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2019 "Real"/Fantasy Football Thread - The Super Bowl 53 of Sports Leagues

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Suwako Moriya:

>implying the NFL isn't rigged

The prepreseason has officially begun, so here's the new thread.

Anyone still game for the fantasy league? I haven't renewed it yet but can do so pretty quickly.


The NFL is so irrelevant now I don't remember anything about last season. Guess I'll just draft the entire chargers line up and call it a day?


seems like a winning play


Vic wants one, Edible wants out

The ⑨th Zentillion:

Will this be the death of MotK Fantasy Football? Seems that way unless you get more interest... and maybe some new blood to even things out, aka "maybe I should participate this year" which I've said for like, the 3 previous years.

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