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Let's Play King of Dragon Pass
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The way I often look at it, it's better to ease the watchers in as you play the game.  We don't need to assume command from the start.
True, and so the painful preludes continue.
Prelude 3 : Meet the Candidates
So I decide to change the clan name to Tree Bro since this place is pretty urban.

Half of it are children, which have to wait for few years before that become useful...or old enough to be tasty.
Pardon my intrusion, the new candidate you chosen are here.
Ah Darndrev, the leader of the candidates...remind me again what you candidates do?
The seven candidates including me who will be your assistance in managing this village while also participate in any war, event, and ritual if you wished. when I inquire you about it, you are dissatisfy with the previous candidates, so you told me to change it for you.
Ah yes, and I recall I will be the one to have the last call of judgment in any event?
Yes my lord.
And you probably gotten lot of "gifts" to help you decide on the candidates?
NO....umm...they just own me some cow and just happens to return it...all at the same time.
Oh well, evil refill my power, so I don't care. Now bring them in one by one, I will see how evil good they are!

Heiiiiy~~~how are you doing? My pretty precious munchy munchy? My name is Arnbord, people call me little garlic~~  :D
...Who let this gay crown in?
My lord, he is one of the candidate who worship the Trickster god Earmul. They are...tricky and twisted...both in mind and soul, however, they can easily get us out of "tricky" situation and usually send it to trouble other clan.
That's right baby, I make all your trouble go A.W.A.Y.~~~~~ :-*
...I will give him a try, but there must be a catch to this aside of his annoying personality.
Well...it is he's religion to...betray us from time to time, but usually in a safe way.
...fair enough, not like I plan to stay long in this tutorial clan
I said bring the next candidate.

...the name's Rastorlanth... worship Lankor Mhy ...clan's negotiator.
You...are not so talkative for a negotiator...
...that's how it works.
...did you win any talking competition or some similar feat?
...I won the soup drinking contest two years ago.
  ...You have more dots then me, you are qualify.

The name's Derik, worshiper of Elmal the sun god, I love animal, especially dog...love to eat them too.
You pass.

I am Dakkold, follower of Humakt. Ready to chop off someone legs any times.
You pass.

To be continue...
Prelude 4 : LOOOOOVEEEE!~~~
Alright, bring the next...
My lord, Estavos of the Oak Trees clan wish to meet you.
Huh? What the hell with all these hippy clan name? Oh well, I will meet the others later.

Please let me marry Enothea! My heart lust for her eternal beauty!
...Your face didn't look that happy...and someone please escort the trickster out of here.
Ohh...you are no fun!
Pardon me, I ate some strong lemons while waiting.
I agree, this will improve our clan relation and earn a few cow worth of gift! I here by...
Wh...what is it my lord?
I believe you said, I decide EVERYTHING.
But...but...she's MY daughter!
well, this is a good deal, free gift and improve relation. I approve.
Thank you for your blessin...
AFTER you gave us twenty more cows.
What! That's too much! I can't afford that much!
Don't you love...what her name?
Yes...yes ewothea...is worth twenty cows plus the gifts you bring.

This is obscure! I will not bow down to such greed! My love! Wait for me! We shall be together till the end!
Good going idiot!
...Hey at least she will stay being a Virgin! Hurray!
...Let's move on to the rest of the candidate.

Next time...More interruption...
Prelude 5 : Cave and Wyrm! Dice Roll!
Alright, bring the next...
My lord, 2 days ago I had send a scout to explore the unknown mountain near us and he send a message to us showing the location of...

A dragon Wyrm cave? You guys have any suggestion?
We should leave it alone, we should stay neutral in our affair with any link to dragon kinds.
Let's chop some wyrm stew!
Do share a big chuck for me!
Noooo! We should show it some love!~~~~
...I will do the opposite just because you..
...I like wyrm soup.
I have a better plan. Derik, go into the cave and look for some treasure!
What!? You are sending an animal loving harmless old men into an dangerous animal cave and stealing it's hard earned treasure?
Anything wrong with that?
HAHAHA! I like your twisted sense of logic! Fine! I probably never have a chance to do something like this if we have other leader!
...I will miss you old men.
Oh I will miss you badly, yet my other self are enjoying it!
I will cook your a nice steak if you made it back alive!
Alright, this old men is going in!

*One hour later*

I am back! You won't believe what I did!

...I don't fucking believe this...there's no way...
But I do! Look at these goods that I won!

My lord, Derick had won 15 goods, which increase our clan's good reserve to the total of 82 goods.
Nice going! I knew you had it in you!
I must admit this is something that break my silence.
This is what happen when you send an animal lover into an animal cave!
YEA! One cow going down tonight!
...I don't...

Next time...Meet the rest of the candidate...
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