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If you have less than 10 posts look here (Updated 10/15/2014)
If you have less than 10 posts the following items are restricted from you.

* You cannot select or upload an avatar or signature
* You cannot post in Rumia's Party Games or LettyJournal
If you haven't posted yet (you have zero posts), these things are further restricted from you.

* Posting new threads or replies will require moderator approval before they are visible
* You cannot view profiles of other members
* You cannot view LettyJournal
* You cannot send personal messages
The post limits exist due to spam concerns and limited resources. The 1 post limit is to protect the personal information of our maidens, so that bots can't harvest people's profile information or lurkers spy on personal posts made. The 10 post limit exists so that server resources are not misused, as we get thousands upon thousands of new account registrations and storing avatars and stuff adds up. These are not meant to be barriers to prove your worthiness of being here, but in order to balance the safety and security of this community while still allowing it to be an open and welcoming place.

If there are any concerns or questions please don't hesitate to ask a staff member.
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