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--- Quote from: Rei Scarlette on March 29, 2019, 03:00:56 AM ---Ouch, that's a real bummer, sorry to hear it.

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Don?t worry about it. Starting fresh in a game isn?t something I?m a complete stranger to - and it?s interesting to see how things turn out this time. My 4* servant is Chevalier D?Eon.

--- Quote from: Rei Scarlette on March 29, 2019, 03:00:56 AM --- Tossed you a friend req anyways, I don't have super great supports

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Amakusa has been saving my ass so far - your supports are doing just fine. Thanks for the req.
Suwako Moriya:
Sent a friend req as well. Hope it helps!
Aya Reiko:
In a somewhat unrelated, but still is, note, TM's official website is showing off this year's April Fool's gag: FGO*Quest.  Only the leftmost pic leads to more "info" on the game.  The other three leads to homepages for Nakau restaurants, Sawayaka restaurants, and Sekiro's Japanese webpage.

- - -

I've noticed that Kama has a Riding skill of A.  Honestly, it had to at least meet Medb's Riding Skill for the exact same reason Medb has a Riding skill at all.
I probably should feel bad for just memeing on the angry gummy CQ, but nah :V
I decided to download this last night to give it a try. I've been enjoying Fate Apocrypha lately so it seemed like it might be fun. Still pretty early in the story mode, I'm a few stages after I got to do my first summon. Got Stheno as my rarest servant, I don't know what's good, how rare it is, or even what rarities exist, but I'm hoping I'll get a chance to get some characters I'm familiar with at some point.

I'm still figuring the game mechanics out. Is there anything important I should know?
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