of its own, its froggies waving at them menacingly, like?.

?wait, it?s a towel?

?everyone?s eyes watered, their noses screwing up in horror, as the smell hit them with the force of a tsunami?

?.It?s a SMELLY towel!

?Biowogikal weaponly wash bannembed by the Geneha conhention!? The Emperor gasped, dying from oxygen deprivation.

?Geneha?? The crazy frog man asked, taking out a pair of assault rifles from under his second towel. ?Never ate that!? He cackled. ?Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!?


Command Bridge, MFC All-Terrain Boarding Frigate, GranShario, High Mars Orbit, behind the moon Deimos, 3.55 PM, Day 1

?Sir, the mercenaries have declared their occupation of the anomaly Avalon??

??.now, begin the operation??

And the MFC personal space marine force detached itself from shadow of Deimos and quickly fell on Avalon like vultures on a piece of rotten meat?.


Holding Cells, Death Row, MFC All-Terrain Boarding Frigate, GranShario, in the air above the Borroughsbury Palace, within the Avalon biodome, 5.45 PM, Day 1, around sunset

Much later?.

So this was it?.?

Captured? Waiting for them to deal him death? Helpless?

?Hmmphh?? He leaned back and smiled up at the pink hippos watching him from the ceiling. It wasn?t?too bad at all, actually. So far he had been struggling to survive, to stay alive, doing whatever it takes to survive the battlefield so that he could come back again?and again?and again?.

?.but come to think of it, now that he had time to himself to think,?just what was he surviving for?

??just to keep on surviving, really?? he murmured to the green hyenas beside him, before chuckling, amused at his own answer. ?Eehhh?well, good place to end, I suppose. Everyone now thinks I?m some sort of terror-thingy-whatever, some double-crossing bit of space crap, no more jobs, no more cash?eh, who needs it.?

He didn?t really care much about the reason why he was suddenly jumped by his own employers. There was probably some really devious, cunning plan of some sort behind it all. Didn?t matter to him though. Nothing did. Revenge didn?t even occur to him. People died getting revenge. Nope, it wasn?t his style.

Now, if someone put a price on their heads, he?d?.


Nah, nobody would ever hire him ever again. Nobody hires double-crossers, no matter how good they are.

So that?s that. His living?s dead. He?s dead. The pink hippos have won and will soon celebrate with the orange sea cucumbers.

?.at least they let him have his towels?.his dear Kero-chan and Shirayuki towels?

?.they were all for stripping him of his assault rifles, but they wouldn?t come anywhere near his towel?.

?ah, they were all well versed in the ways of the towel. Good for them. That meant they knew that coming within wrapping range of the dreaded towel meant instant?.


What?s a kid doing in a cell?? On death row??

In the cell next to his, sitting on the bench, with her thighhighs swinging to and thro under her, was what seemed like a young girl in a purple skirt, a rather oversized purple pilot?s tanktop, and a set of puffy detached white sleeves. To top it all off, she had a huge ridiculous delicious-looking yellow hat sitting atop her golden auburn hair.

While Trent felt very much at home here on death row, he had some semblance of sanity, enough to know that most ordinary people have some aversion to sitting on death row?

?and this kid looked as if she was sitting there waiting for her school bus, all smiles and cheeriness?.

??.kid??? He finally ventured. Nobody else was allowed to be insane like him. It?s trademarked!

??.? No response.

???.kid?? He repeated, a little louder this time.

????.? Even louder silence. No response.

??.young lady??? He finally said.

?Yes?? The young girl aimed her bright, seventy seven gajillion gigawatts lighthouse-Xenon-lamp-like smile at him.

??hmmm?? He cocked his head to one side. ?Nah, you?re still a kid.?

??? The girl seemed a little surprised, actually. What at, Trent couldn?t pinpoint it.

?You realize what this place is?right?? Trent asked.

?Yep. Death rows.? The girl said, without hesitation, as if simply answering a question in class.

?? know what a death row is?? Trent asked, raising an eyebrow.

?Yep. It means I?m gonna dies, yep.? The girl said, her smile not deflating one bit.

??..hmmm?.do you know what it means to die??? Trent asked, curious.

??.hmmmm?? The girl seemed to give this some thought. ?Well, nope. I?ve never died befores, so nopes.?

??heh, you?re not scared?? Trent asked.

?A littles.? She conceded. ?But why worries when I can?t do much about its, nopes??

?Heh, wise words.? Trent nodded. ?Just what Kero-chan was telling me, isn?t that right, Kero-chan?? He asked his towel.

?Oh! Your towel speaks?!? The girl asked, seemingly surprised and fascinated.

?Yeah, off course she does. She?s my very bestest best friend in the whole wide world.? Trent nodded. ?Here, meet Kero-chan.?

?Oh, hello there, Kero-chans.? The girl said, reaching through the bars to shake a tattered end of the towel. ?I?m Suwako, pleased to make your acquaintances, yeps. You smell nice~?

?Hmm, Kero-chan said she?s flattered to make yours.? Trent nodded at Suwako. That was the first time anybody ever told Kero-chan they liked her smell, so he found himself rather pleasantly mollified. ?I?m Trent, by the way. And this is Shirayuki.? He showed her the other towel, this one bedecked with dandelion patterns.

?A fun fun pleasures indeeds, Trent, yep.? Suwako smiled, taking Trent?s hand in her own small one, before shaking Shirayuki?s frayed edge too. ?Ne, ne, I couldn?t hear Kero-chan or Shirayuki-chan speaks??

?Ah, they?re a little shy. Don?t worry though. It took me a whiles until I got to hear their voice. Warmed up to me one day after I saved them from a rocket explosion, y?see. The red elephants were out to get me that day. Bloody dangerous they were.?

?Red elephants?!? Suwako gasped. ?That sounds dangerouses, yeps. How?d you escapes?!? She asked, excited.

?Well?.? And Trent went on at length about the time he encountered the red elephants on Europa, and the time he barely managed to escape from a horde of giant ping-pong balls shaped like anteaters, and the time he?.

?.an hour passed?.

?Suwako took in all of his stories, while hugging Kero-chan (Trent gave her special permission to hold onto Kero-chan, cause she was such a good girl), cooing with excitement at every turn, gasping with shock and cheering with happiness at each little thing.

?Ne, ne, so you?re a mercenary, right?? Suwako finally asked, after Trent finished relating to her his pursuit of a group of drunk purple spotted dinosaurs. ?You work for people who hire yous, yep??

?Yeah.? Trent nodded. ?People call me the Frame-Reaper?.though I?m not quite sure why?.I don?t do interior designing after all??

?I wish to hire yous, yep.? Suwako said.

??.what?s the pay?? He asked, partly out of habit, partly out of resigned amusement.

??your life.? The girl grinned brightly.

??my?life??? Trent gave this some thought.

Just then, a few MFC soldiers walked in and unlocked their cells. The cuffs on their wrists flew together and locked themselves in front of them. ?Move.? The soldier snapped at them both, as his colleagues shoved them out of the cells and into the long corridor.

?Oooh?is this the part where we get to shake hands with that big purple rhinoceros?? Trent asked, excitedly.

?Whatever.? The soldier pushed him on with the butt of his rifle. ??someone hand me a gas mask?something stinks to hell here?.?

They were herded out into the open. Trent felt himself blinded by Avalon?s artificial setting sun for a bit as he was led onto a raised platform amidst an open space atop the ship where a number of soldiers, a camera crew, and a judge were gathered.

He found himself left with Suwako and a few other people atop the platform, facing the judge. The camera seemed to focus in on him. He gave it a bright foxy grin in response, something that freaked out half the Martian population watching the live feed out of their wits.

He noticed the soldiers tossing out a number of bodies off the platform, off the ship, and into the ground far below the frigate.

?Trent?.no-last-name?.? The judge began. ?You?ve been accused of leading a terrorist attack with the goal of dropping this unidentified anomalous extraterrestrial object into Martian lands and thusly kill billions of innocents. How do you plead.?

??cake?? Trent asked.

?I hereby sentence you to death by firing squad.? The judge said, simply, before turning to Suwako. ?Suwako Moriya?you are accused of taking part in a conspiracy against the Martian Peoples, one that may bring grievous harm to billions of innocents. How do you plead??

?Guilty!? Suwako chimed, happily.

?I hereby sentence you, ah, same.? The judge turned to the next person in line. ?Astral Pancake, you are?.?

?Hey?about the deal??? Trent asked.

??.what about it?? Suwako asked, sweetly.

?What?s the job?? Trent asked.

??hmmm?? Suwako seemed to give this some thought. ?Well?fight for me.? She said, with a huge grin.

??is there cake?? Trent asked.

??.no, not really.? Suwako said, after a thought. ??.hmmm?there are cucumbers??

??.Kero-chan?s sure there?ll be cake?? Trent said. ?And I trust Kero-chan?so?I?m in.?

?Good.? Suwako nodded, happily.

Trent looked around at the soldiers around him. ?Eh, sorry misters, I?ve got a client now, so?? He roped in one of the soldiers holding onto him with his towel, pulled him in, banged his head into his, knocking him out, before stealing his assault rifle and smacking it into the other two soldiers around him, freeing Suwako. With a sommersault, he knocked the last soldier next to him unconscious, giving his head one last good stomp before wiping his boots clean on his face.

?You bastard!? The other soldiers leveled their rifles at them. Trent blinked upon seeing them aim for Suwako.

??protect her?? He heard his towel, Shirayuki, speak, before it detached itself from his hips and flew off in the violent wind, straight into the line of fire, obscuring the soldiers? view.

?N-no! S-SHIRAYUKI-CH-CHAAAN!? Trent roared after his beloved towel as the soldiers opened fire. He too ran into the line of fire, unconsciously shielding Suwako?s body with his own. But he could only watch as the bullets ripped his beloved dandelion towel to shreds.

?N-NOOOOOO!? He screamed, closing his eyes as tears burst forth, just as the bullets pulled through the towel and homed in on him and Suwako. ?Sh-SHIRAYUKIIIIIIIII!?

But the bullets never came?.


The ground underneath them shook?

He opened his bleary eyes and looked out through his tears to see a huge metal wall in the way. Whatever it was, it had blocked the bullets.

He looked up and noticed that it was in fact a giant mechanical hand?.attached to a mechanical arm?.attached to?

?what the?

He blinked as he looked up into a giant, somewhat humanoid metal face.

?S-Shirayuki?? He whispered. ?S-Shirayuki?.y-you?re alive?.a-and y-you?ve grown??

?Trent, come ons!? Suwako?s cry caused him to turn around to see an open hatch just below the gigantic humanoid body?s chest, where the guts should be. ?Shirayuki-chan?s waiting!?

Trent sniffled as he wiped his tears away and grinned up at Suwako. ?Right behind you!?

He leapt onboard and sat down in one of the seats. ?Eh, comfy?? He smiled, bouncing up and down a little in the seat as the hatch closed securely behind them with a faint whisper of well-maintained pneumatics.

??.err?that?s my seats, yep.? Suwako pointed out. ?Yours is that one.? She pointed up at the big seat right behind her own. It was elevated about half a meter above Suwako?s, surrounded by an array of controls and set of what looked like joysticks.

??cool?.just like the arcade back on Europa?? He grinned, taking his seat. ??err?what?re the two other seats for?? He asked, glancing at the other two seats on either side of his, set at angles towards the front.

??.passengers?? Suwako suggested, seemingly not sure herself.

??fair enough.? Trent shrugged, placing Kero-chan on one of them. ?The pink hippo can have the other seat.?


??.so, what?re we waiting for??? Trent asked.

?Umm?you?re?sort of in the pilot?s seats?? Suwako hazarded.

??and?? Trent asked. ??what, should I switch places with the pink hippo??

?No, you?re piloting this child, Shirayuki-chan, yeps.? Suwako pointed out. ?She?s been waiting for you?that?s what she?s telling mes??

?Ah, is that so?? Trent grinned a wide grin. ?Eh, well, let?s see how this goes. Shirayuki-chan, let?s party!?

Just then, a huge explosion rocked the Borroughsbury Palace below. The Liberation of Avalon had begun. And the Combat Construction Nachtmare Shirayuki had been caught right in the middle of it,
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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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Avalon Colony, Not to terribly long before the previous events.

"I don't believe this," says Kisume as she hops up and down the corridor. "They brought us out all the way here for this crap?"

"It seems that way," says Shizuha, as she out a window into the depths of the void and shudders.

Kisume bounces up to her and gives her a look. "You okay?"

Shizuha nods. "Please do not worry. It's just...out there. There's nothing. No seasons, no leaves...nothing. It's hard to look at for too long, that is all."

"Welp," says Kisume, as she bounces toward the door. "Time to fix that."

Shizuha frowns. "What are you doing?"

"Breaking in," says Kisume, as she reaches into her bucket and produces a small knife. "You said yourself, you need something new to look at, right? There you go."

Shizuha crosses her arms. "You're going to break into Yukari's chambers. As someone intimately familiar with the concept of divine wrath, please understand that you're taking your life into your hands i the worst of ways."

Shrugging, Kisume eyes the door. "I've lived in a city with oni."

Shizuha puts a hand on her forehead and sighs. "Look, Yukari asked us to guard her room. It is completely against the spirit of the task to break into her room! Rumia, please say something."

Rumia looks up. "Mhf Mfhmi mf mwarmuh!"

"...After you finish your mochi, dear,"

"Look," says Kisume, "We were asked to guard Yukari, right? This room? That's no Yukari. And you know we aren't even in this gig to guard stuff to begin with. I know what it's like out there. And you know Grumpy. Okay? So if Yukari's just going to shunt us off to the side like we're some kind of joke, to hell with it. I'm gonna have some fun."

Shizuha prepares to reply. Then an explosion echoes throughout the complex. "Well," she says instead, "That is probably not supposed to happen."

Kisume nods. "Let's go."

"Mhf!" Says Rumia, bunching her hands into fists and grinning.

"I suppose the room isn't going to go anywhere, is it?" says Shizuha as she breaks into a run to keep up with Kisume and Rumia...
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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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"Yes! Yes! Keep on going" Suwako shouted excitedly over the horrendous banging sounds shaking the cockpit. "....We'll show them that their ship's hull is no matchs for Shirayuki's hard head, nopes!"

"...hmmm....I'm pleased you're happy, but I assure you it wasn't the pink hippo's intention..." Trent said, pulling on his controls awkwardly. "Oh, you don't think I can destroy them by banging our head against its hull, Kero-chan?" He asked his towel. "I can't?"

The soldiers atop the ship's deck watched, in stricken morbid fascination, as the giant white mecha continuously flew into the ship's hull, repeatedly banging its head against their ship's command tower, before bouncing back and repeating.

That was before the ship's captain bellowed right into a poor, hapless soldier's ear, "WHAT'RE YOU DOING TO MY BEAUTIFUL SHIP?! Men, open fire!"

"I think he's angry, yeps..." Suwako nodded at the captain.

"I would be too if I was down there with all those orange buffalos dancing the lambada around him." Trent said. "Isn't that so, Kero-chan?"

"Oh?" Trent turned around just in time to see missile launchers and artillery cannons turn their ugly mugs on their beautiful white mecha.

