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Garlyle's Workshop (Discarded Danmakufu Project, anyone?)
« on: April 30, 2009, 04:22:49 AM »
I'm gonna use this topic as my personal display case and/or Wastebin for Danmakufu projects/scripts/etc. , just to keep it all together.  So!  With just a bit of ado...

Stage: Fortunahou: Madness of Mortal Longing (Stage 1)
My Fortunahou Project: Madness of Mortal Longing... is not going to get finished due to difficulties on the fact that Fortuna (the roleplaying server it is based on) is falling apart.
Anyway.  This script includes a full stage with four difficulty settings, including a Midboss (Two nonspells, and a spellcard on Normal and above), and a Boss (two nonspells, two spellcards, and a Last Spell on Normal+ without continuing).  I can't guarantee in any way that Lunatic is fair, but it's possible (The Boss' first spellcard is definitely doable, but it's very difficult on Lunatic).  This was absolutely and completely a first project before I even knew how to do a proper object bullet sequence, so don't expect anything too good.  Amateurish, but I'm still sorta fond of a couple of the attack patterns (Marin's second nonspell, Coincidence's first spell and last spell).  Feel free to use these as inspiration for your own, I won't feel offended.

Characters: Fortunahou Characters
And characters too?  Lol.  Anyway, this is three of the six characters I originally planned for the game.
Gabe Cerathim: His shots change direction as he moves, like Sakuya B.  You can lock their direction when focused.  His bomb clears out nearby shots and puts up a Supernatural Barrier, too.
Estel Herald: Her shots are a wide, penetrating spread that focuses, much like Rumia.  By comparison though, her bomb makes her go ethereal and become invincible for a period of time.
Cifer Cerathim: Like Remilia in I.N., when focused he leaves behind a magic circle that fires most of his shots.  His bomb is traditional shmup fare - wipe the screen clean and do lots of damage.
[Two of the lost characters include one who was laser-focused and one with homing swords.  The third was meant to have a very slow but powerful focused fire, and I still plan to work on that at some point]
The "special feature" to these characters is that their spells "Charge" over time.  A picture down in the bottom left corner also has a number with it.  It goes between level 1-10, changing every third level [4, 7, and 10] to a new spell card.  Although it's the same basic effect, the effect is greatly increased at those jumps - avoiding using a spell card to such a point that it reaches 10/MAX results in a very powerful effect when you actually use it.
...I don't suggest these characters for just regular Danmakufu though due to the way the spell card charge system works, but they -do- work for Fortunahou.

Single: Twister Sign 「Eye of the Storm」
This is what happens when I first want to learn to use Object Bullets.  It's not nearly as hard as you might think - in fact, it's rather quite simple, but the effect is very neat.

I'll be posting more as I come up with it.  A couple of the bosses I had planned for Fortunahou are worth expanding on, I think, and I'd like to upgrade Gabe and complete one of the other player character options as well...
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Re: Garlyle's Workshop (Discarded Danmakufu Project, anyone?)
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I tried out Cifer Cerathim on other scripts and his bomb instantly kills almost anything :V


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Re: Garlyle's Workshop (Discarded Danmakufu Project, anyone?)
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Yeah, I'm kinda aware.  Mostly this is due to the way I coded his damage output for that - it was meant to oneshot pretty much any pattern/bomb in Fortunahou when at a high enough level - but as spell charge resets to 1 between uses, and takes a couple minutes to charge up, any subsequent uses are basically just a chance to wipe bullets off the screen in the hope for survival.  Anyway, like I said, these characters weren't designed to be used outside of full stages XD

I'm not entirely sure what kinda standards exist for Life and 'armor' on Spell cards and such, so if I can find that out I can probably re-balance him some to work better on other stuff.

(Alternatively I could change the starting level of the bomb scripts, which would about even it out.  I think it takes something like a couple minutes for a spell card to fully recharge from 1 to MAX, so... *Shrug*)
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