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[Art] All my art (touhou)from 2017 to today (I will post every new drawing here)

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Alla wala town:
lil update on koishi drawing, this is gunna be fun

im in tryhard mode rn, probably will finish coloring within a few hours

Alla wala town:
i'm tired, but I managed to kinda finish yandere koishi.. :]
hyped af for the background, they are always fun to do!

Alla wala town:
wow i would never guess that this topic got 10k views in less then one month

Hieda no Mukyu:
Thank you for the retrospective overview with which you opened this thread! On discussion forums, I often prefer texts that either resemble wiki articles or lead towards creating them.

As for counting views, I doubt the exact numbers really mean much. I remember the time when I started following how many hits my own works received... only to realize that even the majority might have been by the ever-active Google and Yahoo spiders and the like. However, comparing the numbers of hits between various threads might give one an idea of their proportional popularity.

Alla wala town:
Alas, I finished my Koishi drawing, there was quite an attempt to make it look scarier then usual, I definitely wasn't adapted to draw in a less cute and pastel-ish style and I think this drawing did a good job of getting me out of my confort zone hehe..
ooh yeah, at some point I also got inspired by KKHTA (koishi komeiji's heart throbbing adventure)... no chapter 19 9/9 ;-;
Draw time : 4-5 hours


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