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Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?la13vsbod9zt4zd

What is it?
Inserts a proxy between you and the host of a Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne game. If the host supports the GProxy++ reconnection feature, you will have up to a specified time limit (usually between 1 min to 3 min) to reconnect to any game that you've dropped out of via lag or internet hiccup. It will NOT work if you dropped out due to a map desync - this sometimes happens due to bugs in a map.

How to use it?
Download the thing, extract it to a folder of your choice and run gproxy.exe. This will launch your Frozen Throne game with the pvpgn launcher. The config file is already pre-configured for the MotK Bnet server. Important: Choose GProxy as your gateway before connecting to Bnet. Any game that supports GProxy++ reconnection will have [G] prefixed to its name. Currently, both Sakuya and GHost support this.

Possible errors or side effects

* If you get errors regarding missing .dlls when attempting to run gproxy.exe, you need to install/update Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package 2010. Get it from here - http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=a7b7a05e-6de6-4d3a-a423-37bf0912db84
* If you're lagging, the other players in the game can still vote to drop you. If you're disconnected due to such a vote, GProxy++ will NOT reconnect you. Otherwise, reconnection due to dropping out from lag is seamless.
* It will not work if an error happens to close your Warcraft 3 program. For it to work properly, your warcraft 3 programme and GProxy++ must be up and running at all times. That way, even if you alt-tab and unplug your network card/cable/reset your router/etc, GProxy++ will reconnect you. Try to get your connection back up ASAP if something happens to your router - the bot is still keeping a backlog of data for your client when you eventually reconnect, so if you're d/ced for too long, you'll see a massive spike when you reconnect.
* Sometimes the BNet server will drop your connection if you try to view the custom games list. YMMV on the fixes for this - I've had this before and it went away after restarting WC3 or rebooting. Lately, I've undone a tcp_nodelay registry tweak that I used to use and haven't had the issue again. Kinda unconclusive as to what exactly causes this although I suspect it's got something to do with GProxy spamming the BNet server too quickly with requests for the game list...
* In the event of a bot crash, alt-tab out and close the GProxy++ window and it'll stop trying to reconnect you to the bot.
* Don't close your Warcraft 3 with Alt-F4 or a power-off! If you don't close Warcraft 3 and GProxy++ the normal way, there's no way the bot will know that you've left the game instead of merely disconnecting and will try to reconnect you for the next 3 minutes, lagging everyone!
Diablo2 on Bnet
MotK's Bnet server only hosts Open Bnet. After you have added the server details and started up the game, click Other Multiplayer and select Open Battle.net from the list to connect.
Updating to Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne 1.26a

The biggest difference between versions 1.26a and 1.24e as far as DotS is concerned is that there is less fps and engine lag, most noticeable when using Utsuho's and Hina's ultimates.

There are two methods to perform the update - 1. Use the Version Switcher, and 2. Use the official Battle.net patch. Regardless of which method you use, you'll need to also update the PVPGN Loader and (if you use it) GProxy++. If your copy of Frozen Throne is not an installed one, i.e. you do not have registry settings for Frozen Throne, you will not be able to use method 2. However, a modified version of method 1 may still work as indicated below.

Method 1 - Using the Version Switcher

* Download the Warcraft 3 Version Switcher from http://www.mediafire.com/?mzbyhe2u2flqju9. Extract it (with subdirectories enabled) into a directory of your choice, e.g. "D:\Warcraft 3 Version Switcher"
* Download the archived version 1.26a files from http://www.mediafire.com/?ad59iibo6uk0blr. These files are already pre-patched with Fontcraft. Place the archive (do NOT extract anything) in the "wvs" subdirectory of your Version Switcher's directory, e.g. copy it into "D:\Warcraft 3 Version Switcher\wvs".
* Start the Version Switcher by executing wvs.exe. Ignore the error that pops up*. Click on the first icon from the left and double click on the TFT Version 1.26a option. Once the progress bar is done, your copy of Frozen Throne is now updated to 1.26a. We're not done yet!
* If you need to switch back to 1.24e for some reason, e.g. watching older replays, download the archived version 1.24e files from http://www.mediafire.com/?ud6h09l6aubpouv and place the archive in the "wvs" subdirectory. Follow the previous step, except double click on the TFT Version 1.24e option, to switch back to version 1.24e.
* If your copy of Frozen Throne is not an installed one, you will need to edit the config.ini file in your Version Switcher's directory and change the first line "WC3Dir=xxxxx" to point to the location of your Frozen Throne files by changing xxxxx to where they are, e.g. "WC3Dir=D:\Warcraft 3". If that still fails to work, you can manually extract the files from the TFT Version 1.26a.zip file (from step 2) to their correct places in your Frozen Throne directory - extract game.dll, storm.dll and war3.exe into your Frozen Throne directory and the maps into your Warcraft III\Maps directory.

Method 2 - Using the Official Battle.net Patch and FontCraft

* Download the official patch from http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war3x/patches/pc/War3TFT_126a_English.exe and run it.
* Download (if you've lost the original files) FontCraft and the chinese font from http://www.mediafire.com/?84i8b1n15bxwnn7 and reapply it.
Whichever method you used, now...

* Download the PVPGN Loader for version 1.26a from http://www.mediafire.com/?rv1tbv9gunsplwg. Extract all files into your Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne directory. If you are not using GProxy++, you'll have to run Frozen Throne by executing w3l.exe.
* If you are using GProxy++, now redownload it from http://www.mediafire.com/?la13vsbod9zt4zd and replace your current GProxy++ with it. This is needed because the configuration file and dllhook of GProxy++ has to be altered between versions 1.24e and 1.26a to cater to the new PVPGN Loader.

