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[Art] All my art (touhou)from 2017 to today (I will post every new drawing here)

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Alla wala town:
Oof finally finished drawing this fanfiction cover page art! That was a really interesting project for me because it forced me to adapt a more officialised art style. I would say that the presence of the third eye and the pets (Orin and Okuu) is what makes Koishi really look like her (or not...), because otherwise the characters would be unrecognizable. Many thanks to Krackocloud for the awesome Dolphin rider Koishi concept arts, I'm sure they will be a big help to me in the future, and I did give Sango blueish hair instead of grey in the fanfiction, that is mainly because I didn't want both main characters having really desaturated hair, and in my imagination, Sango always had that pale blue hair and a blue vest/jacket, and that is how I kinda drew her. I also just finished reading Dolphin rider Koishi yesterday! The end was even better then imagined! The final battle was a treat to read and the epilogue.... man was it satisfying, emotional and even almost made me cry due to nostalgia and seeing how the world of Gensouto had changed, also because I won't be able to read it anymore ;-;. I guess I can always re-read dunno.

Ah, good to hear you enjoyed that, you went through that pretty quickly.
It can't really be helped that Koishi doesn't look like herself without the eye tentacles, they're the most recognizeable part of her design and all. You could either toss in more of her colors in there, like the yellows and blacks. Or alternatively give her a small purple eye-looking accessory, a brooch/pin. Something like that.
KrackoCloud's still around? I vaguely recall enjoying their art.

Alla wala town:
Just bought a new drawing tablet, an wacom intuos pro small, I thought it was some kind of magic tablet every pro used and you automatically became a pro while using it, but it was actually pretty damn hard to get used to, idk how a lot of options work lol. Oh yeah and vacation time!

Alla wala town:
Before going on my trip, I did a lil re-draw of an old drawing that I used to love to see the improvement a bit xD

Alla wala town:
lil speedraw I did before going to the airport


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