" can put someone's eye outs with thats, yeps..." Suwako cheerfully, as she grasped the finger imprints in the two spheres on either side of her seat. "Let's go, Shirayuki-chan!"

'...protect her...' The voice resounded in his head.

"Protect?" Trent blinked at this rather foreign concept. "Oh, what does this do?" He asked, pushing the platforms the joysticks were mounted on far forwards.

A heavy boom shook the entire cockpit as the whine of the nachtmare's main thrusters rose in pitch. They were thrown backwards into their seats, their bodies eating up the G-force as the nachtmare spiralled forwards, scraping along the side of the ship's hull, spitting out sparks, before slipping off the edge and flying off into the biodome's open sky.


The entire colony shook violently with the booming echo of hundreds of guns and missile batteries unloading hellfire simultaneously into the air after Shirayuki.

"....more of them red elephants!" Trent grinned as red lock-on warnings flared up all over their heads-up-display....which was spinning violently as the mecha spun round and round through the blazing-orange-tinted-sky. "What's that, Kero-chan? ...what happens if I do this, you ask?" He asked, pulling both controls sharply back.

...the whine of the engines wound down rapidly as the thrusters cut abruptly....

...allowing gravity to catch up with the Shirayuki, pulling it abruptly earthwards....

The barrage missiles, tracers, plasma and dumb artillery rounds flew on, missing them by mere inches. The smarter missiles managed to turn around in their flight, though a lot did so only to end up in the path of the dumb projectiles, causing them to explode harmlessly in mid-air.

" that's the 'off' button..." Trent nodded as Suwako went 'wheeeeeeeee~!' with her arms in the air, giggling happily. "What's that, Kero-chan?" He asked as his towel floated up weightlessly beside him. A number of smart missiles cleared the smoke and dust up above to speed down after them.

"Do a barrel rolls! Do a barrel rolls!" Suwako cheered excitedly as they went into a flat-spin.

"A barrel roll?" Trent tried pushing one control platform directly forwards, while pushing down on one of the foot pedals. "Stop that, you stupid pink hippo..." He slapped at the air and accidentally flipped a few switches.

The thrusters roared into life again as the mecha began to veer off to one side...while still spinning...and did a barrel roll!

The missiles spun round and round dizzily after it before, as if giving up in confusion, colliding into one another and exploding harmlessly in the air behind them.

"Ho!" Trent looked at the display screens behind his seat showing the fiery explosion behind them. "Can't handle man's gas, eh? That's what you get for eating too many of those Geneha things, whatever they are!"

"Wheeeeeeeee~! Nyahahahahahahaha!" Suwako flapped her sleeves about happily, seemingly over-excited.

"Eh...what's that coming at us?" Trent asked, bring Suwako's attention back from cheering and giggling wildly back to paying attention to Trent's piloting. "It's big and huge and spinning and....err..."

"It's the ground, I thi-..." Suwako observed, before...


That was the end of the Borroughsbury Palace's East Wing.

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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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I gazed across the blackness, trying to spot any sign of the enemy. Nothing. Intelligence had shown, our commander had told us, that there were a few squads of enemy mechs had been spotting guarding something big around here. Orders were that we were to eliminate them and hold the area until the main force arrived and we could safely deal with whatever they were protecting. I cursed softly. Nothing. Nothing at all. Then one of my squad-mates called out "Sir, hostiles spotted at 10 o'clock!", and we got down to business. An easy fight, we cut through them like a hot knife through butter. Now it just came down to waiting.

After about half an hour, I spotted something moving behind some of the debris. "Commander, I think I saw some more bogeys. Can anyone else confirm?"

"It's probably nothing. That should be all of them, according to the reports we were given." The captain in charge of our side of the operation said dismissively. Then suddenly, our radar was assaulted by a multitude of hostile blips from all sides. A shot grazed my mech's shoulder...


Three years later, Avalon Colony, immediately following MtG's post

A sudden shaking roused me from my sleep. "Damnit, what the hell?"

My question was answered for me by the suddenly active alarm systems. The colony was under attack. I cursed loudly. The place my client was staying just HAD to come under attack right before I got to go here the details of what he wanted me to do. While I don't like standing up a client, there was simply no way I was going to go and see them if the whole place was under attack. No, I was getting off this place. Now. If the enemy force was small enough, I'd see if I could pick a few of them off and come back and see about the job. If it was anything major... I'd get the hell out of the area. Rin Kaenbyou, my engineer and the only member of my crew that I took with me to job related negotiations (due to her intimate knowledge of what we should request for our payment), stumbled out of her room as another blast rocked the colony.

"Orin, tell the others that we're getting the hell out of here. Make sure they have the Nachtmare ready for launch, in case someone decides to give us trouble on the way out. Not that anyone should pay attention to our ship if we time our exit well, but it's probably for the best."

Orin nodded, flicking the com device off of her belt and into the air with one of her tails and catching it smoothly. "Sure. Should I also have them ready the drones for 'corpse collecting'?"

She was refering to our other source of spare parts and materials: salvage from downed mechs. Her remote controlled salvage drones had proven quite useful.

"No. I don't think we'll be sticking around."

"If you say so, boss. Say, that reminds me of the time when Okuu and I..."

"Not now, please. Just call Yuyuko already and give her the information already." Orin's stories about her and her old combat buddy Utsuho tended to go on for hours if you let them.

Orin let out a irritated nya at not being able to tell her story for the eleventy fourth time, but made the call regardless, as we started on our dash to the docking bay.
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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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Rumia, Shizuha, and Kisume watched the acrobatics of the white mecha with frowns of varying types.

Kisume shakes her head. "So," she begins, then stops.

"I expect we should probably shut that machine down," says Shizuha, "Before it rupture some vacuum shielding or gets hurt in all those explosions."

"Or the explosions rupture the shielding," adds Kisume.

"Mm-hpf!" says Rumia.

With that, the trio take to the air, making their way toward the Mecha Bay as quickly as they can. "Okay, this'll be just like we practiced!" Kisume says, as she flies inside.

"Yes, yes!" Agrees Shizuha, "Let's just keep everything intact shall we?"

"Let's use the eel!" says Rumia, having finally finished her mochi, "I like the eel!"

"That's not a bad idea, is it?" Says Shizuha, as she lands on the open cockpit of Bucket Force. "It would minimize a lot of problems."

"Just make sure we have clearances and stuff," says Kisume as she lands her bucket in a pit-shaped recess and locks it into place, causing the machine to roar to life.

Shizuha nods as she settles into place. "I'm already on it, dear"

"Oh boy, eels!" says Rumia as she settles into the gunner's seat., "Eels are awesome! They're like snakes, but totally fish!"

"Hello, this is Red," says Shizuha, as she puts on a comms headset. "We're requesting clearance to deal with that white Nachtmare. Please be a dear and make sure they don't shoot at us? Thanks. No no, don't worry about back-up."

The cockpit closes, as Bucket Force lifts from the ground. "Engaging transformation," says Kisume as she checks some readings on the console, then pulls a lever. The sound of many hydralics at once echoes throughout the bay, as the machine seems to disassemble itself for a split second, then reforms into what can be best described as a 50-foot long finned serpent made of wood. As soon as the transformation is complete, Kisume guides the mecha out of the bay while Rumia cries "Eel Force!"

"Be careful, Green," says Shizuha, using Kisume's callsign now that they were officially in action. "You just clipped a pylon!"

"They can fix it, geez!"

Emerging outside, Eel Force approaches the White Mecha. "You know what to do, Red," says Kisume.

"I'm on it," says Shizuha, as she hails the white mecha. "Hello there! This is Red. You've really set up quite the ruckus, you know? We're going to have to ask you to stop that before you hurt someone. Otherwise, we'll be forced to stop you. Oh, if you surrender, we'll let you pick the tea!"

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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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Former meeting room, now hostage-holding quarters, Borroughsbury palace East Wing, Avalon Colony, just a little while after the earlier explosion, just before the Noble White/Shirayuki crashed into the palace.

The dignitaries were all shrieking and crying in fear as the entire palace shook from the violent explosion. The Emperor of Avalon seemed to have peed himself. The fact that he wore a kilt made it even worse.

"Be quiet, you bloody sods!" The MFC marine corps commander barked at them, causing them all to flinch in fear. It didn't help the Avalon Emperor one bit. "What was that explosion?! Report, soldier!" Tenshi looked up from where she sat on the floor alongside her fellow dignitaries to see the MFC marine corps commander snapping at his subordinate who had just rushed in to report.

"The personal guards of one of the dignitary contingents are forcing their way in onboard unidentified frames." The soldier reported urgently. "Delta Squad is trying to hold them back but..."

"....personal guards...?" Tenshi murmured to herself, edging away from the Avalon Emperor. "Whose...?"

"No buts. You will repel them until we've set the charges." The commander barked.

"....they don't intend on using us as hostages..." Yukari thought to herself, a small smile playing on her lips....which was a dangerous place indeed for something as innocent as a smile. "...I didn't think they would. Now...if only I could send a message to..."

At that point, the entire room shook as a series of fierce kabooms sounded from above. The dignitaries all shrieked and squeaked in fear once more as the sky outside lit up with the fire of hundreds of projectiles.

"....the Noble White...?" Tenshi murmured, looking at the small blazing white speck as it spat out bluish white plasma trails as it spiralled up into the sky.

Dust and plaster rained down from the ceiling as more explosions rocked the palace before... happened slowly...everything unfolded as if in slow motion before Tenshi's eyes....

First the ceiling's plaster folded around what looked like the outline of a gigantic face, making it look like the world's biggest facial ever...

....then the face smashed through the plaster as the ceiling gave away around it....

....then the rest of the body behind the face smashed in and crashed with a resounding kaboom atop the poor marine commander....

Smoke, dust, screams and shrieks filled the room. There was utter confusion as vision range was reduced to near zero.

Tenshi coughed as she looked up from under the table she had dived under. The room was a mess. People lie groaning and crying all over....though from the looks of things, nobody had died yet....unfortunately...

"N-Noble White?!" Tenshi gasped as the smoke cleared enough to reveal the now dusty white glint of the pure white Nachtmare now sitting in the middle of the room. "S-so it was you, Suwako?!"

The marine commander was, against all odds, still alive, gibbering, right underneath the Noble White's arse which hung only a meter above his head, propped up by an unexploded missile.

He was now perhaps the luckiest man in the universe and had earned himself every right to win the Darwin Award for survival.

"Oh, if it isn't Tenshi-chans..." Suwako smiled from the comfort of her seat as she noticed Tenshi stand up amidst the pandemonium and plop her trademark peaches hat atop her bright blue hair.

"Ouch...note to self...the ground is a hazard to flying...all those red elephants all over it were bad for us..." Trent said, picking himself up gingerly off the control array. "Also, seatbelts would be a good idea...I think the pink hippo's butt managed to crash into my face. Hey, kid, you ok?"

"The shockbreakers into Shirayuki-chan are built to resist pile driver recoils, so it's not bad, nopes." Suwako said, typing across a number of holographic panels to ascertain the Nachtmare's status. "....and I am 16 in human years, just so you knows..." Suwako pointed out as she grabbed hold of the spheres once more, causing the holographic panels to blink out.

"Eh? 16 Human years?" Trent blinked, considering this for a moment. "...yep, a kid..."

"Incoming Nachtmare on radars." Suwako looked up at the radar display, ignoring Trent's comment. "Oh, IFF signal confirmeds, yep. It's the Bucket-lolis~."

"Eh? Bucket-wut?" Trent blinked. "Yes, yes, I hear you, now shut up, you stupid perverted pink hippo. Go back to your sea cucumbers. Stop farting in my face."

"Incoming transmissions from Shizuha-chans. Putting it onscreens." Suwako announced. A smaller screen appeared on their HUD to one side showing a live feed of Shizuha's face. Tenshi, meanwhile, seemed to be shouting something at them, but her voice was rather muted.

"Hello there! This is Red. You've really set up quite the ruckus, you know? We're going to have to ask you to stop that before you hurt someone. Otherwise, we'll be forced to stop you. Oh, if you surrender, we'll let you pick the tea!" Shizuha trilled.

"That's no good, Shizuha-chan..." Suwako waggled a finger at her playfully. "You know we have to fight first, then tea after.". Tenshi was almost in hysterics at this point.

"I hear tea." Trent said, pulling Kero-chan out of the pink hippo's grasp. "Kero-chan likes tea. It makes her all blotchy with happiness."

"Tell you what, if we get to pick the sake, we'll let you win for now." Suwako offered. The marine commander tried to crawl out from underneath the Noble White, only to receive a knee to the chin and a heel drop from Tenshi, sending him down to the ground once more.

"Sorry, we've picked the sake. It's going to be Autumn Four Maples Cherry sake. Your favourite." Shizuha grinned, activating the Bucket Eel's combat systems. Tenshi picked up the fallen commander's rifle and started firing at the other, still recovering soldiers, causing them to hit the floor once more in fear. 

"Oh, but I was feeling like good olds Minoriko-brand Red Seasons Grape Wines..." Suwako said, considering this. "Well, thanks, but we'll pass. Prepare to be owneds."

"Oh dear..." Shizuha sighed. "Did you hear that, Rumia, Kisume?" She asked. Tenshi had leapt over a pile of wreckage to drive her heel into the head of one soldier before proceeding to kick another into a wall.

"Loud and clear." Kisume nodded. "I want some Minoriko-brand wine too."

"...were you listening...?" Shizuha sighed. "...more importantly, do you know where that wine comes from?"

"...Minoriko makes them, off course, duh." Kisume said, pointing out the blindingly obvious. "Why else would her name be on the brand?"

"....." Shizuha facepalmed. "Never mind...Rumia?"

"That thing looks tasty..." She said, pointing at Trent on the live video feed. Tenshi, meanwhile, was still ignored as she continued her lone battle against the MFC soldiers.

" can have him for lunch later." Shizuha said, grasping the two mana core orbs on either side of her seat.

"Wait, did that thing covered in leaves just tell us to surrender?" Trent asked. Tenshi was surrounded by soldiers.

"Does information travel through your brain at different speeds?" Kisume asked, raising her eyebrow. "Surrender now or prepare to fight!" She declared. Tenshi had grabbed Yukari by the ankles and had started swinging her around in a wide circle, scything the soldiers into the ground.

"Akh! It's the green ninja kittens! They're in your cockpit! They're evil I tell yous, evil!" Trent shouted, pointing at a space behind Kisume. "I gotta destroy them before they turn the universe into a giant drive-in movie lot showing repeats of Battlefield Earth!"

"" Kisume and Shizuha blinked. Tenshi threw Yukari out at an incoming wave of soldiers, bowling them all over.

"Sou nano-ka?" Rumia asked, happily. "They sound delicious."

"I think he means he's going to takes you all ons, yep." Suwako smiled cheerfully. "It's Minoriko Wine, so tell her to prepare some."

"My towel smells with an awesome power! It's froggies are telling me to defeat you! Now take this!" Trent pushed the controls all the way forwards. "....SHINING BLUE RHINOS!"

"Oy! You people!" Tenshi shouted, exasperated at being ignored, as the Noble White rammed into Bucket Force, throwing them outside the palace and into the palace grounds where they proceeded to duke it out.

