Author Topic: フランの夢は睡深36,000歩 Flandre's dream is to sleep 36,000 steps (?)  (Read 1352 times)

Anyone played this game yet? It's a browser game that's just released few days ago. Something about Flandre's not waking up and Meiling, Patchy and Koa trying to wake her up while Remilia and Sakuya is nowhere to be seen.

It's an rpg with some wait time for the "heart" stat that's required to go "dive".

I'm not sure about the title's translation though, I got it with a help of google translate, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

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I tried it a bit. I haved bother translating but basically, from what I see, you dive into ... um, a dream world fighting enemy.
There are 4 battles phase and in which you get to attack depends on your character. Mei Ling only get to attack in the first and one of the last.
To dive, you need to spend hearts but eventually you'll run out of them so you must then reload which gets you to a different team.
There a search option which net you character and ... um, upgrades points? Each section gives you different characters.
1st one you have to wait for 3 minutes, second one (human village) is 15 minutes. Also, each section have a % rate to show how much stuff you found.
You can only search one place at a time.
Each characters has severals pages. You unlock them by doing fight, battling with certain characters, going deeper and so on.
Fulfilling the requirement unlock a page of story.

Um... I guess that's it for now.
Ah yes, you can only upgrade so much withouth reloading.
Dive as much as you can/want and then reload. Good luck. ^^

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