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Games You're Playing Right Now Thread VI - Even in this thread, F O E

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Ionasal kkll Solciel:
White Heart is unfortunately the last CPU you'll meet.

Anyway, Hyperdevotion. English Ai is so tryhard, but I can't help but feel that's a better voice for her than her JP voice. Is Resta representing the Tales series? Is Ryuka's Nepgear's favorite?
EDIT: Wait, what? Resta's representing Agarest? Damn it, how did I not see that?!

Also making my way through all the Alfheims in Bayonetta. Probably will die hardcore if I try the Lost Chapter without all of the Witch Hearts collected, but most of the ones I'm missing are probably on Route 666.

To those who were eagerly expecting MAGLX2?  I spent six hours today playing people's levels as last minute playtesting/showcasing in a private stream today (The entry fee was sending me your level).  I only played 16 levels but oh man they were all super great for one reason or another and I'm so hype for the full LP and results now.

EDIT: Deadline has passed.  The tentative level count is about 270 levels holy shit

Wau the Talkhaus has been busy. Once in a while I'll skip stuff Raocow plays because of lack of interest but Mario X stuff can get so creative.

Dork Souls 2 is seriously wrapping up for the final time. It's come down to co-op in Brume Tower and other places as the only area I've yet to go through is Eleum Loyce. I beat Fume Knight Raime on my first attempt and Sir Alonne on my fourth in a series of subpar performances. It's a rare occurrence for my co-op host to lose unless they're careless and even rarer for me to get whupped before they do should that happen. Yup. Time to hang up my min-maxing gloves.

Vagrant Story will only be getting the nod every so often with spring coming around. It has reminded me just how punishing it can be. 0 damage estimates all around. I still ace the smithing test, though.

Bravely Default is just about to hit Chapter 4. Just got Swordmaster and Ninja. I swear this game gets more and more fun the more the jobs open up.

Picked up Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment while it was on sale. Unfortunately, the opening has ticked off my inner literary critic and my grammar nazi side wants to club whomever was "editing" the dialogue. Seriously, don't do an in media res opening when you can explain everything leading up to that point sufficiently in a 5 minute cutscene. Especially not when you actually proceed to explain everything in a 5 minute cutscene immediately afterwards. If they had done explaining first, stabby-murder-fun-time second, I wouldn't have spent the opening wondering what I had missed.

Edit: Also playing Space Hulk Ascension. I'm actually finding the game kinda scary, but more in the "I can lose my units at any time if I screw up" sense than the jump scare sense.

Ionasal kkll Solciel:
So the Neptunia anime is getting an English dub. It sucks that a bunch of people (including IF!) couldn't get their original VAs, though.

Wyn is such a difficulty spike from Generia G. I wonder why... Maybe it's the soccer balls. I also love how whoever managed the VAs evidently forgot to tell Melissa Fahn there were a few scenes where she's supposed to be speaking in Purple Heart's voice instead of Neptune's.

I've finally won a tournament plane in ACI. Too bad it's only a Tiger II, one of the lowest-tier planes.

Also bought a model kit for an F-14D Zipang Super Tomcat, kinda regretting it due to all the paint I'm going to need, since anything that isn't required to be clear was painted the body color - including all of the stuff like landing gear, the cockpit, the engines... I'm half tempted to buy an airbrush, but I don't expect to be buying another model kit anytime soon, so it'd be useless afterward. Also, only recently discovered most of the hobby shops I knew about have closed up. fml

It feels strange to be playing a traditional Atelier game without a time limit...


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