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Cardboard Intervention: TCG/CCG Thread Redux 2
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Use this thread to discuss card games of any kind!
Tamer Anode/Cathode:
personally I would have went with "CCG/TCG Thread Second Edition" but that's what I get for procrastinating on making the thread

so MTG Arena is apparently updated or going to be updated soon to include everything currently in Standard and add improved draft events with a best-of-three format so I think it's going to be out of beta by fall. I wasn't originally sold on it when I started but they've definitely managed to make improvements, although I think I prefer paper for the social experience and would rather stick with something like Eternal as far as digital card games go
Ew, Kaladesh in Arena? Well, if it follows Standard rotation then at least it won't be in for long.

I've been putting off getting a beta account because I figured it would be silly with collections reseting, but if we're looking at third quarter or later for the full release I guess it might not hurt to start sooner.
Arena has sorely needed full Standard to fix this meta, It's been quite disgusting
Whoever thought making Soul-Scar Mage a 1/2 with Prowess and "all non-combat damage sources have either" a 1 CMC SPELL was a complete moron.

Can't wait for rotation.
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