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1st Touhou Arrangement: [Cherry Blossom Fantasia]

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Some of you may remember this song from the old forums. Well, I mastered it, and here it is, in all of its mp3 and non-midi glory.

Cherry Blossom Fantasia


I want your sound library.

Very good job, as was even the MIDI.

Easy Mode:
This is very well done~
I never listened to the midi. I'm going to have to, huh?

thx for the comments hehe

I don't think I'll be posting the midi anymore, but if you want it just change the url. shouldn't be difficult to figure out

Haha I feel incredibly stupid for this but...

I left out some cymbals so I reuploaded. If anyone already downloaded, I'd recommend redownloading for full climactic effect.


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