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Took me 4 hours to figure out the pattern... hope this can help others in the future from the fruitless random grinding...

Farming obsidian (100% drop rate, at least for me):

1.   Touching healing circle 3 times.
2.  Either 1st left map - escape 2 times to meet Hydra. (Someone else used this with a team including Byakuren, but with 7 turns instead of 5, not sure about their pattern and party members)
     Or       3rd left map - Hydra on 1st encounter. (I used this)
3.  Exit the game (not soft reset with F12) each time after defeating a hydra and getting an obsidian and saving at the healing circle.
4.  Repeat 1.

Turn               1              .             2             .             3             .             4              .            5
Hydra                                     attack Sakuya(dazed) and Byakuren

                                                                                                                                      Sanae 3-bomb
Aya              reflect                reflect                  reflect                 reflect                 reflect
Sakuya        attack                full moon            full moon            full moon           full moon
Byakuren    starfire              starfire                starfire(got LW) amplifying         last world (190%)
Youmu        bold advance  asura stance       asura strength   def                      slash of spring wind
Mokou        attack                 attack                 attack                   attack                volcano

My Mokou has gamer fan on her, not sure if it changes anything about the drop whether anyone in the party equips it or not.

Do NOT clear the 1st,2nd and 4th maps with my method, only clear all the mobs that are on your way (appear on your screen) to the 3rd map, for some reasons I can't trigger Byakuren's LW on the 3rd turn whenever I cleared the 1st,2nd and 4th map.
And yes, somehow not clearing my path to the 3rd map also screws my 100% obsidian drop rate pattern too?
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