"Mwahahahaha! You might as well surrender! We have you outnumbered!" Trent cackled as he rammed a pile driver at the Eel Force.

"Hah! Can't you count! There are only 2 of you!" Kisume pointed out as she raised the eel's tail to catch the Noble White's pile driver arm.

"Can't you count?!" Trent countered, ducking under the focused laser fire from the eel's mouth and cross-countering with the other arm's pile driver while pulling in the other arm to pull the eel closer. "There are five of us!"

"...five?" Kisume and Shizuha blinked. Rumia merely laughed happily.

"The kid, me..." Trent began, as the eel wrapped itself around his other arm before slithering all over the Noble White and pinning it in place. "...Shirayuki, Kero-chan, and the pink hippooooooooooo!" He roared as he leapt up and smashed the Eel Force against the ground before firing up his thrusters and scraping the eel against the stonework of the palace grounds.

"Pink hippo...?" Kisume and Shizuha were a little too shocked to react.

"Sounds delicious!" Rumia giggled, drooling a little at the thought.
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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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(OOC: all narration based on the style from Shin Mazinger will be in bold)
Neo Flying Iron Fortress MazinGetter! Episode 1 [The Great Prototype!]

Around all the time all the fighting inside the Avalon happens

Aboard the MFC battlecruiser Spirit of Motherwill, much was happening, mecha were being launched from the magnetic catapults into battle against the Terran forces, which both were fighting outside the Avalon, which what was happening inside, was unknown to our protagonist, who was running across the hanger to his mecha, and entering it, this mecha is a Prototype mecha, recently made, one that could lead to a mecha, that could make it's pilot, a god, or a devil, the great prototype!

"Go! Proto-Mazin-Getta-Zeto!!!" yelled Anthony, who had just activated it, which then the face of a scientist's apeared on one of the monitors

"Why do you always call it that? We've told you time and time again that this is the 'Prototype Dragon MK-1' the newest mecha created by us" grunted Scientist #1

"Whatever, I'm going to go out there and defeat the injustice that is those terrorists!!!" yelled Anthony once again as he started to flip some of the switches in the mecha, preping it for it's launch out of the ship,

Scientist #1 was obviously annoied with Anthony's somewhat childish behavior and gave Anthony one last bit of advice "Now remember, this is a prototype, it isn't fully prepared for full combat, so don't over do it"

"Don't worry Doc, I'll be sure to bring back the Proto-mazingetter in once piece!" spoke Anthony, who then was preping a small old TV in a corner of the mecha, which was hooked up to an ancient device called a VCR, and pulling out a tape labeled 'Mazinger-Z' and put it into the VCR, setting it to play, Scientist #1 facepalmed at Anthony's reaction and disconnected

"I still wonder how the hell we let that kid in the prototype dragon..." sighed Scientist #1 walking over to a table, returning to drinking his coffee

'It's because it's based on a system we found wrecked on mars remember?" questioned Scientist #2 "We were able to make something based on it, with much more power than any normal mecha we produced before, but for some reason, it just doesn't work with anyone else, it's like that punk has something mostly everyone else doesn't"

"well, at least we know that it was cheap to make the prototype, so if he wrecks it, it won't be a huge cost, it'll just take a while to replicate the original" sighed Scientist #1 again, relieved.

"Now that that's all set up, time to take out some terrorists!!!" Yelled Anthony who then got on the magnetic catapult, locking the mecha's feet in place, the crackle of electricity filled the air as the magnetic catapult charged to launch MazinGetter, and after a moment passing, the mecha was launched straight out of the ship at high speeds, the G-forces caused Anthony's head to whip back into his seat, but the quickly adjusted as he was now in space, floating like a duck

"Ok now Ok now, I know what to do," muttered Anthony, and with a slight pause, he figured out what he needed to do,

"GETTA WING" yelled Anthony, as he pressed a button on the main console which actived the RAW boosters on his back, giving the MazinGetter flight

"Good then, Now to fight Evil!" exclaimed Anthony, raring to fight, which then he flew off into the main battle outside the Avalon, unknowing the true purpose of this fight, he saw blaser fire left and right, the sound of clashing metal and mechas being wrecked, but none of this even caught Anthony's view, for he was watching Mazinger-Z on the TV, until an enemy mecha appeared infront of him with a beam saber, raring to attack

"Time for you to taste Justice!" Yelled Anthony as he reached for a level to his right, and pulling it, being unknowing of what it did, soon Anthony felt the rumbling of a different rocket starting up, and the shaking of the mecha, he looked to the right hand of the mecha, pointed at the enemy in a fist, soon Anthony could see flames shooing from the elbow area, and the arm from the elbow to the hand disconnecting, and flying towards the enemy, and hitting them dead on, grinding into the enemy's cockpit, flying straight through it, and coming back to it's origin of MazinGetter's arm. What is this attack that Anthony just used? Showing the power of justice, and destroying anything in it's path, it's name is....It's Name Is?

"ROCKET PUNCH!!!" Screamed Anthony at the top of his lungs. The name of the almighty attack, The Rocket Punch! This surely proves the great and all mightly power of the MazinGetter! Then Anthony flew off and fought more of the enemies, learning his attacks, and mastering the MazinGetter, soon he noticed that he was far into the enemy forces due to boosting too fast

"I shall Defeat you all!" Screamed Anthony, who turned around, facing the avalon, pulling out his Tomahawk and revving his boosters, readying himself to cleave a swath through the enemies

"Take This! GETTA TOMAHAWK!!!" Yelled Anthony as he maxed out the boosters, causing him to go slicing through several enemy units, and heading at the Avalon at a high speed, then Anthony tried to pull away out of his dash, his face became one of suprise and shock as he found out he was stuck on his collision path with the avalon, so he did the one thing he could, speed up.

"If I can't slow down and get out of the way, I'll just go faster and smash through!!!" boasted Anthony, as he brought the boosters back to max, and he braced himself, as he was about to make contact, ramming into the avalon, the screeching and loud roar of the metal ripping and scraping on the Mazingetter sounded out everywhere and eventually Anthony hit an open spot within the Avalon, just outside the Borroughsbury palace, where Anthony slowed down to just a hover, which then he looked around, and saw all the innocents inside and the two other mecha fighting,

"W-what's happening?!" gasped Anthony, shocked at what he found, a feeling of regret came over him, and started to question what he was doing.

"are these actually terrorists?"

"was I actually holding up justice?"

"was I...killing innocents?"

these ideas rang out inside Anthony's mind, they continued on, tormenting him, until he saw what he needed to do, which then Anthony raised his head, and smashed his fist to one of hte sides of the cockpit

"I have done wrong, I have caused Injustice, I can't undo this, SO I SHALL MAKE IT RIGHT!" Yelled out Anthony, spirit recharged with his new belief, and dashed to the fight.
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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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"How's the armor holding up, Red?" Asks Kisume, as she jerks the control yoke to minimize the turbulence from being driven into the ground.

"Well, it could be a little bit better," says Shizuha, "Perhaps time to take a more robust form?"

"Naw, we got this," says Kisume. "Golden Silver, giving you an opening!"

"Okie dokey," says Rumia, "Hip~pos, Hip~pos, rolly-pinky-hip~pos"

Eel Force, already entwined around Noble White, shifts so that its head behind Noble White's head region, then angles downward at its neck.

"Hip~pos, Hip~pos," continues Rumia, as she targets Noble White's neck, "They scatter a lotta poo~"

Eel Force's lower jaw, suspiciously resembling the bottom of a bucket, opens slightly as a thin colorful laser fires out to start cutting into the armor, before shifting over to aim for the servos and other such sensitive bits.

"Lessee how many ostriches you see when your sensors aren't working," Kisume mutters as she works to keep Eel Force's aim steady despite jerking and motions from Noble White.

Meanwhile, Shizuha returns to the comms. "Suwako, dear? If it's alright, I would like to ask just a little question. Why are you tearing up the Avalon? I do try not to pass judgment, but you really are making things inconvenient and probably getting a lot of people hurt."
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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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Time: When the Gensokyo has been notified that an attack is in progress Location: Hanger Day 1

Commander was reviewing his contracts when an messenger came from mission control.

"The Avalon is under attack. Rescue the dignitaries."

"Yes, ma'am"

"And try not to get too high. We don't need you to waste our nightmare."

"He who was born to be hanged shall never be drowned," Commander said. Now while he was speaking to the messenger, he was thinking 'It's mine you bitch. I'll let Medi-chan relax unlike you.'

"Hey Medi-chan! We got a mission from the higher-ups!"

"What is it?" Medicine called from the co-pilot seat of the Incubus.

"The Avalon is under attack and we have to do a rescue. Is the tuning done?"

"Already done," Nitori cut in.

"Thanks Nitori. Are we ready to go?"

"You'll have to wait while Bucket Force clears that launch bay. Oh...appears they damaged a pylon. It'll be fine," Rinnosuke responded.

"Maybe we could get a contract to construct additional pylons."

"I still don't get how you managed to get the corporations to pay you for destroying their stuff. It just doesn't make sense."

"The contracts never said I had to destroy specific mechas."

"Looks they're clear let's get going already," Medicine cut in.

"Yes.  Let's," Commander replied.

A bit before the end of MTG's post

"A large fleet of MFC has been detected in the area in the area and several other fleets are approaching." Rinnosuke reported.

"How is the Avalon?" Commander asked.

"Not good Friendly. There's a hull breach and nightmares duking it out inside. Bucket Force is engaging an unknown nightmare inside."

"*sigh. better save the bacon first."

"Better hurry, a Martian Solar Frame just bust in. They seem to be concentraing on the Avalon. Our cloaked salvage ship should be fine."

"I'm going and please find the commander and any other goodies. Medi-chan, the cloaking, please."

"Active! Let's do this!"

Following the Martian solar frame seemed tempting, but saving the mission targets came first.

The incubus entered the Avalon searching for the dignitaries he needed to save. That solar frame seemed like a good target, but it wasn't immediately firing after entry. Better see what's up with it. It might be preparing a weapon to destroy the Avalon.
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Little did he know, the shed was near Yuyuko, who was in a role-play of Dune. As a sandworm.


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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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Just a bit after Purvis' post.

"Ooh, shiny red lights~" Trent said excitedly as red indicator lamps lit up all across the status display. "....what's...a chief shin-sore...arse-ray...?" Trent asked "...And Raid-air?" He mused. "....are these things edible? The pink hippo wants to know."

"Oh, some of these thingies have been losts, yep..." Suwako noted, shrugging. "...I wonder what they were fors....?"

"Oh, if it's lost then no point in bothering about them." Trent said, as the Noble White's bumped off a particularly huge rock on its sliding voyage across the palace grounds. It flew up high into a sommersault, its thrusters flaring. "I think we lost a lot of them red buffalo too. Their lambada was giving me a headache. Though...Kero-chan thinks those were warning signs..."

"Maybe...." Suwako nodded as more and more red indicator lamps lit up. "...I've never seen these lights light up befores. It's nice to see they works, yep. Kinda pretty~"

"Kero-chan says that, when in doubt, use the manual to solve the problem." Trent said.

"Here." Suwako passed him a heavy ring binder.

"Thank you." Trent took the ring binder and banged the console with it, smashing something, causing the red warning lights to die out. "....problem solved." He shrugged, tossing the manual over his shoulder. "Don't eat that, hippo. It'll give you gas."

"Kero-chan says, 'the lights are dead, problem solved.'" Trent said as they sommersaulted in midair before beginning their decent towards the meeting room once more. "The soddin' pessimist, our pink hippo, thinks it's because we lost more stuff. I told him to sod off. We have no need for shin-sore arse-rays or raid-airs. Probably a waste of space to begin with."

The Noble White crashed through the meeting room once more. As they rolled through, Trent pushed a random button on his control stick, causing a pile driver to blast aside some coils around one hand. Having freed it, he grasped the dud missile lying on the floor by the now unconscious marine commander as they rolled past.

Tenshi shouted something as she saw them roll past, something about them being utter morons, but nobody heard her, so no harm done.

"They seem to like burning through stuffs, yep." Suwako said, nodding at their assailant eel.

"Oh, let me oblige them." Trent shoved the missile's warhead in the path of Eel Force's jaw laser just as they entered the other side of the palace grounds. "Eat some of this~"

"THAT INSA-...." Shizuha never got to finish whatever she was trying to call Trent, as at that moment a Martian Foundaries Corporation Mk-II Stalwart Missile warhead exploded in their faces.

"Whoops, you just swallowed your lazah..." Trent observed as the Noble White was spared most of the explosive force, shrapnel and debris by virtue of the Eel Force coiled protectively around it.

"You! In the unidentified Frames! Disengage your Frames and step out quietly or we WILL open fire!" A voice barked over the intercom. "We repeat..."

"I heard you the first time." Trent said, noticing a large group of MFC marine solar-frames land all around them, assault rifles trained on their heads. "You're telling me to get out there? The outside is swarming with those yellow pirate rats trying to steal my broccoli!" He took the nearest one, the one behind him, by surprise by shoving the pile bunker in its privates. "Whoo~! Talk about nutcrackers!" Trent hooted, to Suwako's cheers. With a squeeze of the trigger, he blew the lower limb stabilizers out of the frame, causing it to fall with a thundering thud onto the ground. With a quick, deft spin, he rammed the other arm's pile driver into its head, blasting it clean off.

"Yays! How did you knows he was theres?"  Suwako asked, cheering as she looked around and watched the beheaded frame fall as the ejection pod blasted high up into the sky.

"The yellow pirate rats outside were moving funny." Trent said. "And those green ninja kittens came back and started fighting over the bananas."

"I see." Suwako nodded, sagely. "Hmmm, I wish I could see them...are they shy too?"

"Probably. They've never asked me if they could take my broccoli. I would share if they asked nicely, you know." Trent shrugged.

"How rude, interrupting like this..." Shizuha muttered, irritated at the interruption. "...Suwako, looks like we'll have to play another time." She gave her a triumphant smirk. "Let's leave this as a tie for today. The sake'll be on me."

"I'll bring the snacks and tea then." Suwako nodded with a bright grin.

"H-how dare you?!" The other frames leveled their assault rifles on them. "O-open Fi-..."

"Shizuha! Blade fins!" Suwako shouted, taking hold of her mana-core control orbs.

"Gotcha! Kisume! Rumia!" Shizuha took hold of her own mana-core control orbs as both Nachtmares roared to life.

Plasma beams erupted from the Eel Force's fins as the Noble White took hold of its tail and swung it around in a wide arc, their blade fins leaving a trail of plasma in the air, slashing the MFC frames right above the cockpit pods, slicing their roofs clean off.

"N-no way!" A surviving solar frame took a step back as it raised its rifle at the Eel...only to stare into the Eel's jaws before it clamped over its torso with all the force of an industrial steel vice. "A-agh!" He tried to fire at the Eel Force but its solid rounds simply bounced harmlessly off its superior armour. "Wh-what?!" The pilot gasped in disbelief.

"What time is it?!" Kisume asked her crew.

"HAMMER TIME!" Rumia and Shizuha chorused.

"I like hammer time!" Trent nodded, as he raised the Eel force with its captured prey like a lasso and threw the solar frame at its two remaining comrades.

