Author Topic: Touhou Hakujinki ~ White Names Spoiled Past Danmakufu ph3 English Patch Project  (Read 2216 times)

Story Progress:

Lap 1
Reimu - Complete
Marisa - Complete
Sanae - Complete

Lap 2
Reimu - To Do
Marisa - To Do
Sanae - To Do

Extra Stage
Reimu - To Do
Marisa - To Do
Sanae - To Do

Spell Cards

Spellcards have been re-edited and renamed to fit on screen during gameplay and in the spellcard practice menu.
The spellcard practice menu names aren't 100% guaranteed to fit on screen.

Stage 1
Lap 1 - Complete
Lap 2 - Complete

Stage 2
Lap 1 - Complete
Lap 2 - Complete

Stage 3
Lap 1 - Complete
Lap 2 - Complete

Extra Stage - In Progress

HUD: 100%
Stage Titles: 100%
Character Titles: 100%
Spellcards: ~95%
Difficulty Select: 25% (May not translate these. I can't get the English names to look right)
Help Menu: 0% (Need someone to translate it for me)
Character Select: 0% (Looking for the background texture used and need a translator)

Unfortunately, I am not fluent in Japanese so some of the HUD images and menus will remain untranslated, unless anyone's willing to help?

Patch Releases:
These releases only contain translated images and script files. You'll need to download the game from the link below to play it.
Reimu Lap 1 (Pre-ExStage Release) - Removed because it's not compatible with the current release of the game.

To install the patch, drag the Th_wnsp folder found in the zip into the script folder and say yes to overwriting the files.

Game Download (ExStage Release):
To download the game, click the blue link. It'll give you up to two captchas.
One's a regular one, but the other asks you if a captcha set of numbers is even or odd.
Once you've entered the captchas, click on <ダウンロードする | click here to start download. >

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