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Maidens of the Kaleidoscope - A Timeline

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I last saw J5 on the original iteration of the forums before the wipe in 2006.  I only remember this because he had his username upside-down.


--- Quote from: Seventh Holy Scripture on March 02, 2011, 04:12:49 AM ---He goes by "J5983", I believe. Most interesting. I did not know he was ever a member here or that the idea for the wiki/imageboard were first floated on the forums, it was definitely before I arrived.

I do remember s" being the driving technical force behind the first few English patches. That was after we'd had the game scripts translated for a good long while and were just missing the hacking expertise to get them into the game, until he spontaneously showed up and provided it, so I don't think those events had anything to do with the founding of the Touhou Wiki - to my recollection that was already around and serving as a repository for the translations.

Thanks for your contribution! I'm impressed that even I had something to learn about our history.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, it was J5983. He made a thread, which was stickied in the ShrineMaiden Discussion subforum, announcing the Pooshlmer Image Board on February 19, 2005. On the second page of that subforum, he also created a thread called "Wiki", which is probably where they discussed creating it. I've seen the wiki mentioned as early as April 19, 2005 in ShrineMaiden Projects. For some reason, directly linking to snapshots of these pages just returns the squatter ad from the domain incident, but you can see them (and actually read the image board announcement one) if you manually go through the December 05, 2005 snapshot. I'm surprised such detailed snapshots of the old forums exist. Now I don't have to go entirely by memory. :D

You're right about the patching effort coming later. Seems like s" appeared in ShrineMaiden Projects with a WIP patch for PCB on June 15, 2005. I remember that being the first one.

Just popping in to say thanks all for the history lesson!  :3

Very interesting indeed. Thanks!

Zengar Zombolt:
Well well. This is a very coo' idea, 7hs. Much thanks, just about all I wanted to know!


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