"Dessert!" Rumia fired off her Fweem Beam at the solar frames while they were still in mid-collision, blowing off the flying frame's thruster unit....

...sending all three flying off into a nearby storage warehouse filled with fireworks...


"Oooh, danmaku!" Rumia and Suwako cried excitedly, flapping their arms cheering as the sky was lit up with a violent display of dancing colourful lights.

"It's not over yet! There are more red elephants approaching, and they're after our cheese!" Trent shouted, nodding over at the approaching MFC solar frame squadrons coming down from the GranShario above.

"Did the yellow rats tell you they were coming?" Suwako asked.

"No...." Trent smirked. "My cheese was tingling..."

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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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During and just after MTG's prior post

"So how're we doing, Red?" says Kisume, as she directs Eel Force to change.

Numerous hydraulics sound as the mecha shifts and expands, as though hatching from a cocoon. Eel Force's exterior spreads into wings designed for tighter atmospheric control, while the interior takes the form of a somewhat smaller than average frame. "Faerie Force~" says Rumia.

"Well," says Shizuha, "The laser is mostly trashed. I might be able to work it to get something out of it, but I wouldn't recommend depending on it at all. Short of the Fweem Beem, I expect we'll be keeping close range for now."

"What about all of those outsider frames?" asks Kisume.

"It's an invasion~" sings Rumia, "Bet there was a set-up~"

Kisume nods. "Yeah, I can't image how they found us. Ugh, what a pain."

"I think I've got readings on where the bulk of them are," says Shizuha. "I'm not certain we we can really do a lot about them as we are. And if Suwako's unit is blind now..."

"We're not the only ones here, are we?" says Kisume, as she guides Faerie force outside. "We'll just have to hold them off til everybody else is ready. And if Suwako wants to charge in, I expect we better back her up. For now, though, let's pick off a couple. You ready, Golden Silver?"

"Sure okay," says Rumia, as Faerie Force begins to shift again, the prior wings fanning out to become more like the points of a leaf, fusing with the main body as the latter becomes less humanoid and distinct. "It's Maple Force~"

Kisume guides the slower, bulkier Maple Force toward the best cover that she can find, while Rumia turns the her attention toward picking off Solar Frames with the Fweem Beem. In the meantime, Shizuha takes another stab at contacting Noble White, "Suwako dear? What are you up to now? It's really rather important that we know so we don't get in each other's way. And here, let me patch you through some of our scans, since you're a little blind now."


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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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Neo Flying Iron Fortress MazinGetter! Episode 2 [Anthony's Great Resolve!]

Just after MTG's and Purvis's prior posts

"You Bastards! You shall feel the wrath of Justice!!!" Yelled Anthony, enraged from the truth he found out, flew out in front of the remains of the MFC Marine frames and faced them "All of you, Send a message to your commander! Tell him that I'm through with his lies, the evil he has created shall be defeated by the all mightly power of Justice!" bellowed out Anthony as he raised both arms of the Proto-MazinGetter-Z, and struck an all to familiar pose of the original Mazinger Z, the plates on the chest of the mecha started to glow, and emanate heat, the console started to flash and alarms started going off, the temperature of the chest plates were going much farther than expected, the temperature wasn't even recordable due to melting the sensor, then a seperate monitor started to flash with a message scrolling past it


"Now! BREASTO FIRE!!!" Cried out Anthony as he hit the fire switch, launching a mecha sized laser, and started to turn, causing the laser to hit several of the enemy mecha, melting them within a few seconds of contact, causing at least 6 of the MFC mecha to be melted into a small puddle, after a good 50 seconds, the laser cut out, and the plates of the laser on Proto-mazingetter's chest fell of, reveling parts of the chest to be melted as well, a new message appeared


"Good work Proto-MazinGetter, but it isn't time to give up yet!" Boasted Anthony as he took the controls and pulled out the Tomahawk again "Since we still need to defeat this evil!"

With those words, the Proto-MazinGetter flew upclose to the MFC Mecha, tomahawk in hand, going back and forth, slashing at the Martian Mecha, cleaving off mechanical limbs and causing the pilots to eject, but the Proto-MazinGetter wasn't without taking damage, getting shot by multiple assault rifles, and over clocking the system's equipment "computer Status report!" grunted Anthony as he was hit again by assault rifle fire



Then a smash of glass sounded out, it was Anthony's fist through the monitor showing the percents "Never tell me to back down! I shall go on even if it kills me! I shall defeat all of the injustice that was once my comrades!" yelled out Anthony, as he gripped the controls of the Proto-MazinGetter tighter, and moved it again, continuing to fight aginst the remaining MFC Mecha
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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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Just after Anthony Times Up there.

"Oh my," says Shizuha, while waiting for Suwako to reply, "By the size of those explosions near the
back, someone just brought the ruckus. It would be nice if they actually tried to work with everyone."

With that, Shizuha hails Proto-Mazingetter-Z, "Hello there! This is Red, with Bucket Force. If it isn't too much of a problem, would you mind coordinating with us if you want to fight those Solar Frames? We'd be happy to offer some cover. It would be a shame if it got blown up, don't you think? Over~"
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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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Locale Target: Within Avalon Colony
Time Scale: Undetermined

"Do you remember?" spoke a soft, wistful voice. One could note that it came from a woman with three pairs of wings, and she seemed... positively angelic, though she exuded an aura of ephemerality, it was ignored within this motley crew.

"Remember what?" Rem asked curiously as he and his three "buddies," so to speak, where on a quick jaunt along the corridor.

"Our purpose for being here," vibrated a strange, glowing, clay disk or... something. "We're here to collect... information, weren't we?"

"Yeah, that's right, Kikuri," Rem mentioned idly as he yawned. "I don't like the idea of co-operating with any of these guys, but we have no choice if we are to go ahead with TITANIA."

"I suppose you're right, but... Sariel..." Kikuri sounded softly as she shook in place. "I worry about her sometimes... And Little Miss... Mister... I don't know, that Shingyoku! Even for something like me, I get confused with Shingyoku's antics!"

"Well, you know what they say," Rem interjected. "We need a little bit of chaos in our orderly 'society,' right?"

Shingyoku, masquerading as a priest in blue and white, merely nodded. He reminded everyone of the current situation as they made on their way forward. "We were promised a hefty amount of information that would allow us to continue our TITANIA project," he stated. "With the attack on the Avalon Colony imminent, perhaps even taking place now, our status in this regard is in great jeopardy." Shingyoku adjusted his hat a little. "We must quickly take action and inject ourselves in the thrust of battle in order to take the lion's share of things. If we receive outside assistance, so be it. I understand how much you distrust other people, but please... Don't toss aside free help. Other contingents are here on business as far as I know, and there are other Knights present."

Sariel sighed. "What are your interests in the TITANIA project, anyway? This was originally between Rem and myself only?" she inquired. Shingyoku sighed wistfully.

"We can talk about THAT later. We have a crisis to avert, first!"

Suddenly, Rem and the others quickened their pace and rushed off.

Locale Target: ???
Time Scale: Undetermined

"..." Rem was silent as he stared at the mech in front of him.

"Well?" Kikuri said. "I kinda... fiddled with your original mech while you were asleep."

"How the hell did you make something like this so... fast?" Rem sighed in amazement.

"I got skillz," Kikuri said. Rem swore he saw the inscription of an eye on Kikuri's face shift in a winking motion, but he was probably too aghast to make sense of anything right now. "This is yours! Well, ours. Sariel reluctantly told me the specifics and I set off to do it."

"You don't have any...?"

"That's for story-time, my friend."

"Yeah, anyway," Shingyoku interrupted, once again propping his tall hat. "This is the EFX-F Ophelia. I believe you will find it superior to your old NTR Pixie. Kikuri was responsible for the modifications of the Pixie's frame, and I was the one who provided the blueprints and tools. I also taught Kikuri to use her psychic abilities for maintenance. No, don't look at me like that! Of course it wasn't overnight! Why else did you think we looked so tired all those weeks ago!" By this time, Shingyoku had shifted into his priestess persona, a girl in red and white raiments.

Shingyoku continued on, clearly sounding more chirpy and less serious. "So, let's go get in already! Show 'em what you got! You too, Sariel."

Rem smiled for the first time in years.

Locale Target: Avalon Colony Airspace
Time: Undetermined (Sometime during MtG's posts, after the Eel Force and the Noble White have engaged)

Rem sighed as he surveyed the situation. The cockpit seemed small, but was actually big enough to fit Sariel and Shingyoku above Rem's seat, to his upper left and right, respectively. "Those are strange," Rem noticed as it seemed that there was a small fight between two "unidentified" mechs that had resolved, it appeared to be a misunderstanding between the two. "Mmm, Shingyoku," Rem mentioned idly. "Y'think you could relay to me an identification on those mechs?" Shingyoku squealed in affirmative and after a quick button press, smiled.

"One of them is the Noble White!"

"...Are you fucking kidding me?"

"I'm not trying to joke! It is that Noble White, the Construction Nachtmare I've been hearing from some of my friends!"

"Well, let's do our best not to harry their attention... What about the bucket thing?"

"No time for that, we're under fire from Solar Frames!" Sariel mentioned with a sense of urgency as Rem quickly maneuvered the Ophelia to evade the incoming fire.

"Bastards. They must have thought we were enemies because the Ophelia looks nothing like the NTR Pixie they thought was harmless," Rem snarled. "We shall engage them, then. Give it to them. I may not have my wingmen anymore, but I have you guys, right?"

Sariel and Shingyoku replied affirmatively and the Ophelia readied itself for combat. The Ophelia here was in its initial vanilla stages, so it was unknown to Rem that Shingyoku and Kikuri had already installed the Stealth Ravager, but it became clear once Shingyoku adjusted some levers and flipped some switches. The Ophelia was definitely outnumbered, with its single frame against some four Solar Frames trying to gun it down. Quickly, the Ophelia shifted into invisibility, turning Rem's cockpit view into something like a virtual green and black gridwire frame.

"Hmm? What happened?" Rem asked.

"Phase Shifting Invisibility System!" Shingyoku said. "The Stealth Ravager!"

"...Are you saying we're invisible? And have phase shifting armor?"

"...Pretty much!"

"That's amazing. I never knew you had it in ye."

"Don't underestimate us like you would a normal person, ya snitch!" Shingyoku accused playfully. Rem smirked.

"Then, let's play! Roll out the Sturmfraulein!"

The Ophelia released two laser-vulcans from its arms, still invisible, and started to shift in and out of the normal plane, barraging potential enemy Solar Frames with fire. However, none of them were actually destroyed - they just became inoperable beyond all belief.

"I'm positively amazed..." Rem mentioned amidst all this. "And it's very hard to please me, you know that. I'm veritably surprised."

"...Who knows," Sariel whispered to herself. "Maybe we'll help to break that impregnable fortress around your heart..."

"Hmm, Sariel?"

"...It's nothing."

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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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Time: Um... Sometime during the attack on Avalon.  Possibly around the same time as everything else is going on, I suppose.

Muteki Senshi Lunablade - Episode 1: Birth of the Invincible Soldier!!  Lunablade Takes To The Sky

Nate had no idea how he'd gotten into this mess.

This was supposed to be a normal day, just like any other.  He never expected to find himself behind the controls of a Nightmare, let alone one co-piloted by the Lunarian ambassador.

But here he was, doing just that.  By virtue of being the nearest person she could find who knew how to operate a Frame, Watatsuki no Yorihime had forced him into the cockpit of Lunablade, a half-finished experimental prototype granted to her by the Gensokyo Coalition as a goodwill gift to help foster an alliance with the Lunarians.

"I knew Yukari was up to something, but this is low even for her!"

...Which seemed to be failing miserably.  For whatever reason, the co-pilot seemed to be currently blaming all the system's ills on Yukari Yakumo.

Nate sighed loudly as he surveyed the situation on the monitor.  By the looks of it, the MFC was currently attempting an invasion of Avalon.  Why?  Nate couldn't think of any way they could really profit from this.  If anything, this was likely to lead to all out war if it wasn't stopped soon.  As much as he hated the thought, he would have to use the giant ivory knight that he'd been pressganged into piloting to help quell the attack.  Sighing again, he placed his hands on the controls and...

"What are you stalling for!?"  yelled Yorihime, her lavender hair swishing elegantly as she turned around to look up at Nate.  "Hurry up and move us out!  We have to stop Yuk-"

"Actually, those look like MFC mechs.  Unless Gensokyo have forged an alliance with them in secret, I doubt she has anything to do with this."  His companion was about to respond with another wild accusation, but Nate cut her off.  "But it doesn't matter who's attacking right now, only that someone is attacking.  Now, I've run a diagnostic check, and it seems we're missing half our armaments.  Not only that, but we're heavily outnumbered... We can't just rush in recklessly."

"That is true... Nathanial, was it?  But we still have to do something."  The Lunarian slammed a fist against on her armrest.  "We can't let this injustice take place!  We have to fight back!"

Nate tapped out something on the console.  "I know, I know... Well, I can't see any other options right now, so..." The cockpit shook slightly as Lunablade took to the skies.  "Let's just get in there and show 'em hell!"

The flight pack of Lunablade spread out, making it look somewhat like an avenging warrior angel ready to bring down some holy wrath upon the enemies of all that is just.  It charged forth towards a group of MFC mechs, laser fire blasting from it's eyes.

"Um... We're not doing much damage... Are you sure this is a super prototype?"

"Of course it is!" Ambassador Watatsuki yelled in annoyance.  "You're just not fighting properly!  Use something other than the weakest weapon we have!"

Nate checked the list of armaments.  As he had noticed earlier, roughly half of the arsenal currently had a flashing [WEAPON MISSING] indicator beside it.  "Um... So what should I use?  Uh... What's this "Sword of Lunaria" thing?  We'll go with that..."

Lunablade reached for a holster on it's back and withdrew... A large handle, and nothing more.

"...The hell!?  How're we supposed to fight with th-" Nate's exclamation was stopped short as a massive  blade of light red (pink, really, but Nate kept denying that to himself in his head) energy erupted from one side of the handle.  "...Okay, that's better."

Lunablade held the massive laser blade in both hands, and was about to swing it at it's foes...

"...Why are you hesitating, Nathanial!?"

"I... I don't know... It just doesn't seem right to do this without shouting something cool..."

Yorihime's hand met her face.  "Do you really have to?  Very well, just... Make it quick..."

A faint smirk crossed Nate's face, and he activated an open channel to all mechs in the area.

"Ahem... Is this on?  Ah, here we go..." He cleared his throat, and then... "Attention all MFD troops!  What you are currently commiting is an act of unprovoked aggression towards Avalon, and it shall not go unpunished!  The Invincible Soldier Lunablade shall cut you all down with this, THE SWORD OF LUNARIA!"

Yorihime buried her face in both her hands, as Lunablade struck out against the nearest MFD trooper, cleaving the mecha neatly in two.  Somehow, possibly thanks to Nate's proclamation, the pilot was able to activate his escape mechanism in time.

"Ah... Was that a bit over the top?"

"Y-yes... Yes it was, Nathanial... Please never do that again..."

"...Yeah, that sounded pretty stupid."
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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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MFC All-Terrain Boarding Frigate, GranShario, High Mars Orbit, behind the moon Deimos, 6:00 PM, Day 1

[Ready for launch, Lieutenant Monteiro.]

