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Need to improve for PCB Lunatic
« on: August 01, 2009, 06:39:11 AM »

It's been a long time since I played PCB but i decided to rego on it.
My success rate for 1cc is about 50%.
i can easily detect some spots where i need help ,like alice , stage 4 spam fairys and the sister op non-card attack (is there a way to do this?).And mostly stage 5.

Once i improve a bit more perhaps i will try to score (i really wonder why i cant time my borders at those nice spots)

On Practice i play more freely and I can own a lot of attacks but in a normal run i just dont want to risk losing a life with 4 bombs so I just use them.This has become a habit that perhaps i should get rid , especially since I target to score.

I have watch a lot of  replays but there are some things in mistery.
for example J Law's high score where he bombs in the first stage 3 times?(if i remember corectly)
my guess is that he does it for the items and to increase he's cherry.
Well anyway lets leave score for later, Or should i practice it while going for survival.
Btw i play SakuyaB.
this is a recent failed run replay where u can see my average mistakes.

thx in advance.