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东方祈华梦 - Elegant Impermanence of Sakura (Demo)
« on: September 12, 2018, 04:09:55 AM »
Yet another fangame!

Chinese thread:
Team leader: 百灵猫neko

Western Download Mirror:
Showcase video by HNY is the second to last link

Plot Summary Translated:
Beginning of Spring, Hakurei Shrine.
Crossing the Torii, one sees a lively and thriving scene.
The spring thaw has come, warm sunlight pours over the stone steps, even the shrubbery has once more become lush and full.
As the beautiful colours awaken, the slothful shrine maiden has also begun preparing for the feast.
Thanks to the youkai that all love Reimu, this place is always lively beyond comprehension.
Originally, this is how things should've been.

Marisa: "So, the built-up snow at the shrine hasn't been taken care of?"
Reimu: "We should let Nature take care of Nature's matters."
Marisa: "But it looks like it isn't melting at all"
Reimu: "Perhaps the god here is appearing to us"

Indeed, even as the snow covering Gensokyo was nearly gone, the Hakurei Shrine was still white with snow, a cold and still facade.

Reimu: "But like you said, this is a bit too strange for normal"
Marisa: "What does that mean?"
Reimu: "Also, the bell at the temple suddenly broke three days ago, turning rusty and streaked. The lake near the Mansion had suddenly thawed a week ago. No matter what, we should be careful."
Marisa: "So how did you find out?"
Reimu: "I heard from the tengu. Could it be done by that one from before? That chair youkai who interfered with the seasons?"
Marisa: "How come I don't remember that she's a youkai?"

In the middle of last year, Gensokyo had encountered the Four Seasons Incident. In that incident, different areas had different seasons. The Forest of Magic had winter, the Youkai Mountain, autumn, the Hakurei Shrine, spring. Gensokyo's seasons were thrown in disorder by one who claimed to be a Youkai Sage. Although it didn't have any critical effects, it still made Reimu and her friends suffer. So luckily, the following winter, nothing stressful had occurred.
So the girls had once again become relaxed.
But no matter what, things that should be resolved should not be left behind.

Reimu: "Either way, this should be an incident. Let's monitor for a few days, and instantly attack if it gets worse."
Marisa: "Sounds good"
Marisa: "If you decide to do that, I'll be sure to act as well"
Marisa: "Though I think flower-viewing is more important..."
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Re: 东方祈华梦 - Elegant Impermanence of Sakura (Demo)
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  • Art is cute
  • Stage danmaku is a bit repetitive at times
  • Good god the music is so good, especially the stage themes
  • Looks to be heavily IN-inspired, with the teams, Last Spells, fighting the other playable characters, etc.

Re: 东方祈华梦 - Elegant Impermanence of Sakura (Demo)
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Just gave it a quick try with Reimu's team on Easy, and I loved the theme fusion for the stage 3 boss music.

Re: 东方祈华梦 - Elegant Impermanence of Sakura (Demo)
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Also just gave it a try and I'm really enjoying the music.
Not sure about the patterns yet, but I only finished on easy and will give normal a try later.

I like the little effect you get by grazing a bullet - really cute.

Any info when and where this will come out?
The baidu post has already been deleted.

Re: 东方祈华梦 - Elegant Impermanence of Sakura (Demo)
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Just noticed something cool, it seems like the character that serves as the stage III midboss/boss changes depending on...something.

Like when playing as border team, either Marisa or Yuyuko may show up as the midboss. When playing as Marisa-Yuyuko, either Reimu or Yukari may show up as the midboss.

Even *stranger*, though, is for bamboo forest team. At least in practice mode, I've had runs where border team showed up and other runs where Marisa-Yuyuko showed up as both midboss and boss. The actual boss fight has a chance to completely change!

I'm not sure what triggers the decision or if it's truly random, but it's something to investigate.

Re: 东方祈华梦 - Elegant Impermanence of Sakura (Demo)
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Interesting, the music sounds a lot like Shining Shooting Star's.  Considering they're both chinese fangames, maybe they're from the same composer?

That being said, the game's looking interesting so far!  I'm usually not so into canon characters as bosses in fangames, but that's mostly because I love seeing new OCs.  So I'm excited to see the ones from the full version once it gets released!

That being said, while the stage 2 boss fight was my favorite (for obvious reasons), I loved the stage 3 theme!  Especially when the midboss shows up ♥
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Re: 东方祈华梦 - Elegant Impermanence of Sakura (Demo)
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Mokou and Keine don't have a fight (yet?). At least, there's no theme for them in the music room. I have no clue what determines the midboss in stage 3.
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Re: 东方祈华梦 - Elegant Impermanence of Sakura (Demo)
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Perhaps the stage 3 midboss and last spell depends on whether you've used your human or youkai character the most? I'll test that and see what happens.

Edit: Nope, it's definitely not the case. Damn.
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Re: 东方祈华梦 - Elegant Impermanence of Sakura (Demo)
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I just tried messing around with Marisa Yuyuko in practice a bit and it *seems* like maybe it depends on whether your death count in the stage is even or odd?

This is way too small of a thing to get obsessed over, but it's fun to experiment.