As Jan Monteiro, leader of the Martian Foundry Corporation's Dakka Brigade, checked his comm screens, he responded to the voice from the radio. "Well then, let 'er rip!"

His machine, a standard heavy Martian mech frame, seemed unimpressive from far away with it's standard red paint job, but as one got closer, the heavily modified chain guns on each arm suddenly stood out. As the leader of the military's heavy long-range combat group, it only made sense that Jan's mech would have even more firepower than those of his unit. While the mech of the other members of the Dakka Brigade could boast about some very special weapons and equipment, Jan's was the only one to carry a total of 4 armaments, counting the small plasma blaster and beam rifle modified to be mounted on each of the machine's shoulders.

As his machine was sent into space by a Martian craft's catapult launcher, Jan flipped a switch on his communications array. "This is Dakka Brigade leader. All units, check in."

[Dakka Leader, this is Dakka 2, standing by.]

[Dakka 3, standing by.]

[Dakka 4, standing by.]

[Dakka 5, launching from base.]

Sighing at the lateness of his newest member, Jan thought he heard a chuckle from one of the other members over his intercom. "Repeat status, Dakka 5?"

[...Dakka 5, standing by.]

Rolling his head to crack his neck, Jan began the process of maneuvering his mech to the front of his formation. "Fall in, team. We've had reports of combat aboard the colony ship orbiting the home planet, and our job is to move in and await further orders."

[Easy enough, Leader.]

[Oughta be a quick job, right guys?]

[Hey, my pilot lights are acting funny... Should I get them fixed, Dakka Leader?]

"Oy, Dakka 5. I said it'll be a quick job. Let's move out!"

Some time later, Jan and his unit were approaching the colony ship Avalon. It appeared to be still, an the combat seemed to have ended... Until a voice on the radio told him otherwise.

[Dakka Brigade Leader, this is GranShario Bridge. Do you copy?]

"Yeah, you're coming in loud and clear, base. What can I do for ya?" Already dreading the concept of leading his small group into combat, Jan waited for the inevitable command.

[We have reports coming in that a Martian pilot has gone rouge and is attacking other Martian mechs. Your new orders are to move in and secure this rouge mech for judgment at the council. There are currently other machines in combat right now; only protect Martian interests and stay out of combat for as long as possible.]

Hanging his head back, Jan replied, "Ah, okay then. Over. Dakka Brigade, you get all that?"

Amidst the confirmations over the radio from his unit, Jan thought to himself. I think Anthony's unit already went ahead to that colony ship. I hope that traitor didn't already get at him... Eh, he's an excellent pilot. I'm sure he's fine. "Dakka Brigade, move out!"

As his unit approached the base, Jan was caught up in small-talk with the other pilots. "So you think it's odd that we've been held outside of the operational zone for so long, Dakka 3?"

Dakka 3 was the unit's explosives-expert, with a mech utilizing a variety of seeker missiles, rockets, and a heavy bazooka mounted on its right shoulder. She had a record of being a bit of a pyromaniac, but when in combat, she remained as professional as anyone else. [Yeah, that's what I'm saying, Leader. We've gotten next to no news on this "operation," even though we've had guys leaving base for two hours.]

[You're over-analyzing things, and I'm not one to talk.] This came from Dakka 2, the brigade's veteran sniper. While his machine's only armaments were a heavy sniper rifle and a pistol for close-range combat, his mech also carried a variety of scanners to uncover hidden enemies. An academy buddy of Jan's, he had been recruited almost immediately for his ability to translate the scanners' raw numerical data into data Jan could use to command the rest of the Dakka Brigade.

[I'm thinking command is hiding something for the rest of the units... They were just afraid that Leader and 2 would figure it out, but I guess 3 beat you guys to it...?] Dakka 5, the brigade's newest recruit, was an adept fighter in mid-range, utilizing a variety of pistols and sub-machine guns to take down multiple enemies at once. Her mech's prize weapon was a pair of modified shotguns, with ammunition types that could be changed depending on the situation for maximum penetration or maximum spread. While most members of the Brigade needed to be at a distance, she could shine even when surrounded by enemies. However, she was still a very recent graduate of the academy, and still had to get used to life as an actual enlisted member of the Martian Army. She still spoke with an air of insecurity around the more veteran members, but she showed great potential.

[Super Cool Story Bros, but I think we should get in and out as soon as possible. Besides, we have a pretty crappy job to do, what with prisoner capture and transport.] The joker of the Dakka Brigade, 4 had a mech customized to move in and out of combat quickly, with extra boosters and weapons that could unload as quickly as possible. A heavy machine gun and rocket launcher on each arm allowed him to do some high damage, while a shoulder-mounted laser allowed him to cover his retreat. His ability to fire from different locations quickly made him a feared member of the Dakka Brigade, despite his personality.

"It's an interesting theory, but I'm gonna have to request radio silence. We're almost within hailing range of the Avalon," Jan said to his unit. As the chatter died down, Jan flipped some more switches and spoke once again. "This is Martian Foundry Corporation's Dakka Brigade Leader. Do you copy, Avalon?"

Waiting for a minute and hearing no reply, Jan focused his attention back to his unit. "Something's definitely wrong. Dakka 2, are you picking up anything?"

[Scanners are showing several small holes in the hull of the colony ship. We should be able to board using one. There are also a variety of heat signatures from the inside... Mechs in combat, no doubt. I'll try and filter out the enemy mech's radio signatures and find our man.]

[Ah, I would have liked to blow a hole in that...] [Stay frosty, 3. We need to conserve firepo- Wait, we have enemy mechs outside of the ship! Luner Corporation, by their radio signatures.]

"Dammit, this is the last thing we needed... 2, can you give us an alternate route around?"

[Working on that, Leader... I'm transmitting you all the data and a rough map.]

As one of the screens inside Jan's cockpit lit up, showing the locations of the Lunar mechs outside of the Avalon relative to their location, he got to work. "...All units, cut thrusters to 30% and proceed negative-30 degrees X, 50 degrees Y. We're heading right for a big hole in the hull that should get us in without problems."

making their way through the hole in the hull, the Dakka Brigade emerged into and area of the Avalon that combat had clearly been through. Buildings were ruined and craters pockmarked the ground, but it seemed that the fighting had moved elsewhere. "Mission status report, Dakka 2."

[I've located the source of the Martian radio signatures that have gone down. We just need to follow that trail and we'll find our prisoner, no problem.]

Nodding to himself as the new data was overlayed onto the map on his screens, Jan began laying out a quick path. "Now, we're heavily outnumbered, but if we wait to find out guy alone before we strike, he'll have no choice but to surrender against all five of us. Let's move!"

Some time after Purvis's last post:

[We're withing hailing ra- What the fuck?!]

"What's wrong, Dakka 2? Come in!"

[That rouge mech... It's...]

Jan took a better look through his main display, and what he saw was enough to warrant the reaction of his comrade. The rouge mech was none other than the prototype entrusted to Anthony Kabuto. Anthony was not just any other pilot to Jan, though... Anthony had been the mech jock that had convinced Jan to leave his old life and enlist. He had his unit had covered Anthony's close-range combat team on runs before, but it seemed that Anthony had gone berserk and was taking down his own men.

Reaching for his loudspeaker controls, Jan yelled into the mike, nearly frantic. "This is Lieutenant Jan Monteiro of the Martian Foundry Corporation. Rouge Mech, cease this at once! Don't you see that you're taking out your own teammates?! You've been heavily damaged, and are being accused of high treason! Stop this and come home!"

Slamming down his loudspeaker mike, Jan began barking orders tot he rest of his unit. "Dakka 2, stay in the rear and keep an eye on that unidentified frame. Keep all scanners running; we don't want any surprises. 3, stay behind me and get locks on Anthony and that frame. 4, Find some cover in case things get bad. 5, you're with me. Focus on Anthony, who will beat you to a pulp if you stop."

"Is. That. Clear?!"

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Lunar Squadron, Martian High Orbit, after the Ophelia is deployed.

"Command, this is Full Moon. The Terran fleet has engaged the Martain forces in high orbit around Mars. Requesting orders." Forte spoke into the comms system.

"Hmm, this must be that large-scale operation that was supposed to occur, but what's going on here? Full Moon, stay out of the battle if you can, an LC fleet is on it's way to pick you up."

"Roger tha--" Forte was interupted by one of his wingmen shouting out.

"Incoming enemy forces from behind! It's a Terran shock force!"

"BREAK BREAK BREAK!!!!" The Squad broke appart as Buster Class Frames charged through. "We can out maneuver them! Get behind them and strike them with Plasma weapons!" Flying up to one of the Terran Busters, he slammed the barrel of the Plasma gun into the back of the enemy frame and fired. Noticing an enemy buster coming from behind, he threw the wreck of the previous frame at his foe and flew up.

"What the hell! I can't see!" The Buster threw the wreck off of the view-finder only to see the Garunda's railgun faced at him.

"Take this!" Forte fired the railgun down the length of the Buster, ripping through the Frame with ease. The shell, flying free, struck the engines of a Martian Cruiser. "Holy cow, two for the price of one!" Forte gasped it mild enjoyment. The comms system suddenly lit up with the sound of someone's voice.

"Attention all MFD troops!  What you are currently commiting is an act of unprovoked aggression towards Avalon, and it shall not go unpunished!  The Invincible Soldier Lunablade shall cut you all down with this, THE SWORD OF LUNARIA!" Turning to the source of the message, he saw a frame take down a number of MFC Frames with a huge energy sword.

"Ah... Was that a bit over the top?" it was a male voice, obviously.

"Y-yes... Yes it was, Nathanial... Please never do that again..." female this time

"...Yeah, that sounded pretty stupid." male again.

The Frame was unlike anything he had seen before. Was this a new Terran Mecha? And whoever was piloting it was... what's the word... not too bright, by the sounds of it. Why calls their machine 'the Invincible Soldier Lunablade'? Those questions would not really be answered as the Frame turned to the Garunda.

"Hey, isn't that a Lunar Corporation machine? I think I saw it on the news one day." the male voice said. Wait, they left the intercom on? That is really sad...

"Yes, that IS a Lunar Corporation Frame! I shall have vengence! Give me the controls!" the female's voice was filled with anger.

"Wait, the comms system is still on?" About time they found out...

"It saves time then. You, dog of the Corporations!" She was clearly addressing Forte. "I shall have vengence for removing us from our home! I will not stand by while my hated foe stands before me!"

"What the hell are you talking about?!?" Forte yelled back, but it was clear that she was not listening. the Lunablade pointed the energy sword at the Garunda.

"I am Watatsuki no Yorihime! You took my home! In the name of the Moon, you will die!" Forte had no time to faceplam at the horrible line as the energy sword grazed the Garunda. Wait, she was on a ship! How the hell did she get here so damn fast? This woman was serious, so this called for serious business. Diverting power from the Bunkerbuster to the Overthrusters, the Garunda dashed past the Lunablade, spraying it with Plasma rounds.

The Lunablade grazed the rounds and zoomed after the Garunda. Whoever the pilot was, he or she know what the hell they were doing. The battle around intensified as the Lunar pilots gave it their all. Seeing the Garunda being chased, some of the squadmembers flew in and blocked the path.

"If you want ot get to the Captain, you're going to have to get through us!" caught off guard, the Lunablade was shot at.

"That's easily done, Corporation bastards!" The Lunablade ran one of the frames through with the energy sword. It pulled the sword throught the side and slashed the other frames in one fluid motion. As cool as this was, the Lunablade lost sight of the Garunda and proceeded to attack the MFC forces again.

The was no rest for the weary, as enemy fire came from a large ship near the Martian fleet. It didn't look anthing like Martian vessel he had seen before. Perhaps that Lunablade Frame was related to that ship. Hell, it was on there before it started chasing Forte. In anycase, it was rather bad to be shot at. He took aim with the railgun when it was hit by a shot from nowhere.

"Crap! I can't fire the railgun!" The deep-scan picked up a faint signature coming from the ship, similar to that Lunablade that attacked him before. Unable to shoot with the Railgun, power was diverted back to the Bunkerbuster and away from the railgun.
( )

"Overthrusters at full! Here I go!" The Garunda blasted towards the Avalon at full speed, dodging shots coming from the ship. Whatever he was fighting, it was a hell of a lot better than the Garunda. First the Lunablade, now this? Today's just not my day, Forte thought to himself.

It wasn't long before the Lunablade was once again on his tail. The ship will have to wait, Forte thought, as the Garunda pulled away and flew towards a Terran Cruiser for cover. Sitting in a blindspot, Forte openned fire with the Plasma gun. Again, the shots grazed the Lunablade as it weaved in and out of enemy fire. The Garunda moved out of the way just in time as the Energy Sword stabbed the hull of the cruiser. Flying along the length of the cruiser, the Garunda shot at the pursuing Lunablade, which dragged the sword through the ship firing lasers from it's head-mounted gun. A lucky shot hit the Garunda's stabilizer, sending it spinning out of control.

The Garunda plummeted towards the avalon, spewing smoke as though it had been destroyed. Power was diverted to the thrusters to help, but to no avail. The Garunda crashed down on the Avalon. With overheated systems, there was no choice but to wait until it could start up again...


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During and just after MTG's prior post
Shizuha takes another stab at contacting Noble White, "Suwako dear? What are you up to now? It's really rather important that we know so we don't get in each other's way. And here, let me patch you through some of our scans, since you're a little blind now."

"To be honests, I'm not even sure what's happenings, nopes. Well...other than our Martian friends visiting." Suwako admitted with a nervous grin, sweatdropping a little, as their Nachtmare boosted along the ground within the now empty medieval town streets towards the incoming landing squadrons. " Knight (pilot), Trent, and I were mostly just trying to escape from, y'know, certain deaths, public executions and alls, yeps." She said, while Trent seemed to be busy clapping at imaginary flies.

"Public execution? According to the mission profile I have here, you're supposed to be....on a goodwill mission to assist with construction...?" Shizuha asked as Rumia began blasting at the incoming frames with the Maple Force's fweem beam. "...oh dear, you're technically on civie detail. By protocol I'm supposed to help with your evac but..."

"Yeps. But we can't run now." Suwako shook her head, her cockpit shaking a little from enemy fire. "No such thing as civies or soldiers in Gensokyo, rights?"

"....Hmmph..." Shizuha smiled, while flipping a few switches and typing rapidly across the holographic screens before her. "I guess not."

?Akh! My cheese and broccoli! Don?t stuff them up your nose you stupid hippo! Kero-chan, stop him!? Trent was shouting at thin air as he slapped at his controls. The Noble White began weaving awkward yet effective loops around incoming enemy fire while making good use of the Maple Force's covering fire. Sparks flew as a few tracers made contact, but they made little more than small dents in the Noble White's hardened, angled construction armour.

"I have to protects Tenshi, Yukari and those other poor little people over theres....and maybe the Haven too. These peoples have no rights to barge in here like thats, nope." Suwako declared with a determined grin.

"...But if you insist on taking that walking junkheap into actual battle..." Shizuha began, her eyes darting from indicator to indicator as she watched over the status of the fweem beam. "...then I'm afraid I can't let you go in alone."

