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Fire Emblem Heroes - hats for everyone
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Choose Your Legend 4 has begun, and I don't reeeeally know who to vote for. My primary picks aren't eligible because they've already made it in. Arthur and Manuela are probably my next best picks but there's no way either of them will win. I guess I'll have to consider Robin, Byleth, and some of the Heroes protagonists, any of them seem likely but cool.
The paid subscription thing I actually don't mind, if only the qol changes weren't a part of it, that's really scummy.

Also that new Silque alt stole my breath for a moment, then another when I find out she's free. Just found my grail project, I suppose, she's so pretty.
Yeah, the subscription thing is weird. Nerds on the internet have kind of painted me into a corner where everything there's fan backlash nerd outrage shrieking bullshit over something at this point my impulse is to automatically side against it, so I can't even really evaluate how I feel at this point beyond "Reddit is mad? Then they're probably wrong". On paper I don't really have a problem with it but the way it's implemented definitely isn't ideal.

I feel like it's inevitable that Camilla will eventually be one of those new special characters, but I don't really understand how they work. If you pay for a month do you get that month's subscription units automatically and permanently? If so then that's not bad, but if you lose them when no longer subscribed and/or aren't guaranteed to get the ones you want then that's not great.

I kind of wish the subscription was a little cheaper, Fire Emblem Heroes is one of those mobile games that's in an awkward spot where I want to give it a little money because I play it a ton and enjoy it, but the premium stuff works out in a way where it never really feels worth it to me to actually spend money. $10 a month is a liiiittle more than I want to spend as a tip though.
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