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Greedings, since I don't know if you have this already or not, you can improve the game ping of your network connection by adding a small key into your windows Registry.

It's really easy,

Open: Start -> Run -> Enter "regedit" -> press Enter

Then follow the tree to this subkey:


You will find multible subkeys in it like : {ECCEF85E-DAFA-41EA-A77C-D64877B44CDB}

if you click at one of them you should see the configration of one of your network connections

Find the IP Address you are using to connect to the internet (or hamachi) and add a new "DWORD" with the Name "TcpAckFrequency" to this subkey and set it's value to "1"

The change will take effect after restarting your computer.

What does this do? Well. TcpAckFrequency specifies the number of ACKs (acknowledge of every data segment you receive) outstanding that will trigger an acknowledgment if the the delayed ACK timer (200 milliseconds?) has not yet expired. By default this value is on 2, so your computer will acknowledge every second segment receive. (or those 200 milliseconds).

So by changing it to 1, your computer will acknowledge every incoming data segment without waiting. Result is a better ping  :V

It's also possible to add a DWORD into the same Subkey, called "TCPNoDelay" and set it to value "1"

When you send small informations over TCP, Windows will try to gather these information (packets) to build a bigger TCP packet in order to reduce Networktraffic. (Because Network Header for TCP and everything will be much bigger then your actuall information in the packet).
This registry key will tell your network device to always send packets over TCP, no matter how big the packets are.

A well programed application, that needs to send many small packets (an online game for example) will have this option on default.
I don't know about the touhou games, but I think they should have this option already enabled....


PoFV and Hisoutensoku are using UDP. So if you have a direct connection (with port forwarding) TcpAckFrequency won't change anything here.
Don't know about hamachi, I guess, since it's a TCP VPN connection, it would make the hamachi VPN connection "faster". So the ping still might become better, but the actual Game Connection is still UDP  BV
Chinese font support for Warcraft III
Download FONTCRAFT: http://rapidshare.com/files/69872447/FontCraft.rar

1) Extract all the files frmo FontCraft.rar
2) Boot the executable
3) Pick the truetype font from the browse
4) PICK THE SECOND OPTION not the first
5) Patch it!
6) Check whether the characters show up correctly ingame.
※ How to charismatically stream ※
All right, I am not the biggest expert on streaming or such technology. This is just my personal streaming method which I managed to setup thanks to TSO. Anybody can stream if you have a decent PC and at least a 1mbit upload connection for low quality streaming. You can check your upload at sites like http://www.speedtest.net. For streaming HD you obviously need a better/high-end PC and at least 3mbit upload to be on the safe side.

The reason I am using this method is the friendly usage and light weight software. Procaster plain sucks because it abuses CPU for no reason. Not to mention you cannot stream high quality unless you pay $$$.

[ Step 1 - Installation and stuff ]
Requirements (I myself am using livestream, but the setup for Xsplit and SCFH is the same):
Xsplit Xsplit broadcaster toolSCFH DSF 0.41Download it hereStreaming accountLivestream(one of the 3)just in TVOwn 3D
- Install Xsplit
- Unzip SCFHDSF zip file in a desired folder/location. You need it in the future.
- Register an account at Xsplit. You need one to login into Xsplit client.
- Register an account on one of the livestream providers so you got an account.

[ Step 2 - Configuring Xsplit ]
Run Xsplit and go to "Tools > General settings". You can fill out profile if you wish but not necessary. General tab is our concern. Make sure all boxes are ticket out.

Audio --> Your microphone (if you have one)
My recording --> Location to store the recordings (local)


[ Step 3 - Configuring channel + bitrate/quality in Xsplit ]
Go to next tab 'Channels' and press the 'Add' button. Select the livestream you have an account. Fill out the required fields. Xsplit automatically detects the channel name once you typed in your username/password.

Here comes the quality settings.


Upload vs bitrate
If you got 1mbit -> 512 bitrate (low quality)
If you got 1~2mbit -> 1024~1536 (good quality)
If you got 3+ -> 2048 bitrate (probably HDish(?))

Make sure the rest is the same. You can set bitrate/quality lower for Audio if you don't care. But this is pretty much enough to transmit your voice normally. (Unless you intend to sing).

[ Step 4 - Add SCFH DSF as source ]
Easy step. Press 'Add' -> 'Add Camera' --> select 'SCFH DSF'


[ Step 5 - Configuring SCFH DSF ]
Go to the folder you extracted the files. First select install.bat (32bit) or install64.bat (64bit) depending on your OS. It should say 'successful' or something once done. Run the program (SCFH.exe).


- Xsplit should show up in the list. If not, reboot your PC. Launch the programs
- Select core.xsplit.exe, press ok.
- Your screen will blink for a moment and hopefully in Xsplit you will now see the corner of your screen being recorded.


Now you can select the area of recording (manually or with the coordinates). Keep in mind that you would size to set to stream in 4:3 (regular) or 16:10 dimensions for widescreen games. i.e:
- 640x480 / 1024x768 (4:3)
- 1280x720 (16:10)

Higher than 1280x720 isn't really necessary as it is waste of bandwith tbh.

[ Step 6 - Launch stream and check ]
If done correctly, you should see your region in Xsplit as well. If all is set, go to 'Broadcast' -> and select your livestream. A tick should appear before it and the top should report framerate/bitrate.

Check manually your own stream by simply browsing your channel.


If all is well, minimize Xsplit / SCFH and game on. You can adjust the volume of your voice in Xsplit with the microphone settings.

[ FAQ ]
Q: Cannot see core.xsplit.exe in the SCFH list, even after rebooting.
A: This is a common problem which cannot be explained. Try to restart the programs or launch Xsplit first. Make sure you also added SCFH as source beforehand.

Q: I see multiple core.xsplit.exe in the list.
A: Happens often when you close down xsplit and restart it. Somehow the list doesn't clear. Not an issue, press the 'refresh' button and select the newest one appearing. (Or reboot PC to clear)

Q: Stream is freezing or stuttering.
A: Stream at lower quality / resolution. Remember that you need decent upload speed to stream even low quality.

Q: Do I have to stream in windowed mode for my games?
A: Not necessary. If you desire full screen make sure the resolution is set correctly in SCFH. Double check the streaming result on a 2nd pc / laptop or show it to someone.

Q: Can I stream other sources such as PS3/Xbox etc?
A: Unfortunately, this guide only shows how to stream your desktop / PC games.
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