?I wasn?t planning tos.? Suwako smiled. ?I?ve got a fellow goddess heres, yep!? She nodded at Shizuha. With a deft booster-powered leap the Noble White landed on the frontmost enemy frame and discharged its pile driver through its core before using its disabled body as a shield to charge in on the rest of its comrades. More fweam beam shots arched over its shoulders, downing any frames attempting flanking maneuvers.

??thanks for the vote of confidence, dear.? Shizuha grinned back. ?We?ll give covering fire from here while I?.? She flipped a few more switches. ??try and get this sniper rifle to work?.?

?Sorry about thats?? Suwako sweatdropped, smiling apologetically.

"Nah, don?t worry. We did blast your servos to Higan first." Shizuha nodded as Kisume sat back and counted up the kills while watching the external scanners carefully. "That said, do you need to patch into our scanners??

"Oh...about scans, I think...." Suwako began as a number of confident Solar Frames managed to dodge the fweem beam shots as they attempted to out-maneuver the Noble White from behind. However, just as they closed in from behind, intent on getting within shooting range, Trent punched the pink hippo in the face. The Noble White?s thrusters reversed abruptly, causing the Noble White to slam backwards into one of the Solar Frames, sandwiching itself between it and its meatshield. "....Trent sort of...doesn't need them...I think?" Suwako said, with an uncertain smile, as Trent rammed the pile bunker into the arm of the frame behind him before ripping its assault rifle free.

??doesn?t?need them??? Shizuha asked as Kisume found a more defensible position behind a huge pile of rubble. ??what? He has eyes on the back of his head or something??

?Oh no, he talks to animals.? Suwako explained with a grin. ?Very shy, invisible yet colourful animals.?

??.invisible, colourful animals??? Shizuha and Kisume exchanged worried glances.

The Noble White then spun around and rammed another pile-bunker into its victim?s abdomen, this time sending it skidding backwards into another one of its comrades. ??.Oh?that one has thick skin?.? Trent said, noting the fact that his pile bunker only made a shallow indent on the frame?s armour.

?Standard MFC Solar Frames.? Shizuha told them, as she finally managed to get the sniper rifle?s spare barrel and cooling chamber installed. ?Bulky armour. Slow, but difficult to penetrate. Not like those flimsy advanced recon ones. They?re getting serious. Take care out there.? She said as Rumia took aim while the hum of the sniper rifle?s main energy chamber picked up in intensity.

?Power conduits to rifle linked ups, yep. Switching to mid-range targetings?? Suwako said, as a live feed from the targeting camera atop the rifle appeared as a small screen on the cockpit display. ?I?ll take cares of the fine aimings. You just shoots.? Suwako said, squeezing her control orbs as a smaller targeting display appeared before her. ?Also, don?t hit the town, nopes. We don?t want to harm the townspeople??

?Just shoot, eh?? Trent nodded, as sniper fire arched over their heads. ?Sounds good to me. They?re making off with my broccoli!? He threw the meat-shield at the heavy mech he had dented earlier and before firing at its thrusters, causing its engines to erupt in a fiery ball of fire. Using the fire and smoke as a cover, he leapt over the downed mech and rammed his pile bunker into one while machine-gun-decapitating another.  Three escape pods launched high up into the air with satisfying ?pops?. ?CHEEEEEEESE!? Trent roared as he fired up his thrusters once more.

Sparks flew up underneath the Noble White?s heels as its construction terrain-masters roared to life. It snatched up a shield and another assault rifle as it did a U-turn around the burning wreckages, equipped them, before rushing after the heavy frame squadrons.

?Don?t let them draw us too far! We need to protects the palace!? Suwako pointed out, inputing all the millisecond to millisecond corrections into the targeting computer.

?Protect?? Trent blinked upon hearing this foreign concept once more. ?Huh? What do you mean? ?protect??? He blinked. ??.what is it, Kero-chan?!? He snapped, somewhat irritated at his towel. ??do what? But those ninja kittens are getting away?? He pointed out.

?We can?t let the palace go kabooms!? Suwako simplified it for Trent.

?Aaah?? Trent frowned a little at this idea. ?So instead of making things go kaboom?.I?m supposed to keep something from going kaboom?.errr?how do I???

Suddenly the MFC heavy frame squad was engulfed in intense fire as heavy beams and rapid machine gun fire ripped through their ranks. Sonic booms shook the air as a new mecha roared over the burning masses, shedding a huge trail of plasma in its wake, before touching down in the main street, hitting the ground with is terrain-masters kicking up major sparks as it rushed up towards the palace. It purged a set of heavy Over-ED boosters as it rolled straight at the Noble White, before its main boosters kicked in, giving it a huge, insane burst of speed.

??what?s that, Kero-chan? It?s black so it?s evil?? Trent asked.

?Kero-chan makes sense.? Suwako said, agreeing with the simple logic of moral colour-coding.

?So that thing might make the palace go kabooms?? Trent asked, his lips curling into a wide grin. ?Shirayuki! We?ve got us a bat to shoot down!?

?Umm?Trent?s piloting is a little queer?? Suwako murmured, adjusting a hundred different parameters across her screen for Trent?s awkward style of piloting. ??but it?s fun!? She giggled, as the Noble White?s terrain-masters whined into life, carrying it skidding?.sideways??

?Oh? Where are we going?? Suwako asked, swaying side to side to the rhythm of the Noble White.

?I don?t know. The pink hippo?s weight is bringing us that-a-ways.? Trent shrugged, pulling them onto a side-street parallel to the main-street, terrain-masters rolling in reverse as he drove backwards down the street.  ?Yes, hippo, I know we?re driving backwards! No! I don?t think it?s supposed to do this! Will you stop mooning me?!?

?Wheee~!? Suwako cheered.

But the jet-black mecha seemed to suspect foul-play as it leapt up over the buildings in between them and landed in a shower of sparks behind them, dual machine-guns raised. Without hesitation, it opened fire on them.

?No! Don?t evade! It?ll hit the town!? Suwako gasped.

??eh?? Trent didn?t quite get what Suwako was saying, but raised his newly acquired shield anyway. Their cockpit shook violently as the heavy anti-tank bullets ripped at the already dented shield. ??.T-those buffalos again!? He suddenly gasped. ?They?re dancing the lambada all over my cucumbers!? He caused the thrusters to go into over-boost, sending the Noble White vaulting over the black mecha.

The black mecha continued firing up at the Noble White as it arced upside-down high over them, only to have the shield get in its way. The Noble White returned fire from behind its shield, which the black mecha countered by spinning, skillfully alternating its terrain-masters.

?Wheeee~!? Suwako cheered, flapping her sleeves happily from the vertigo, while Trent continued batting at the invisible hippo as his towel and the operator?s manual floated up in the zero-gravity.

The Noble White landed with a jolt, kicking up sparks. The black mecha raised its second rifle at the Noble White?s head. But just as the barrel erupted with hot lead, the Noble White ducked and cross-countered with its own rifle up at the black mecha?s face. The black mecha knocked its assault rifle out of the way with its other rifle, however, and like that they entered a fierce melee-gun battle.

Just then, a number of MFC heavies zoomed into the area, charging up at them?only to receive stray gunfire from both the mechas, both of whom seemed to be doing their best to spare the town any damage.

?Incoming transmissions?? Suwako announced in a sing-song voice as the black mecha ducked and spun underneath another shower of gunfire from the Noble White, while holstering one rifle, to pop up behind them.

?Heh, you?re not bad?for a boy?? A girl with long, silky raven-black hair stared at him through the com-channel?s live feed. She casually tucked a strand of hair behind her ears as she twisted one of the Noble White?s arm behind it, knocking its rifle out of its hand.

?And you?re not too bad for an evil villain.? Trent chuckled as he launched the Noble White into a sommersault, righting the twisted arm, before grabbing hold of the black mecha?s other rifle and firing at an incoming MFC mecha, shredding it to bits.

?Evil villain, you say?? The girl giggled pleasantly, seemingly amused. ?Well well, funny, considering we?re firing on the same enemy.?

?Are we?? Trent raised an eyebrow.

?Unless that was a friendly you really hated.? The girl said as they both somersaulted over the downed MFC mecha, ripping it to shreds with the rifle all the while.

?Fried Antly?? Trent blinked, as he spun them both around, slamming his shield into an approaching melee MFC heavy, before blasting it away with a pile-driver shot. ?Whazzat? Sounds yummy.?

?Hey, isn?t that Suwako?? Another black hat bobbed up in front of the com screen to reveal a spot of blue hair and a set of ruby-red eyes. ?Oy! Your Nacht?s looking even more junkier than ever! I didn?t even recognize it!?

?Oh! Iku-chan!? Suwako waved madly at the com screen.

?Ah, so you?re one of us?? The black-haired girl sighed. ?What a waste of bullets. At least set your IFF code before battle.? She muttered, as she pushed the Noble White aside and focused on smashing through the rest of the enemies between them and the Palace.

?Ayiefaf?? Trent blinked. ?Is that something like the green hyenas? I swear they make sounds like that sometimes.?

?Our servos are lamprey-frieds.? Suwako explained hurriedly.

?Oh well, we?ll alter our IFF decoder and have you input as a friendly.? The black-haired girl sighed. ?Callsign?s Exoleet, by the way, so you know who to scream for help from. And this is the Trie Noir, so you know who to stay away from.?

?Exhaust-feet?? Trent asked, blinking, only understanding a fraction of what the Exoleet girl said. ?Eh, kid, we don?t have a callsign, do we??

?Nopes.? Suwako shrugged. ?You can think of ones if you likes.?

?No, hippo, we?re not going with ?Captain Pink?.? Trent snapped at thin air. ?Eh, we?ll think of something.?

?Iku-chan, what?s going ons?? Suwako asked.

?There?s some sort of huge fight going on outside. The MFC are trying to take control of Avalon and the Terrans are here to contest that control.? Iku said, quickly and efficiently adjusting for her Knight?s targeting. ?We?re tasked with saving the dignitaries and evacuating them, possibly onboard the Amaterasu.?

?What about the civilians?!? Suwako gasped as the two nachtmares effortlessly ripped through another set of Martian light frames.

?Priorities, Suwako. Take things step by step.? Iku said, patiently.

?Uhh?? Suwako looked somewhat disheartened as Trent stole a new set of rifles to use.

?Hey, kid, why the long face?? Trent asked. ?The hippo?ll eat ya.?

?Th-the people?? Suwako began. ??.n-nobody?s going to save them??

?Shave them?? Trent asked, faced by another completely foreign concept. ??well, kid, you just do whatever you like, and I and my friends the green hyenas will be right behind ya.? He turned around to face the empty seat. ?No, hippo, RIGHT behind her, not a hundred yards behind her.?

??.t-thank you?Trent?? Suwako suddenly broke into a relieved smile. ?That?s it! We?re saving the people!?

?All right! I?ll be sure to shave?em all bald!? Trent nodded, getting into the spirit of the thing.

?Hey, how far did you people go?? Shizuha asked as the Noble White and Trie Noir rolled up to the palace, leaving behind a trail of scrap metal. The Maple Force was busy covering another flank where a Terran landing party was quickly advancing on them. ?Oh, I see the Amaterasu was nice enough to send reinforcements. I?ve been trying to reach them but the enemy?s jammed all transmissions beyond the Avalon.?

?Not yet.? The black-haired girl said. ?We?re part of the guard sent down to Avalon. Amaterasu hasn?t made a move yet.?

?What?re they??? Shizuha began, before?

A heavy boot landed heavily atop a nearby pile of rubble, courtesy of a certain, rather pissed, Tenshi Hinanai. She raised her rifle high up above her head and fired a barrage of hot lead into the sky in a maddened, frustrated attempt at getting some attention. "Will you people stop screwing around for just one second and listen to...?" She was cut off by a boot to the arse from behind.

Yukari bowled her over from behind and raised a handy megaphone while nursing the huge bump oh her forehead from being used as a pole-staff and bowling ball. "Bucket Force, Trie Noir, I will contact you two in a bit. Suwako, I need a ride. You?re the only one with cockpit space."

"No, Hippo, she's not lunch. You can't kill the nice middle-aged lady." Trent said to the thin air occupying the seat next to his.

"I heard that!" Yukari shouted into the megaphone.

"Ah, it's Yukari, yeps!" Suwako said. "Umm...shall I???

A sudden explosion rocked them as an RPG exploded relatively harmlessly on the Maple Force?s heavy-laid armour. ?Oh crap! Anti-Frame Soldiers!? Kisume shouted. ?And marines! They?re after the dignitaries!?

Yukari was saved from getting shredded by hot lead by virtue of a hand, Tenshi?s, pulling her by the ankle, such that she fell behind the rubble, right beside Tenshi. ?Ah, the daughter of the Hinanai?? Yukari smiled pleasantly. ?How nice to see you again so soon.?

?The bitch of the Yakumo?? Tenshi nodded at Yukari as more bullets shredded the rock they were hiding behind. ?I?ll repay that, tenfold, by the name of the Hinanai.?

?Don?t shoot!? Shizuha ordered as Rumia trained her sniper rifle on the foot soldiers hiding behind the palace windows and pillars. ?You?ll bring down the palace!?

?Yukari-sama!? her aides, Ran and Ruukoto, ran out to meet her. Ruukoto shielded Ran with her android armour as they dove behind the rubble.

?So no shooting while riding this thing, right?? Trent grinned.

?Yes, but?? Shizuha began, but before she could finish, the Noble White had already knelt by the mound of rubble and was already opening its cockpit. ?W-wait!?

?Incoming!? Shizuha announced, as ground-shaking sonic-booms accompanied by ground units rendered suddenly immobilized in a crackle of electrical shock announced the approach of yet another new mecha.  ?Wait, it?s one of ours! Why is it?N-no! Stop! That?s a friendly!? Shizuha shouted over the coms.

?YAAAAAAAAH!? Trent leapt out of the cockpit, towel flying behind him, as the Noble White was suddenly engulfed in an ECM shock. He landed atop a pair of surprised marines, drop-kicking one to the ground, while hooking another one around the neck with his towel before pulling the soldier?s head into collision with his knee. He snatched up one of the fallen rifles with his towel before laying down covering fire to keep the other marines at bay.

?Are?arererere?.?? Suwako was frantically pulling on her controls. Her entire cockpit had gone dead. ?Treeeeent! The controls are deads!? She cried in panic.

?Use the manual!? Trent shouted, as he leapt over the rubble mound and charged at the enemy, guns blazing. ?Bash the controls with it!?

?Incubus! That was a friendly!? Shizuha said to the pilot of the mecha now hovering over the downed Noble White, it?s ECM cannon still crackling with live energy.

?But?it had guns aimed at two dignitaries and it had no IFF signal.? Linker Medicine Melancholy pointed out, as their nachtmare, the Incubus, turned its sights on the incoming enemy horde.

?Suwako, let me take a look!? Tenshi shouted as she leapt onboard the cockpit amidst a shower of tracers raising sparks off the side of the Noble White. ??oh, dear Takamagahara, the main CPU is fried. But?.? She leapt atop the pilot seat and pulled open a panel to reveal a slowly rotating, shimmering orb, hovering in a small, cramped space laced with cables, piping, and such. ?Your mana core?s still running, so if bypass the CPU??

