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So generation eight has been revealed. It seems to be UK-themed, which seems like a reasonable but kind of uninspired choice. I was disappointed to see that the coolest parts of Let's Go (no random encounters, and follow Pokemon) both seem to have been scrapped which is understandable but unfortunate.

So which of the starters do you like the look of? I'm not thrilled by any of them from what we've seen so far and I haaaate the look of Scorbunny, although to be fair a lot of that has to do with the Talonflame-level bad name. The other two look fine, and any of them could end up being really cool pending evolution. They definitely don't look like they have the charm of the seventh generation starters, but anything could happen. If I had to pick one right now based on what we've seen so far it would probably be Sobble.
Ha ha, ha... that's one more Scorbunny for ME.

I'm dying for more information. Sun and Moon have set a fantastic example for change in this franchise and I hope Gen 8 modifies the standard Poke-game formula even more.
Rei Scarlette:
Bring back third versions

Give me Pokemon Gun

Real talk though I am definitely looking forward to seeing more news about these games, not totally feeling it on any of the starters yet but they could grow on me over time
Calling it now; we got Fire/Fighting again.

Also Football Rabbit. Scorbunny. Score. And it's described as 'A Rabbit Pok?mon that is always running about, bursting with energy.' So Sportsbunny.
Thought Scorbunny looked really dumb at first, but it's growing on me. Still think Sobble looks the best though. I've never liked monkeys ever, but the design itself isn't a turnoff. I feel like grass starters have always had pretty consistently good designs.

I would be down for this being a pseudo-expansion of the Kalos story, if this is the region they were at war with, wouldn't that be interesting.
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