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Touhou 8 and 9 mod (Need help)
« on: August 19, 2016, 07:46:34 PM »

These are the mods i have been working on.

The touhou 8 mod is a retexture mod.(So far its pretty incomplete, bcz i dont find any sprites for the youkai team, i made one for Alice, but i think it sucks.)

The touhou 9 mod is a mod that makes the alt color a new character,with the same gameplay but with different sprites

Alts that are in the mod right now(they are incomplete, they still need a spell background and a portrait.) :
Sanae(Reimu alt): ?
Patchouli(Marisa alt)
Momoji(Aya?s alt)
Daiyousei(Yuuka?s alt)?

But i need help on one thing, my daiyousei player sprite sucks, so, if anyone can make a daiyousei sprite,i would appreciate it.:P

Also please give me ideas for alts :3
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Re: Touhou 8 and 9 mod (Need help)
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how about replace:
Kaguya For Reisen and Eirin for Tewi in TH9?
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