?You mean fly the thing withouts a CPU?!? Suwako gasped. ??by touch?!?

?You?ve been flying this without radar and sensors.? Tenshi nodded at the fried servo units. ?I don?t know how you did it, but if you can pull that off, losing a CPU is no big loss.?

Yukari, meanwhile, was giving instructions to her aides. ?Ruukoto, get the Lunablade prepped for princess Yorihime. We can do that much for her, at least. Ran, round up the dignitaries and prepare them for evacuations.?

?What about you, Yukari-sama?? Ran asked, worried.

?The mana core.? Yukari said, darkly. ?They?re after Avalon?s mana core, and by Kami I will die before I let them have it.? She said. ?Now go. I shall see you two onboard the Amaterasu.? She gave them a quick smile of encouragement before leaping atop the Noble White?s cockpit. ?I?ll cover your retreat! Just get to safety! Suwako, are we ready to go?!?

?We need a Knight.? Tenshi pointed out the empty pilot?s seat as she took one of the empty seats. ?And why on earth are you here?!?

?TREEEEEEENT!? Suwako shouted out at Trent who was pinned down by enemy fire.

?Just go on! There are too many pink flamingos for me to move! And the damn hippo?s sitting on my butt!? Trent shouted back as tracers gave the rocks around him a hearty shave.

Suddenly, the Noble White?s eyes flashed a bright blue as its mana core gave out a high-pitched whine.

?Sh-Shirayuki-chan!? Suwako cried up at the Nachtmare as it suddenly strode forwards before delivering an almighty punch into the palace, causing the ground to shake violently amidst a cascade of falling marble and pillars. The marines were toppled off balance as they stumbled and rolled their way to cover.

Suwako took the opportunity to reach down over the cockpit?s side and grab Trent?s hand. Trent grasped it and, with Yukari and Tenshi?s help, he was heaved onboard.

?Ah?Trent! Thank Gensokyo that Shirayuki protected you!? Suwako gave him a reproachful pout. ?Never, ever do something like that ever again!?

??Shirayuki?protected me??? Trent asked, as the cockpit?s doors closed with a hiss behind him. ??protect?? He looked around the cockpit, as if weighing up the alien concept. He didn?t have much time to think though, as he was soon pushed back into his seat, ready for another bout.

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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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Right after Noble White reboots.

"Someone deal with those faeries down there!" shouts Kisume, failing to come up with any word that really fits the foot soldiers better.

"I think Suwako's mecha is rather damaged," says Shizuha.

"Good, they can deal with those faeries!" Kisume takes renewed stock of the Terran Mecha that had hitherto been pinning them down. "Not like those guys can do much to a machine like that!"

"Ah, then we are going all the way?" asks Shizuha.

"Yup," says Kisume, "Get ready, both of you, we're about to bring the ruckus!"

"Gotcha!" says Rumia.

"Very well," Shizuha says, then opens comms again. "Noir, Incubus? This is Red with Bucket Force. We're going assault those frames close up. If you could work with us, that'd be very helpful. After we clean that up we can do something about that frigate, don't you think?" Maple Force begins to lurch forward and change, "Oh, someone get Suwako in the white machine to do something about those people on foot, thank you and over~"

"Thinks he's queen shit because he can pilot on visual alone," Kisume grumbles, as Maple Force compacts into a wedge-like shape, wings flaring out.

"Crow Force!" sings Rumia, and she aims the Fweem Beem at one of the medium-built Terran Frames and opens fire.

A moment later, Crow Force has all but bridged the distance between them and the Terran Squadons and shifts again, it's front flaring out into Kisumesque shape of Bucket Force and slamming into another Medium build mecha; the force of the impact bowling it over. At the same time, it slams into the arm of another light mecha, moments before Bucket force changes again, flaring out to the smaller, sword-wielding, winged form of Faerie force and hurtling ahead toward a medium unit bringing a rifle to bear on it. One of the swords jams into the barrel, moments before a beam fires from its torso into the rifle mech's torso. Then it darts to the left, hurtling toward a medium-build mecha with an energy sword as it changes again, elongating into the snaky form of Eel force and sliding under the sword mecha's diagonal chop and cutting at the mecha's leg with one of it's fins. Then it whirls around, taking the form of Faerie force once more and sending a spray of rather anemic lasers at the Terran platoon.

"Don't focus on any one of them!" Kisume says.

"I know," says Rumia, "just knock them all off balance like we practiced!"

"More closing in," Shizuha says, "I do hope the others can follow our act."


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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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Neo Flying Iron Fortress MazinGetter! Episode 3 [The Burning Spirit and words of the Pilot!]

Just after the rebooting of Nobel White and Jan's discovery of Anthony

Anthony and the Proto-MazinGetter were still locked in combat, trading blow after blow with the MFC mecha, the Prototype was still holding up, but it wouldn't last long by the looks of it, and neither would Anthony, bloodied and bruised from all of the attacks hitting the mecha, damaging the cockpit quite a bit too, his vision started to darken, Anthony was starting to pass out, and the blood getting in his eyes wasn't helping. Another attack hit the prototype, causing Anthony's head to bash against the console, turning on the PA System, and smashing another one of the monitors.

"Dammit! I'm not gonna be defeated like this!" Yelled out Anthony, the scream being herd all across the area, which then Anthony followed up with a slicing of the enemy who hit him earlier, and a rocket punch through 2 more, none of the MFC mecha were backing off now, determined to get the Prototype back.

"If you bastards want me, then catch me!" screamed Anthony, who then activate the RAW Boosters, flying into the air, and several mecha followed, then he noticed his PA system was on, and he saw Jan and the Dakka brigade, only one idea came to mind there with his current condition, he grabbed the communication mic for the PA system and cleared his throat.

"LISTEN TO ME PEOPLE! The Evil of this Universe is ever changing, And it's Presence is approaching, it is that we know as the MFC! With the Miracles that are our power, and the Light that is our souls, we go through the storms that is our fighting, and within the thunder that are our victories! With our justice we change, and become Gods! With our Fists we slam into them, and Shatter the evil ambitions of the MFC! Blowing away the cloud of Darkness that is tainting this universe! Howling at Tomorrow's Sky! Holding an Endless Dream! We shall bring hope to the ruined Worlds! With Passionate Courage We shall defeat this Evil!" Bellowed out Anthony on his PA System, causing everyone to pause and look at him, Anthony had a smug look on his face as he finished up his speech, waiting for what comes next.
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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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Jan stood speechlessly as his units moved to their positions and Anthony, now in the air, made his speech. "He's... He's gone mad. My best friend and mentor... Has gone mad..."

Snapping out of his momentary trance, Jan yelled into the radio. "2, take a shot at his boosters. We need him alive for questioning!"

[Aiming...] Dakka 2 took aim from far away, using his sensor array rather than sight to target Anthony's mech. [...I'll try to target his boosters. Firing.]

However, Anthony was already moving away from his position to find more civilians to rescue. The other MFC mechs were still stunned by Anthony's speech, and as the sniper's bullet missed it's mark, Anthony managed to escape.

[...What just happened?] Asked Dakka 5, who was too new to the unit to know much about Anthony. She had been ordered to stay on-guard, but the rouge warrior's speech had left her stunned. Am I too innocent for this kind of battle? They say I'm talented, but... Is war really for me?

[...Hell if I know. He's crazy, that's what I got.] Replied Dakka 4. [/i]What we heard was a terrorist attack... Why are our troops attacking civilian targets?[/i]

[...I missed. Why did you have me target his boosters, Leader? I could have gotten the mainframe easily.] ...The Leader's probably soft. It's understandable... We were all buddies once. Hell, maybe I missed on purpose...

[Don't worry about it, Dakka 2. He got out of my missiles' lock-on range too.] Call me a traitor, but I'm not crashing a friend... No way.

"Team, we... We have to go after him. We don't know what anyone's after anymore, but I do know this: Anthony's a friend of mine. I'm going to get an explanation out of him... Even if I leave his mech a smoldering wreck in the process." I could never kill him, though... But capturing him means dooming him to the firing squad. What do I do?


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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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Locale: Avalon Colony Airspace
Designated Time: ???

"Hey, do you see that?" Sariel mentioned. "More Nachtmares are entering into the fray. Perhaps it would be nice to get into contact with some of them so they may not mistake us as the enemy." she advised. Meanwhile, the Ophelia had whirred for a bit before phasing back into reality, its sleek faerie-like build spinning as it continued to evade enemy fire. "Doesn't it feel odd to be fighting your former contingent?"

"Not at all. Those bastards who abandoned me can fry in hell for all I care," Rem idly mentioned. He managed to hear the bellowing echo of another pilot's voice, screaming about some ideals about justice and courage. "Anyway, what's with that crazy? He seems to be piloting a... prototype mech," Rem sighed. "I want to see what if he's got anything to offer, but first! We have some people to make into swiss cheese."

The Ophelia made a sound as steam was released from its arms, the Sturmfrauleins installed into them started to fire up once again. More Solar Frames began to fly in to assist their allies, but Ophelia was persistent in disabling their flight systems and making them fall with carefully aimed volleys. No, most of the carnage did not come from the Ophelia's actual weapons but the consequences of them hitting you - you'd have disabled thrusters or disabled installed weaponry. Rem liked this - crippling his enemies before they were destroyed by something else. The Ophelia continued to weave around, and noticed a constantly shifting mecha. "Hey," Rem pointed out. "Wasn't that the bucket thing from before? I guess it wasn't a bucket thing. It's... something else. It keeps on changing."

"Oh, that's Kisume and her ragtag crew!" Shingyoku exclaimed loudly. "Let's try not to get on their bad side, no? The Ophelia can't take much punishment."

"Then, let's negotiate." Rem said bluntly. "D'you mind bringing up the system and patching a connection to that mech over there?" Rem requested from Sariel, intent on getting something out of Kisume.

"Sure thing." Sariel replied as she typed some things on the panel, and managed to get a communication link with the Faerie Force.

"Nymph here," Rem said plainly. "Just paging to let you know that if you see a mech similar to a fairy, that'd be my team and I. We're on your side, but don't get in our way. I can't guarantee what would happen if you interfered. Leave us alone and we'll make sure your objectives and goals are met. After all, we have a common goal here."

The Ophelia quickly maneuvered and shot some more enemy Solar Frames.

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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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"Red here," says Shizuha, as the mecha takes on the form of Eel force and flies between the legs of a mecha carrying a large cannon, "We'll do our best not to target or harry you, Nymph. But, it would be rather more intelligent if we coordinate our efforts; the enemy certainly has no qualms about that sort of thing."

"What was that?" Kisume asks as she shifts the mecha into Bucket Force and moves to slam into the energy sword-carrying frame from before.

"I'm not quite sure," says Shizuha, "But apparently there is a faerie-shaped nacht out there. Try not to target it."


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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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Co-ordinate, Rem thought to himself. We'll see.

"You heard her!" Sariel said with a tinge of hope in her voice. "Maybe you should--"


"What do you mean, no?"

"I said no and that's final. We'll go at it ourselves first, then we see if we can be more strategic about it."

"What's wrong with you? You can't be like this forever."

"Things have been harsh. You are the only ones I know who I trust not to abandon me in my time of great need." Rem said with great conviction as he felled more enemy Solar Frames. "You know, trust is fickle. I don't know if I can trust any of the other Nachtmare users here, honestly. I don't know if they'll backstab me."

"They certainly will if you keep with your high and mighty attitude!"

"What choice do I have?"

With that, Sariel stopped talking. She knew that Rem had been driven to this state, and she understood that. However, she was sure that something in Rem wanted to be released. She just wasn't sure if it was too late, the point of no return had been reached. The Ophelia quickly shifted course and went off to find other Nachtmares. Rem wasn't doing anything, either. His controls had been overridden by Sariel. Sariel... Rem said, immediately realizing what had happened. He didn't bother to resist. I'm sorry, Sariel... But this is the only course, my only path... This is what fate had thrown onto me. No one can change that, not even you, not even the Devil...

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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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Inside the Noble White's Cockpit, Borroughsbury Palace, Avalon Haven, 6.02 PM, Day 1

"We're going down to Avalon's core and that's final!" Yukari declared.

"But I wants to save the peoples!" Suwako countered.

"I want a green burger with a spinach armada!" Trent declared. He was swiftly ignored.

"I am NOT sitting in the same cockpit as her!" Tenshi shrieked, pointing at Yukari. "Never! EVER!"

"I'm not sitting in the same cockpit as those green kittens and their man-eating toilet seats!" Trent declared...and was again, promptly ignored.

"Then leave." Yukari said to Tenshi, pointedly. "We have no need for you."

"In fact, we dos." Suwako said.

"We don't have the CPU anymore, though we managed to get the basic systems back online using the mana conduits." Tenshi pointed out. "Suwako's barely managed to compute all the split-second corrections and adjustments so far to keep the Noble White moving on visuals alone...but with the CPU gone, we're going to have to chip in."

"In short, you're saying you're a necessity?" Yukari summarized.

"More necessary than you, you piece of old bag bit of luggage." Tenshi smirked.

"Better old bag than helpless rejected love child of a Takamagahara pawn..." Yukari smirked.

"...Can you two get out of those seats?" Trent asked as Tenshi lunged out of her seat over Trent to strangle Yukari, only to have Yukari gut her with her umbrella. "You see, it belongs to the pink hippo and Kero-chan. They need their personal space. The pink hippo has gas."

"What Hippo and Kero-chan?" Tenshi and Yukari asked, amidst strangling each other over a bent-over Trent.

Trent pointed over at his towel and the empty space that the pink hippo apparently occupied.

"...." Tenshi and Yukari looked at one another, sharing a worried look. Invisible pink hippos were, at best, a little disturbing....

"Hey, this towel...aren't you that towel guy?" Tenshi asked.

"I thought the odor was....familiar..." Yukari hid the act of crinkling her nose with her fan.

"It smells like raining anchovies on a cold, wet summer day in December." Trent said. "...what? I'm talking about Europa."

"It stinks!" Tenshi shouted. "...worse of all, you're the enemy!" She pointed an accusing finger at him. "....I knew it! Yukari hired you, didn't she?! You never wanted a peace treaty or an alliance! You wanted us all dead!"

"Ummm...." Suwako began. "...I hired hims..." She volunteered.

"On Yukari's behalf?!" Tenshi gasped. "Suwako! I trusted you! After all this time..."

"N-no...I...." Suwako gasped, looking utterly hurt.

"Oy." Trent looked up at Tenshi. "Taking over the dainty little tea party and the sea monkeys was a contract between the martians and the pink hippo and I. The kid hired me, Shirayuki-chan and Kero-chan after. There will be cake."

" hired a towel...?" Yukari asked, doing her best to stay as far away as possible from the towel in question.

"She speaks!" Suwako declared, earnestly, much to Tenshi and Yukari's horror.

"She also makes good pina collada." Trent added. "With enchilladas on a platter."

"She's a little shy, so I haven't heard her speak just yet..." Suwako said. Tenshi and Yukari relaxed perceptibly. "...but I hope to be able to hear her speak one day!" Tenshi and Yukari exchanged horrified looks of concern.

"The point is, you hired a terrorist!" Tenshi pointed out. "...who speaks to invisible purple rhinos..."

