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Hello, and thank you ahead of time to anyone reading this. I have been trying to install this fangame after buying it from Melonbooks.  When I try to install, though, I reach the screen I will display below, and have been unable to get it to accept my information.  Tried looking around to try to see if this has been addressed before, but haven't had much luck. Regardless, sorry if this is a repeat of sorts.

The top row is the one giving me the most trouble Copy pasting each individual character from pieces from the PDF, its Google Translation puts out "Registered mail Ruado to scan." My only guess was that it was asking for the receipt number, but that didn't work, either.

Below that is more standard fare.  Email, Username, Password, Password verification, and the License Melonbooks gave with its DL links.

That said, needless to say I'm fairly frustrated trying to get this running, and would appreciate any help on moving forward.

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Put your email address into the top box and confirm it in the box below it. My Japanese isn't perfect, but what you've got there is pretty much asking for a registered email address, and confirmation of that email address.

Actually while I'm here I'd like to confirm each box for you, just in case, but it looks like you've got those down already:

登録メールアドレス : registered email address
メールアドレス確認 : email address confirmation
ユーザーネーム : username
パスワード : password
パスワード(確認) : password confirmation
シリアルキー : serial key

I guess Google gave out "Registered mail Ruado to scan." to you because it can be silly and wrong sometimes, and I don't know what Google was trying to say with that either. But in the future if you are getting a bad translation, it could help a lot to try copypasting the kanji into a dictionary instead if you don't know them, usually you can gather a much clearer meaning out of it that way.
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Thank you for the quick reply, and I'll bear your advice in mind for the future. Time for adventures with not-Akyuu. xD

Super Late Edit: Thank you as well Your Everyday NEET. xD Got it fixed.
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One more thing, you're still having the base game currently (if you have the expansion, the title screen would be Saya, Yukari, and
Nightmare Yukari
). To get the expansion, enter the same serial key you used at the game's configuration screen.

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