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Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta 2019 FROM OUTTA NOWHERE edition
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Dragoon / Zerk / Dancer / Ranger

ALL FITE ALL NITE is up to the pyramid and boy howdy am I glad #risk only saddled me with the one zerker because Dragoon/ BER/ZER/KER would have been probably one of the worst teams.
I vanished for a while but here i am.

Anyways, i finally unlocked me Earthy Jobby, i wonder what sort of job i wi-

...oh, well i heard about this job, i wonder how it is like ?


Well hot diggity dang.
The ⑨th Zentillion:
GG, Mon, because that is one potent party to have a Chemist in, even with only one mage.

GG already. My party was a physical powerhouse with little in the way of tricks beyond some extra AoE damage. It led to a lot of skipping over old standbys. No pianos, no blue magic spells, no monster catching. Nope, just weapons and money and call it a day. I powered my way through everything but the final few areas, and even then it took some real trouble to kick me out of holding down the fast-forward button. Oh well. Lesson learned. 5/7 still a grand time. All of the classes I had were great, but it was the money spam at the end that won the day. Ending is super depressing with Bartz as the only survivor by the way.

Unfortunately, Nintendo's releasing all the cool JRPG stuff in the second half of the year, so I dunno if I really care to do a round 2. Still great to always come back to this though.
The ⑨th Zentillion:
^Ouch. Well, good work, regardless! What were the other three classes?


Pretty dang easy. I almost wiped to a bad Grand Cross roll, but otherwise my party was pretty much kitted to tear through NED with little hassle.

This party should be able to take down Shinryu, I've got the Wonder Rod set on Berserk and got Coral Rings mostly through drops, so it'll all be about Masamune hasting, Golem, and Mighty Guard once I go back through the Rift to the chest.

Omega, on the other hand, while plausible, is going to take a little bit of grinding and setup finaglery. Also will need to grab Bahamut, who I skipped. I grabbed Phoenix for certain tower enemy drops/steals, and did Istory Falls for the free Aegis Shield but skipped fighting Leviathan because w/o Chemist there's no point.
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