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When a game gets an update patch, a new map version or changelog info is available, post it all here. Discuss the new changes in the threads for the relevant games or maps threads please. This thread is only for update info.
DotS v0.962c - map download: http://www.mediafire.com/?tj4iae5i30u36uj

0.962c Changelog
Fixed an incorrect description of GHGM's hex duration
Fixed incorrect selling prices of some items
Fixed the Yatagarasu's incorrect cooldown
Fixed a bug where certain instant KO skills could kill Kaguya without her resurrecting
Fixed a bug where the Hakurei Amulet would not block Merlin's "Spiritual Music" or "Inspiring Military Fanfare" spells
Fixed a bug where Meiling could be stunned out of her Three Blasts "Colourful Ultimate Mountain Breaker" skill by certain spells
Fixed a bug with Youmu where her level 1 "Rise from Delusion" skill on Myon would permanently reduce 1 armour on enemies
Fixed a bug with Suika's skills that gave her higher skill levels under certain conditions (??? ambiguous phrase)
Fixed a bug with Mystia's Level 2/3/4 "Song of the Night Sparrow" that delayed its movement speed buff
Fixed a bug with Mystia's "Song of the Night Sparrow" that stopped its movement speed buff on Mystia if she used Fly while under its effects
Fixed a bug with Keine's "Hidden Sacred Treasure - Headbutt" that allowed her to use the skill on items
Fixed a bug with Shikieiki's guilt skill where a guilt point's expiry would immediately expire all accumulated guilt
Fixed Tenshi's "Sword of Unyielding Soil"'s stunning area to match the skill description
Fixed a bug with Tenshi's "Sword of Unyielding Soil" that prevented it from stunning if the skill was interrupted during its animation
Fixed a bug with Nitori's "Phantasm Booster" that prevented it from giving her movement speed bonus after being hit by Yuugi's "Wind Blowing Down from Mt. Ooe"

Reimu now has an innate skill
Marisa's "Orreries Sun" cooldown reduced from 30/28/26/24s to 18s at all levels
Koakuma's "Devil Librarian"'s mana regen bonus changed from 0.10 per 2% mana missing to 0.10 per 2.5% mana missing
Patchouli's "Royal Flare" reworked (???)
Sakuya's Strange Art "Knife of Eternity" (D skill) agility scaling reduced from 3.40 per point of agility to 3.25 per point of agility
Sakuya's Buriallusion "Phantomic Killer in the Night Mist" agility scaling reduced from 5.80 per point of agility to 5.50 per point of agility
Remilia's "Red the Nightless Castle" no longer protects her from certain debuffs
Alice's "Sonic Rush" mana cost reduced from 600 to 300 and cooldown increased from 54s to 75s.
Merlin's "Exciting Trumpet Piece - First Movement" (ult) cooldown increased from 60/50/40s to 100/90/80s
Yukari's base armour increased from 0 to 2
Suika's "Fog of the Labyrinth" cooldown changed from 15s at all levels to 30/25/20/15s
Tewi's "Ancient Duper" skill now has a new effect (???)
Tewi's "Ancient Duper" now places a red outline around items spawned by the skill
Tewi's "Great Fortune Crest" damage base changed from 1.25/2.5/3.75/5.0% of enemy's base hp to 1.5/3/4.5/6% of enemy's base hp
Kaguya's "Imperishable Night - Rising World" mana requirement changed from 25% max mp + 200 to 20% max mp +200
Kaguya's "Impossible Requests" cooldown reduced from 120s to 60s
Girls can now check how many guilt points they have accumulated from Shikieiki's "Guilty or not Guilty" skill (presumably by using the Esc key)
Shikieiki's "Judgement of Ten Kings" reworked (???)
Shikieiki's "Cleansed Crystal Judgement" immobilization duration changed from 3s at all levels to 2/2.5/3s and reduced movement speed duration changed from 12s at all levels to 4/6.5/9s
Nitori's "Light Saber Energy Reaction" now calculates bonus damage based on her own level instead of the skill's level - the damage bonus increases every 5 levels she gains
Momiji's wolves' critical strike chance reduced from 20% to 15%
Momiji now has an innate skill - Dog Sign "Rabies"
Suwako now has an innate skill "Moriya's Iron Ring" (gonna assume that there was a typo in the skill's name in the original changelog since it's 1 character different from "Moriya")
Koishi's base attack damage changed from 19 - 25 to 19 - 24
Added Shou Toramaru

Ice cube price reduced from 2350 to 2200
Multiple bentos now share the same cooldown (note: do they mean ALL bentos on the map???)
Brother Sharp price reduced from 4600 to 4300
Tax Collecting Yin Yang Orb point gain increased from 32 to 40
Unknown Stopwatch stun duration increased from 1.12s to 1.44s
Titanic Oar damage bonus increased from 26 to 28
Anchor damage bonus increased from 26 to 28
Nice Boat damage bonus increased from 60 to 64
Is That Enough Armour? price reduced from 3579 to 3333
Wings of the Phoenix price increased from 4200 to 4600
3D Escapade price reduced from 5100 to 4800
Jiao Shou's Mask effect changed from -40% damage in 800 radius to -40% movement speed in 300 radius
Jiao Shou's Mask effect duration reduced from 6s to 3s and cooldown increased from 15s to 25s
New item: Hi-tech Camera
New item: Watermelon
Recipe for Watermelon Knife changed from 2x screwdrivers to watermelon + screwdriver
Watermelon Knife effect reduced from +48 damage, -7 armour for 5s to +36 attack, -9 armour for 2 seconds

(Updated the bot's map too)

DotS v0.962f - map download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ids8pmiz9xkshz4

