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[Art] All my art (touhou)from 2017 to today (I will post every new drawing here)

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Alla wala town:
So I was wondering why there was so few topics in this art section and the reason why everything had so much replies....  and my doubts were right xD
I realized I was kinda spamming my art and creating a new topic for each drawing and filling the forum's art page with it. So I will not delete all the older topics I've created, but I will put every single of my new artworks in this topic. Taking this chance, I will post now some of my more notable older art pieces from the time that I did traditional art and my debuts in digital art. You would notice that I really started drawing Touhou fan art starting from about may 2018 with some dates on the drawings. I will be sharing them in a chronological order to make the art evolution/progression more noticeable, from drawings made in seventh grade up to today, and in the future too.
I would invite you to openly criticize my art, since i'm in constant search of improvement and am very interested in what you guys think of my art...
 :] :] :) :)
my deviantart : https://www.deviantart.com/allawalatown

I started drawing anime in june 2016 by copying images on the internet

I didn't draw often back then, I only wanted to flex,

1 year later, I was addicted to vocaloid, and still copied like hell,

I got really good at reference drawing, then realised I coudn't draw anything original

January 2018
I bought a digital tablet in these times, and my art regressed

March 2018
I got into Touhou project around this time

May 2018
my old favorite character was Alice

July 2018
My Touhou addiction was getting hard, coudn't stop listening to 2hu music and looking at doujins

October 2018
I was going full tryhard into drawing and made huge progress

I got into drawing backgrounds, it's sooo fun!

November 2018
A few godmodes for my artistic level, and the art I posted a few weeks ago

Start of 2019, I went on vacations, and was in a drawing slump, i didn't really draw anything for a long time

March-April 2019
I restarted drawing touhou and other stuff, and tryharded a lot

and here we are now!

sneak peak for my next drawing... another big one!

Wow, great work! Looks like you've made some large progress in such a short period of time. Keep it up!

Alla wala town:
Finally finished my gengetsu/mugetsu drawing, took me way too long procrastinating, and exams too of course ;-;
I was really inspired by traditional fairy tales and the rhythm game "Lanota" in the making of this drawing. It made me want to give a really high energy vibe to the characters and make the background simpler and lighter then normally.
The perspective was quite hard to get, but I'm decently satisfied with it.

Alla wala town:
Just did a quick cirno drawing, until I realised I didn't know how to do chibis..

Alla wala town:
also, i'm starting a creepy-ish koishi drawing, inspired by the song unconscious requiem by shinra bansho...


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