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Is that a good QP rate? I guess it's pretty good. But I have everything unlocked and am nowhere near having all of the chocolate rewards or having everything I want from the shop, so I guess at this point I can start using at least some conventional farming CEs.
Suwako Moriya:
It's not bad but it's not as cost-effective as simply farming the 40 AP doors as one normally would. (Particularly since you can Lunchtime the doors.) If you still have shop/chocolist rewards to go for, though, then there's no reason to not continue using the Flavor Boost drop CEs unless you don't have enough space for them.

Regarding the voiced Valentine's cutscenes, I imagine that you can just hold onto the CEs and check the Event Quest Logs next year. If they're not voiced, burn all the CEs then and just get 'em all back.
Ionasal kkll Solciel:
You have to earn the voices by buying the events again, so you'll need to burn them at some point.

That said, they're decent CE EXP cards, and you should save five for the initial boost to event currency.

The grind is brutality. At max, you can only get 700,700 chocos per run. Just getting from 30M to 60M to 100% the event takes 49 runs. If you already aren't burned out from lottery farming back during Christmas and Da Vinci, you will be. If you're going for 100%.

In Challenge Quest news, Hokusai is unfortunately not ideal, so I had to run Meltryllis and Okita. Ugh enemy triple crits, though.
Aya Reiko:
Well... that just happened.

I just NP3'd Angry Mango.
Just after I reached Bond Level 10 with him too.

- - -
- - -

The Garden of Sinners re-run is inbound.  And this will be our one and only time to acquire 4* Asagami Fujino.  (Unless the JP servers has a banner w/ her again.  Even then, it would mean you're waiting 2+ years for another chance.)
Is the Valentines event FGO's grindiest event? I'm still not even close to the last ladder rewards and I feel like I've been playing this event a normal amount. I guess I'm just not going to get the last few, which is no big deal but not necessarily something I'm used to.
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