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What are all these groups??? (Updated 10/14/2014)
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If you're new here, you're probably wondering what the heck all these weird persons with YOU WA BAN and Artist++++++++++ on their forum posts mean. Well fear no more! This is a rundown of the various group tags used here in MotK, their function, and in some cases, how to request it for your own!


These are the bonafide staff groups here at MotK. People in these groups are staff members and serve many different purposes!

  • Administrator
    Self explanatory
    Runs the show and handles the technical aspects of running MotK.
  • Gensokyo Police
    Forum moderator.
    Functionally equivalent to administrators but with less technical responsibilities. Mostly handles forum moderation and such.
  • BunBunMaru Staff
    Staff writers.
    They write the frontpage articles and report on the news and happenings in the Touhou community!
  • Acolyte
    Your forum representatives.
    Their job is to represent you, the membership, to the staff and speak about happenings within their particular area within MotK. They do not handle moderation or rules enforcements, that falls to the Gensokyo Police.

Staff members will also have an additional tag indicating they are staff, as sometimes we get goofy and take on other group tags as we please.


These are the helpers for the MotK staff. They are tasked with keeping the forum tidy. They're not staff members themselves, but are a great help. Librarians and Godmothers have specific areas they patrol, whereas Shrine Janitors tend to cover the entire forum. Librarians help keep Patchouli's Scarlet Library tidy, organizing and cataloging the fanfiction works and archiving them properly and safely. Godmothers are tasked with running the games in Rumia's Party Games. Generally they have a specific game they're GMing.

Idiot Hierarchy

Speaking of games, there's a special section of the forum known as the Moronic Coliseum. In the spirit of their patron fairy, Cirno, games are run to claim fame and glory, and usurp those above you! The people at the top are the Idiot Deities, and they generally run games and challenges for people to earn the Idiot Princess badge, the lowest rung of the ladder, or they run games between the Idiot Maidens to get them to fight each other. Once you've entered the hierarchy, you may challenge someone directly above you in rank for their spot, and they must defend their title, or lose it. Sometimes we get bored and we shake things up and reset it all over again!

It's a fun place to gain some bragging rights and rub it in on your fellow maidens :3


These tags are proudly worn by out resident artists, musicians, and writers to show they help create and expand the richness that is the Touhou doujin universe. Members can freely request these tags to show off their creative sides.


And last but not least, we have our silly groups. These groups are given by the staff for various serious and unserious reasons and are fun little things that don't really do anything other than make you stand out. Some serve specific purposes.

The Happy Birthday tag is given to people on their birthday, and it gives them the power to change people's avatars (those that wish to have theirs changed of course). It is tradition for maidens to make threads on their birthdays letting people give their birthday wishes and requesting avatar upgrades if they so desire.

The Spechul Membah tag is given to extraordinary people in the Touhou community to recognize their contributions. Some are former staff members, others are regular maidens who have contributed significantly to the shrine.

The Yellow Member tag is rumored to be the personal tag of one particular Moriya shrine deity, Suwako, and any of her loyal followers. :3

Requesting Group Membership
For those groups that are open for request, there's a handy link in your profile called Group Membership. Here you can request membership, pending approval from a staff member. Generally requests for the creative group tags are granted upon request, although we do ask for sample works (but we do not require them).

The BunBunMaru and Shrine Janitor groups are a bit different. We take people's requests and file them away, and depending on our needs at the time, we will go through the applications and select people to be called up. Don't be upset if we do not approve these immediately, we appreciate your volunteering and we will keep you in mind if the need arises.

The sillies are given by the staff at our discretion, and pleading and begging for it tends to not work very well. The Idiot tags need to be earned through their trials, so keep an eye out for contests and games that might award Idiot Hierarchy titles.

What about that Angeling or QQ More or Townie badge some people have?
Those are profile awards, awarded for either winning certain contests, or at the discretion of the badge owner. These are separate from the other badges and if there's a specific one you're interested in, don't hesitate to ask about it!
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