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Oh wow lots of new news.

Most exciting ones for me are the QoL change in the UI, and also the silent notification of the arena change to bonus points for getting kills with the bonus hero. Now you only need to kill one enemy unit with the bonus hero, cheerleader meta is dead, thank goodness.

Book 4 looks trippy. Might be fun? Aesthetically speaking, it looks super generic fantasy anime gacha-y, but the art's pretty gorgeous so I'll give it points.

Also Close Call 3 sounds nuts, I love it.

Divine Codes could be a currency for the long-awaited skill upgrade shop. Or something, I dunno.

The quality of life improvements look great, being able to equip skill sets and seals from anywhere is long, looooong overdue.

Close Call 3 is pretty great and would definitely turn Vanilla Camilla into an Ophelia killer, but I would hesitate to replace Drag Back since it still does so much work. If I manage to pick up a copy I'll definitely inherit it onto Cano for testing and use in Aether Raids at the very least.

Peony looks hella busted, on some teams she should be better than Azura.

Close Call 3 is apparently restricted to infantry sword, axe, and lance units, to my immense disappointment. Hopefully it's not the case but it wouldn't surprise me.

I finally managed to get a +SPD Arthur (I'm sure I've had tons of them but turned all of them into manuals) so I have him at +10 level 1 with Arthur's Axe. Not sure where to go with his build, there are a ton of options. Distant Counter and Null C Disrupt, Steady Breath, Fury 4 and Wrath, etc. Or maybe double Brazen Atk/Spd?


This is what I ended up going with for now. Might give him Fury and Wrath later as well and just have two builds. This one has utility but relying exclusively on his crazy stats to guarantee kills seems risky. His C skill should probably be an Oath, but I don't have any I really want to fodder.

When I was giving him his skills I got sloppy and forgot that Nailah has Distant Counter somehow, so I foddered one of my (several duplicate) Nagis first for just Distant Counter. That was pretty wasteful, oops.


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