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I could really use some kind of cosmetic marker that I can attach to my units to differentiate them. I'm using two Spring Camillas with very different sets, but that are visually identical. Positioning matters for them A LOT because one has Hone Fliers and one has Goad Fliers, but they even have exactly the same HP. Some kind of colored outline for their square or colored glow would be super helpful. To say nothing of like, cute little hats or something...
Well, there is the glow from refining weapons if one of them is using a refine-able weapon.
They are not. One is Gronnraven and the other is Gronnblade.

Incidentally, I realized this morning that Gronnraven Camilla is my most expensive unit by a lot. She's eaten four different 5*s. A Cecilia for Gronnraven, a 5* Selena for Triangle Adept (I ran out of Roys a while ago and haven't found any more), a 5* Subaki for Quick Riposte, and a Halloween Nowi for Hone Fliers...
Cosmetic accessories sound great, I mean it was in the 3ds games weren't they

Raven and blade tomes look identical? Never used a raven tome.
I don't thiiiink the cosmetic items in Fates were visible in the character icon, I think they were just in battle animations. But just slapping a new sprite on the existing one seems like it should work fine, right?

Top BumCam is Gronnblade, the one below her is Gronnraven. Completely is identical unless I'm overlooking something.
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