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Is that...Aya?

Aha, nice lego Aya.

M. Burusu:
*back after a long while and amazed to see Lego*

Very nice . . . though, I'm wondering; what did you do for the crossbar, to be able to fix it to both ends like that? 1x2 w/ peg, 1x2 w/ rod hole (the one that lets you use Lego Technic rods on Lego System), or 1x2 w/ peg hole (the one that accomodates the peg that is normally used for wheels or pivots)? I'm curious. (And now that I'm thinking about it, how exactly did you do the interior section of the crossbar -- I can't see studs on either end, so did you leave one end unconnected or is there some trick I'm missing?)

. . . Yes, I'm a Lego geek. And if I can figure this thing out then I'm making a Shrine on my Lego table.

Here's how I attached the crossbar.

Also more Touhous.

Seeing this actually makes me want to play with Legos. 


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