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Re: Touhou Remix: Game Over Man, Game Over!
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Quote from: Kiro
Yea, SK is kinda the shit-out-of-luck role. Quite a few things not in your control have to work in your favor as you head into LYLO. And technically they did. But it didn't go through. A bit of inexperience on both our parts although it still could have worked out to a haiku duel off which looked like your only hope as well. I don't think you can ask for much more than that, especially when you are beholden to nobody but yourself.

Well, it makes sense for SK to be the "hardest" victory condition to achieve.  In games with 8 Town, 3 Scum, and 1 SK, if it were completely "fair," with everyone having an equal chance at victory before the roles get handed out, the SK condition should have a one-in-twelve chance of victory, not a one-in-three chance.

If I were modding, I would've said that if the last two left alive were NK-immune Scum and the Serial Killer, then that should be a Serial Killer win, but it never got to that point in the first place so the point is moot.

...So then you claimed SURVIVOR, which obviously scum wouldn't claim either. >_>

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Re: Touhou Remix: Game Over Man, Game Over!
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If it is unbalanced due to swinginess, who's favor is it in then?

<3 saved

I'd really like to get an unbiased observer to comment on the balance though.

I believe the game setup had a higher chance of being decided by luck, rather than skill or effort.

That said - I do not believe Scum won due to luck.

I don't think too much skill was needed either.

@Serp: I was in a similar situation as SK before on MS. The difference was that I was BP-SK and the whole game, I had been hitting protected players or getting RB'd. Once I was sure LyLo was in, I claimed disarned-SK (since the NK patterns fit) and took town for a ride. Dwarf Fortress Mafia run by Claus if you want to look.

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Re: Touhou Remix: Game Over Man, Game Over!
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The OP lacks this....

And it was Sposalizio/Draychn or whatever his name is that thought I was Zakeri :X
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