Fixed Tenshi's "Sword of Unyielding Soil"'s incorrect damage
Fixed a bug with Shou's Buddha's Light "Vajra of Perfect Buddhism" (D skill) that caused it not to consume any mana on activation
Fixed Shou's "Complete Clarification" that gave it the wrong skill level
Fixed a bug with Hatate's model
Fixed a bug with the High-Tech Camera that caused it to give a bonus to intelligence instead of agility
Corrected the price of the High-Tech Camera
Fixed a bug with the High-Tech Camera that caused it to do 0.07 bonus damage instead of the listed 7% of user's max hp as bonus damage

Reimu's Spiritual Bond "DotS Coercive Advertisers" (really?!) gold bonus changed from 5 per 12s with 100 bonus per assist to 4 per 12s with 80 bonus per assist
Reimu's Dream Sign "Duplex Border" mana cost increased from 45/60/75/90 to 50/75/100/125
Patchouli's Sun Sign "Royal Flare" base damage changed from 75/150/225/300 to 100/150/200/250
Patchouli's Metal Wood Sign "Elemental Harvester" cooldown increased from 15s to 21s
Patchouli's Five Elements Sign "Philosopher's Stone" mana cost increased from 20/40/60 to 25/50/75
Yuyuko's base attack damage increased from 22 - 28 to 22 - 29
Suwako's "Moriya's Iron Ring" base damage decreased from 50 to 30
Shou's "Vajra of Magic" (innate) hp/mp recovery decreased from 35 + 3% to 2.5%
Shou's Buddha's Light "Vajra of Perfect Buddhism" duration decreased from 6s to 5s
Shou's Light Sign "Demon of Purification" mana cost changed from 45/55/65/75 to 45/60/75/90
Shou's Treasure Sign "Stunning Gold" (R skill; passive) instant kill activation requirement reduced from 2.5/5.0/7.5/10.0% of enemy's max hp to 2/4/6/8% of enemy's max hp
Shou's "Complete Clarification" damage changed from 220/440/660 to 220/330/440, cast range reduced from 700 to 600
Shou's "Complete Clarification" mana cost increased from 250/300/350 to 300/400/500

High-Tech Camera chance of bonus damage reduced from 70% to 65%, bonus damage reduced from 7% of user's max hp to 6.5% of user's max hp

(Updated the bot's map)
DotS v0.962j  - map download: http://www.mediafire.com/?8834lo09p3da5mk

Fixed a bug that caused the respawn timer to not be displayed

Fixed Ran?s Danmaku ?The Last Buddhist Disciple??s incorrect mana cost
Fixed a bug with the skills of Alice?s dolls ? the stats and descriptions of Shanghai?s Doll Assault and New England?s Doll Kamikaze skills should now scale according to their level
Fixed Yukari?s Evil Spirits ?Yukari Yakumo?s Spiriting Away? actual skill description not matching the description when you attempt to learn the skill
Fixed Komachi?s ?Short Life Expectancy? incorrect mana cost in the description when you attempt to learn it

Some changes in the terrain layout
Bounty for first blood increased from 200 to 300
When a building is killed by any shrine?s units, the bounty is no longer spread evenly among players. Players will now receive bounty according to assists.

Mei Ling?s Qi Sign ?Earth and Sky Dragon Kick? cooldown decreased from 19/16/13/10s to 18/15/12/9s
Yuyuko?s base attack increased from 22 ? 29 to 23 ? 29
Wriggle?s Worm Sign ?Night Bug Tornado? area of effect increased from 300 to 400
Shizuha?s Wilt Sign ?Wilted Creeping Roots? cooldown decreased from 15s to 14s
Suwako?s ?Moriya?s Iron Ring? mana cost increased from 1 to 2
Yamame?s Miasma ?Unexplained Fever? (R skill) percentage decrease per bounce decreased from 10% to 5%
Remove Shou?s Treasure Sign ?Stunning Gold??s instant kill proc
Shou?s ?Complete Clarification? cooldown increased from 90s to 120s
Nue?s ?Identification? mana cost reduced from 80 to 60

High-tech Camera chance of triggering bonus damage reduced from 65% to 63%, bonus damage reduced from 6.5% of user?s hp to 6.3% of user?s hp

(updated the bots' map)
New stable Dungeon Crawl release: 0.8.0

Major changes:

New god: Ashenzari
Ashenzari is the god of curses and divination, who gifts a number of passive and active abilities in return for wearing cursed equipment, gaining knowledge, and exploring the dungeon extensively. The most significant of these passive abilities includes magic mapping, see invisible, clarity, and the active abilities of scrying, which allows the player to see through walls (though not to perform smite-based attacks), and transfer knowledge, which allows the player to improve one skill by sacrificing experience invested in another skill.

New race: Felids
These sentient furry felines are incapable of using rods, armour, wands or weapons, nor are they able to throw things, but are granted extra lives as they gain levels. These extra lives allow the player to escape death! As one might expect, felids are fast and come with claws and fangs, making them excellent at unarmed combat, and have excellent eyesight ? the ability to see invisible creatures.

The Enchantments school has been split into Charms and Hexes
While a significant and drastic change, it has certainly been long in the making: the Enchantments school contained a large percentage of the game?s spells, and was certainly a no-brainer in terms of experience usage.

Character backgrounds have been improved
 The Stalker background now focusses on transmutation for the purposes of stabbing. Makhleb and The Shining One are no longer accessible as starting gods as Paladins have been removed, and Chaos Knights are now worshippers of Xom, while the new class of Abyssal Knights provides access to Lugonu.

Heavy armour has been improved
 Guaranteed damage reduction has returned! The formula has been tweaked since the great armour nerf in version 0.6, making it more efficient again.

A more complete list of changes can be found here: http://crawl.develz.org/main/0.8.0.txt
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