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[RO] Ragnarok Online - now with our own IRC!
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Welp, the lot of us in the PSL IRC are playing on EssenceRO.

Feel free to join us, if you want - www.essencero.com
It's a 75/75/50 server. Pretty easy to get where you want to be, but still hard enough to make getting WHAT you want rewarding.

Alex of Spades
Arc Isatier
Acied Nearl
Useless Door Guard
and, of course, Esifex

.....I have a lot of characters :>

To save the PSL IRC channel from being buried under RO spam, we now have our own channel!
Via ppirc.net, just like the PSL chats, the channel name is #ROmeido.

Again, that's #ROmeido.

Swing by, say hi, and get an invite to the MotK guild!

MotK also has its own server! http://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php/topic,8045.0.html
I've been horribly distracted by other things and apologize for not being on that much.  :blush:
>Useless Door Guard


My character will be listed in my signature as the time goes along. So far only one chara, but that will probably change in due time.
I'll post some character names when I'm actually up to speed. As it is, I'm just mucking around and hunting up Steel for my gunslinger.

(And thanks for doing me the favor of getting this thread up. It'll be easier to keep ourselves organized since we can't all be on IRC all the time.)
Aargh, I'm being sucked back in...

I've stayed clean on WoW since Ahn'qiraj, but for the life of me, I can't stay away from RO. Gonna make a mechanic and collect all my usual hats, for the approximately 6th time.
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