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Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros [HIATUS]
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Your Everyday NEET:

*sigh*This sucks.

What is The Genius of Sappheiros?
I'm pretty sure you know this game. Japanese Touhou RPG fangame made by Strawberry Bose in 2010 with turn based battle, 10+ playable characters, lots of grinding, and really hard and bordering on bullshit.

Why did you want to play it?
To be honest, I didn't, but fate conspired against me to play this game. Originally, my first pick for let's play is Touhou horror game called Ayaria Hazard, but I can't speak chinese and doing screenshot based LP on something I didn't understand is out of the question. My second pick is Chinese Touhou RPG called Blizzard of Faith and Revenge, but the game crashes in the middle of prologue. So, all that left is this game... Well, might as well do it.

How hard is this game?
Well, it's hard. The enemies is tough and can wipe you fast, bosses that requires specialized strategy and have bullshit TPK attack that you never saw it coming unless reading a walkthrough, and you'll be grinding for levels and material for hours and hours. The fact that this game has easy mode speaks for itself.

Let's get started then.

Chapter List

VS The World
Part 1
- Prologue
- Stage 1 - Great Library
- Stage 2 - Scarlet Devil Mansion
- After SDM
- Stage 3 - Forest of Magic
- Stage 4 - Former Hell of Blazing Fire
- Stage 5 - Palace of the Earth Spirit
- Stage 6 - Netherworld
- After Netherworld
- Stage 7 - Muenzuka
- Stage 8 - Garden of the Sun
- Stage 9-1 - Eientei
- Stage 9-2 - Eientei
- Stage 10 - Heart of Eientei

Part 2
- Stage 11 - Youkai Mountain
- Stage 12 - Youkai Mountain Summit
- Stage 13 - Sea of Clouds
- Stage 14 - Bhava-agra

VS Reptillian OC
- Beginning of Part 3
- Stage 15 - Forest of Magic 2
- Stage 16 - Genbu's Swamp
- Stage 17 - Genbu's Lake
- Stage 18-1 - Lakebed Temple
- Stage 18-2 - Lakebed Temple
- Stage 19 - Lakebed Temple Depth
- Stage 20-1 - Divine Temple
- Stage 20-2 - Divine Temple
- Stage 21-1 - Gorgon Barrier
- Stage 21-2 - Gorgon Barrier
- Stage 21-3 - Gorgon Barrier
- The Final Boss
- Epilogue Part 1
- Epilogue Part 2

VS The World Again
- Expansion Prologue
- Character Quest Part 1
- Character Quest Part 2
- Character Quest Part 3
- Character Quest Part 4
- Character Quest Part 5
- Character Quest Part 6
- Stage 22 - Underworld

VS Generic Villain of Doom
- Sidequest Superboss Part 1
- Stage 23 - Forest of Magic 3
- Stage 24 - Garden of the Sun 2
- