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Drake does a MIDI thing (Nazrin's theme ↑ !)

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I use ACID Express. I like it. I just need a better sound library. I could use a MIDI keyboard, but I'm good enough with music stuff in general to just know where the notes are.

Music box needs to be played slower for the full effect, or else it just sounds bad.

EDIT: Here you go.

it'll be interesting to see what you'll do with a Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander

Doooone. A Tiny, Tiny Clever Commander. All around, I'm pretty proud of it. Took me a hell of a long time.



tbh I like the Piano one better as it kind of flows, but it gets the slightest bit messy at some points. The instrumental thing is just kind of a half-assed copy-paste job and I only really did it to try.

Pretty cool.

Did you transcribe by ear? If so, it's not bad at all. Especially those little arpeggios ZUN goes crazy about.

Yeah, pretty much everything's by ear. I just had to replay the song over and over again to get the bpm and melody right.


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