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Re: Concealed the Conclusion English Patch 0.6537 - Comiket 84 edition
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Version 0.7214.

Six stages of spell card comments inserted. Still waiting on translations for music comments.

Hi again, I have problems extracting the txt file again. Do you mind changing compression method again, as I think the main problem here is that I'm still running winXP here?

By the way Sonae, you need the MANUAL folder, along with all the files inside, before you can update. If you run the patcher, it will be looking for this folder, or specifically, something inside. Illegal copies of the game usually do not have this folder, so it's more of a legit check than anything. If you see something about Marisa while running the update, you are fine.


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Re-packed using LZMA.

What version of WinRAR are you using anyway? My understanding is that support for LZMA2 was added in 3.91, and that was years ago.