And now, for something different...
Feeling bored of the Frozen Throne default interface? Wanna change your main menu to something more Touhou-ish like..

* Get WC3Styler from http://www.mediafire.com/?kyqpzf153qpnti1 and extract it into the directory of your choice.
* Make sure the background image of your choice is in 1024x768 resolution. The Sanae vs Reimu image above can be found at http://www.mediafire.com/i/?hrn7l4prhu4ut3l (honestly, I've forgotten which Touhou wallpaper site I downloaded it off of.) The second image is at http://www.mediafire.com/?r7vwfm8x5cdexid. The third image is at http://www.mediafire.com/?atx2o1fbqhp6x6v (it's a mirror image of the one on the front page of touhou.cc) and the fourth is at http://www.mediafire.com/?2afhixl9ywlzsch. The last one (from Youyou Kengeki Musou) is made from this image here - http://i40.tinypic.com/ifa58j.jpg (sorry, my PS skills aren't really good.) If you want the pre-cropped one for use with wc3styler, it's over here - http://i40.tinypic.com/11kw712.jpg.
* Run wc3styler.exe. Under the 3D Background tab, click on "custom image" and choose the background image of your choice.
In the other tabs, you can change how the interface looks so you can get more than just the default NE/Human/Orc/Undead ones, and even use your Touhou music playlist to replace the in-game BGM.  :D
Explanation: Rinnosuke bot in #dots-meido

Rinnosuke is scripted bot, in order to help us organize games more effectively and efficiently. It functions as a playerlist keeper just to see who is interested in games or not. There is no link with battlenet and IRC yet, so don't expect it to be fancy like automatically arranging BNet stuff. The following commands can be executed by all users on IRC:

@gamesChecks the available games being accessible to join.@addme <game>Adds yourself to the game of your choice. You need to enter a legit gametype else it will simply error you back. Check @games for legittypes or just check the chat. Addme also moves you from one playerlist to another without deleting yourself first. Just type the gametype you wish to join.@delme <game>Don't wish to play? This will delete you from the playerlist.@playerlist <game>Shows the playerlist for a specified game.@playerlist allExceptional command to view all playerlists of any game in Rinnosuke. Cannot be reused for a certain time.@randompick <number> <STR,INT,AGI>Select a number to randomize a set of girls from the herolist in Rinnosuke. An optional parameter can be given to filter on type, otherwise it will select the entire pool. Cannot be reused for a certain time.@clearplayerlist <game>Deletes the entire playerlist for the specified game.@achtung <game>ACHTUNG! Notifies all players within the playerlist by sending making Rinnosuke sent a PM. Cannot be reused for a certain time.

* Rinnosuke will automatically remove disconnected/quitting/leaving users from the list.
* Rinnosuke will also purge ALL existing playerlists upon booting. (Only happens if Helepolis reboots it). If he disconnects, it will keep its list.
Adding Maps to the Bot
Note: This is enabled only for Sakuya and only for designated admins. Maps added this way cannot be loaded with the !load command and must be loaded with the !map command unless the cfg file is created and uploaded (usually unnecessary).

Find the url for the direct download of the map, i.e. when you left-click on the url, your browser ought to download the map directly and not be redirected elsewhere. Hence, mediafire.com urls will not normally work, but there is a workaround - right-click on the download link from the mediafire download page and copy the link's location. Use that link instead of the normal mediafire.com link.

The command to be used is

/w Sakuya !dlmap <url>
E.g. /w Sakuya !dlmap http://download89.mediafire.com/l7rvs5h8fntg/45b34anihl5ahpp/THD_v0965e.w3x (this is an example of a downloadable mediafire link.)

Completion and/or error messages will be relayed to you via a whisper from Sakuya. Once done, anyone can load the map with

!map <full mapname>
E.g. !map JurassicParkEEv6.3_BETA.w3x

Sakuya will try to load the map with the filename closest to what you've typed, so in the above example, since there are no other maps with "jur" as part of their name, !map jur would have worked just as well.

If there is more than 1 map with the string that you've typed as part of its name, Sakuya will reply with a list of possible maps for you to specify, e.g. typing !map TH will result in Sakuya whispering to you a list of maps with "TH" in their names such as THD_i952j_X5.w3x, THD_v0965g.w3x, ...

After loading the map, a game may be hosted normally with the !pub command. Maps loaded this way will not be hosted with observers by default. Additionally, not all maps can be loaded this way - the bot attempts to read and calculate information off the map for hosting, but some maps are protected in such a way as to make this impossible. The bot does not run a full version of WC3 in the usual sense after all. For almost all situations, we're done and Sakuya can host games with the downloaded map as long as the !map command is used to load the map. What follows is an extra step if we want Sakuya to host maps with observer slots.

Want to add observers and use the !load command instead? Read on.

Create a normal text file with the .cfg extension and copy and paste the following text into it. Be sure to edit it with the name of the map! You can use the attached one as a template.

--- Code: ---map_path = Maps\Download\<name of the map including the .w3x extension>
map_localpath = <name of the map including the .w3x extension>
map_observers = 4
map_loadingame = 1
--- End code ---

Note: map_loadingame = 1 enables the "quickload" feature, where everyone is put into the game to wait for the rest as soon as they finish loading. Some maps interact badly with this and kick everyone at the start of the game, e.g. Nightsong Mercenaries, because of scripted introductions. Set this to map_loadingame = 0 if this is the case.

Upload this .cfg file somewhere and copy the url. Get Sakuya to download the .cfg file with the command

/w Sakuya !dlmapcfg <url>
After Sakuya is done with the download, you may now load the map with !load <name of cfg file without the .cfg extension>.
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