"Pink Hippo!" Trent and Suwako corrected together.

"....whatever....and you're going to trust him to be your knight?!" Tenshi demanded.

"I hired him!" Suwako shouted.

"And mercenaries never doublecross contracts. It's bad for business. The yellow pirate rats will eat your broccoli." Trent said. "And everyone knows them rats can't dance the lambada."

"....and what're you paying him? You don't have any money, you're just a construction Nacht pilot." Tenshi hissed to Suwako quietly.

"She's going to give me a life." Trent shrugged. "Never seen one those before so I thought, why not? I only hope it doesn't give me gas. You don't want to see me with gas, nope."

"....a life...?" Tenshi and Yukari blinked. "What?"

"Yes, I'm going to gives him his lifes backs, yeps." Suwako grinned.

"'ve always managed to pilot this Nacht by yourself..." Tenshi pointed out. "Why would you need somone him?"

"Cause I'm cute, grizzly, fuzzy and cuddleable?" Trent asked. "And I have lots of cheese to wear as hats."

"Because Shirayuki-chan needs a Knights...and she chose hims, yeps. I knew it the moment I met him. I'm Shirayuki-chan's linker, after alls!" Suwako said, with a confident smile.

"Ah, dear Shirayuki-chan is all grown up now!" Trent hugged his pilot seat. "All the ceylon tea mixed in with toothpaste I fed her has allowed her to grow up nice and healthy!"

"You can't seriously be saying your nacht is alive....let alone that it chose a man who talks to his towel like a lover as its Knight!"

"I also talk to trees, flowers and toilets! I teach them history and the art of vegetable carving!" Trent pointed out.

"But Shirayuki has moved by itself to save him!" Suwako pointed out. "Twice!"

" mean like just now...?" Tenshi gave this some thought. "Well...there might be errant mana conduits damaged in the ECM attack or something. I'll give it a complete overhaul when we..."

"Shirayuki-chan chose Trent!" Suwako was obstinate.

"Shirayuki-chan chose quality and CHEESE! CHEESE CAKE" Trent pointed out.

"...that aside..." Yukari said, a little more seriously. "It matters not who the pilot is, as long as he pilots this thing down to the core."

"No! We're saving the people!" Suwako argued.

"Yeah! Those people need a shave, bad! Especially their armpits!" Trent backed up Suwako. "That, and some deodorant!"

"Listen closely, dear." Yukari gave a small smile. "Imagine a supernova big enough to engulf half the solar system. Pictured it? Yes, devastating, isn't it? The Martians have already reached the core and are tampering with it as we speak. They can't figure out how to move it, but worst of all, their presence and actions is causing the core to approach critical. If it does go critical, forget saving the people on this ship, Mars will go supernova."

"...." Suwako fell silent at this.

"Mars will do the lambada?" Trent blinked at the idea. "....Will Jupiter, Saturn and Earth join in and form a Mambo line? Cause I've always wondered what would happen to that ring if Saturn shook its hips...."

"Aside from that, if the Martians somehow get the core moving, it'd be our loss. It'd be the end of all the Havens." Yukari pointed out. "So we must retrieve it, stabilize it, and secure it."

"...for the people of Avalon...right...?" Suwako asked, her eyes narrowing on Yukari.

"....for the people of Avalon, yes..." Yukari said, nodding, without hesitation.

"For the people who needs shaving." Trent nodded, sagely. "I will show them my skill with a razor, whipped cream and salad dressing."

"...fine." Suwako sighed, resignedly.

"We aren't SERIOUSLY following that old bag?!" Tenshi gasped.

"No. We're following all the hairy people so we can shave them." Trent pointed out. "The fluffy blue rabbits will point the way. That, and I need to have them wear blue hamburgers on their heads as chapeau."

"Yukari's often rights about these things. I don't doubts hers, nopes." Suwako said, as Tenshi leapt on Yukari again, again crushing Trent down under her weight. "Oh, incoming transmission on our emergency radio." Suwako said.

"LISTEN TO ME PEOPLE!" A voice roared through it, causing Suwako to wince as she pulled the radio away from her ears. It was so loud everyone in the cockpit could hear it.

"Hey! Don't forget the red buffalos! They're everywhere!" Trent added.

"The Evil of this Universe is ever changing, And it's Presence is approaching, it is that we know as the MFC!" The voice began.

"KFC?" Trent asked. "I like's evil?!"

"With the Miracles that are our power..." The voice said.

"My-Ache-culls..." Trent nodded in understanding. "This man speaks of the high arts of tomato food poisoning..."

"And the Light that is our souls!" The voice continued.

"...." Trent looked a his feet, waggling his toes a little curiously. "I always thought it was the little civilization of trombone-blowing giraffes. I hear them everyday. So it's really just light?"

"we go through the storms that is our fighting, and within the thunder that are our victories!"

"....this is a weather report...?" Trent asked, blinking. "I thought it was going to rain socks."

"With our justice we change, and become Gods! With our Fists we slam into them, and Shatter the evil ambitions of the MFC! Blowing away the cloud of Darkness that is tainting this universe! Howling at Tomorrow's Sky! Holding an Endless Dream! We shall bring hope to the ruined Worlds! With Passionate Courage We shall defeat this Evil!"

"...." Trent nodded sagely. "These....are the sagely words of the one burning banana."

"The burning bananas?" Suwako asked. Tenshi merely facepalmed.

"The burning banana is my arch-nemesis, the ally of the dreaded green sea cucumber. I shall punch him, and then we shall have beer and make merry and pour whitewash down each other's pants, before I punch him again, in the language of men."

"Men? I thoughts he was a burning bananas?" Suwako asked.

"The burning banana knows no gender, no race, no toilet. He speaks of cheese so cheesy that even the yellow pirate rats wouldn't touch it with a 20 meter long beam spear." Trent said. "...I shall punch him and throw him into Mount Doom."

"....but you saids you were going to..." Suwako began.

"Yes, yes, I know, I did say I was going to bring him down to the local laundrette for a cup of anthrax-flavoured tang over the laundry while we discuss how long it'd take to wash his cauliflowers, but..." Trent continued.

"Say any more and the towel dies!" Tenshi shouted, holding a lighter close to the Kero-chan towel.

Outside, the Noble White shook rather violently. A war cry, "HUGLA BUGLA HORRRRRGAABOOOOONNGGGGAAAAAALAAAAAAA popcorn ANGLAAA TUNGAAALAAAAA LAMBADA YEEEEEEEEEHOOOOOOOOORRRRDAAAAAAA HOOOOKI DOOOOOOOOOOKI to infinity and beyond TARAAAAAAANTULAAAAAAAS BUUUUUFUDYNE MARAAAAAAAAGIDYYYYNE FIRAAAAAAAGAAAAA za warudo WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY frog legs YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY chingulas!" echoed across Avalon, striking fear/amusement/concern into the hearts of every man woman and child in the colony. It rivaled the PA of the burning banana.

Back inside, Tenshi was cowering in her seat, her hat over her eyes, sobbing and quivering.

Trent was patting his beloved towel comfortingly, whispering soothing words like 'mafia' and 'al capone' to it. Yukari was leaning against her arm rest, face in palm. Suwako was cheering and giggling.

And thusly began Team FUBAR, the team that shall pierce the heavens show the world where Darwin was wrong.

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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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Just after Trei Noir brought the Ruckus

Bucket Force hovers over the devastation for a moment, before firing its boosters and manuevering to ram a rifle-carrying mecha among the numbers that escaped the attract.

"Thank you for the assistance, Trie Noir," says Shizuha, "If you could lay some suppressive fire on those sharpshooters to your left, it would be terribly helpful. Oh, and apparently there is some faerie-shaped Nacht who claims to be working for the same thing we are, but doesn't seem to have any actual interest in helping us. Their callsign is Nymph, I'll patch over their hailing frequency. Nymph asked us not to interefere with him, so I'm spreading the word. Could you tell the others, we're a tad busy here, over~"

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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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We interrupt your exciting battle for this cooking show.

Arnold Swartzenburger: Welcome to "In the Kitchen" with Arnold Swartzenburger. I am your host Arnold Swartzenburger. Today we are going to make a pineapple custard. ON FIRE! With me is my asisstant Sparky. ON FIRE.

Sparky: Hello. some help please. It burns.

Arnold Swartzenburger: We will need pineapples, milk, eggs, sugar, butter, cornstarch, and FIRE. First, mix the water, sugar, butter, and cornstarch. Let it thicken a bit. Then, add egg yolks. Thicken it again and then mix in pineapple. And now it is time for glorious burnination.

Fire erupts from the bowl.



Announcer: Sorry "In the Kitchen is having some technical difficulties. we'll be back momentarily.

Staff member: Grab him!

Announcer: And we're back.

Arnold Swartzenburger: And now you know how to mack a pineapple custard. ON FIRE! I'll be back. WITH FIRE!
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Re: Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (Story Thread)
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Downed Garunda, Avalon Colony Ship, Martian High Orbit, As Anthony is making his speech.

The red-warning light on the console was starting to get on Forte's nerves. How long does one have to wait for the damn frame to work again, he thought to himself. As he waited for the Garunda to cool down, he heard a voice in the distance. It was some guy making a speech, but what the hell was he talking about?

"Looks like that guy lost it over there," Forte muttered to himself, "hopefully he won't attack me." The red light finally turned off, and the Garunda began to move again. About time. Looking over the systems, Forte noticed that the stabalizer seemed damaged. The Railgun, on the other hand, was fine now. Diverting energy to the stabilizers, the Garunda got back up.

"It's a good thing that the Bunkerbuster is heavy, otherwise this thing would tip over." With the Railgun in reserve position, it was time to contact the LC Fleet and tell what happened. "LCSS Remtari, this is Full Moon, do you copy?" Static. "LCSS Remtari, this is Full Moon, do you copy?" Still nothing. Jamming, huh? Well, no time to look for the jamming vessel, let the LC Fleet deal with that. Right now, there was a powerful energy signature on radar. It was far off, but it could very well be reached.

Flying over to where the energy signature was, Forte spotted a number of Martian transport units, taking along people who seemed to have been captured. Forte raged at the sight of how poorly the people were being treated. The Garunda slammed down near the transport, frightening the enermy marines.

"You bastards, let them go!" The Garunda pointed the plasma cannon at the troops. Too frightened to realize that Forte would not shoot at the captured people, the marines dropped everything and fled, leaving behind the prisoners.

"Thank you for saving us." A man said. It seems like he was the leader of the group.

"Do you have a place where you can go?"

"There are transports in the hangar bays. We'll be able to get there using our special tube system."

"Tube system?"

"Yeah, Jefferies tubes."

"Alright, go!"

"Again, thank you."

While the people fled into the tube system, Forte turned his attention to an unusual Frame. It kept shifting, and shooting things, but the important thing is that it shot the Garunda. Red lights flashed, indicating that the right leg was clost to being destroyed.

"Damn it...OVERTHRUSTERS, GO!!!" Bunkerbuster charged, the Garunda charged at the Bucket Force, but it didn't get far as it was promptly blocked by another frame. The signal was the same as the one he detected earlier, but alot stronger. Yup, this was the bastard who shot at him. Targeting the Ophelia, he attacked with the Bunkerbuster

and missed. The Ophelia was behind him in a flash, blades drawn. Slashing in an X pattern, the Ophelia felled the Garunda and flew off to take on more targets.

The Garunda fell to the ground with a thunderous crash. The right leg broke off upon hitting the ground, preventing the Garunda from getting up. All systems wet down to prevent the fusion core from hitting meltdown.

"It's alright... we had a good run, boy..." Forte was about to fire the ejection pod, but decided not to. There was no imediate danger, and he felt a deep connection with his machine. It's hard to give up something that is as close to you as a home.

Meanwhile outside the Garunda, a Nightmare frame landed nearby. Marisa, unable to find a pilot that the Midnight Sun would keep, piloted the Nightmare. Then again, the Midnight Sun was a one-seater, unlike the other Nightmares. Alice, on the other hand, was at mission control. Nazrin was out somewhere, probably looking for cheese.

"Hey Alice, I found a ruined Frame. It looks like a Lunar Corporation Frame, judging from it's insignia. I think I'll take this one instead." Marisa said.

"Wait, what? Didn't you say LC technology is crap?" Alice said with a little disbelief. forgetting that this is Marisa she's dealing with.

"What are you talking about? LC tech is damn powerful, ze!"

Alice sighed through the comms system. "You've already gone through Terran and Martian mechas, saying that they have the best stuff. Make up you mind already!" The front of the Midnight Sun openned up, releasing the Terran Jump Sniper The Midnight sun was attached to. The Jump Sniper fell to the ground as the Midnight Sun attached to the Garunda.

The various clanks and whirrings snapped Forte out of his reminicing. The Garunda was powering up again, or so it seemed. In place of the usual start-up, the screen showed a bunch of symbols, with words in the center of the screen.

GSM-28 Twilight Moon Activation 100% complete

Forte found himself at the controls of a Nightmare for the first-time. The cockpit was much different to what he was used to. For starters, there was a girl in the cockpit sitting on his lap.

"Kyaa!" She slapped Forte across the cheek and scurried to the chair behind Forte.

"Well that was quite rude! I didn't even do anything!" Forte rubbed the cheek that got slapped. "Wait, who are you anyways?!?"

"Marisa! What's going on there?!?" The frantic voice came from the comms system. "Your IFF changed all of a sudden!"

"Hell if I know! Gah!" The Nightmare was rocked by the explosion of a nearby rocket. Terran Assault squads began closing in on the Nightmare. "Alright, if we're going to survive, we need to work together. I'm Marisa, the girl in the comms system is Alice."

"I'm Forte. Alright then, but you're going to have to explain to me what's going on! I'm completely lost here!" Forte said as he grabbed the controls and rushed at the Terran squads.


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Neo Flying Iron Fortress MazinGetter! Episode 4 [The Great Challenge between two Friends!]

Just after nearly getting shot by Dakka 2

"Dammit, even they have turned against me" thought Anthony as he noticed the close shot from one of the dakka brigade, Anthony then picked up the mic to the PA system again.

"Jan! Listen up! I know you can hear me! If you want to talk to me, meet me on the Ship in this area!" Yelled out Anthony, pointing towards the Ship (OOC: I'm refering to the one in MTG's 2nd post) "We'll handle it there, one on one!"

Anthony and the Proto-MazinGetter then flew to that ship, landing on the dock, waiting for Jan's response, but something was bothering Anthony, it wasn't the possibility he had to fight Jan, or anything like that, it was the feeling that something was calling out to him, he shook it off for now, and set the Proto-MazinGetter to standby, having it kneel down on one knee, and then hit the 'open cockpit' button, and was met with no response "God dammit what the hell happened!" Raged Anthony who started kicking at the cockpit door, trying to force it open, but it was melted shut from the fully charged breast fire, it wasn't going to give way any time soon.

"Screw it!" Yelled Anthony as he took the controls and made the Proto-MazinGetter take it's tomahawk, and use it to pry the cockpit open, and finally success, which then Anthony holstered the tomahawk, and stepped out of the cockpit, standing firm with his arm's crossed, looking beaten up from the blood on his face dripping down onto his clothing.
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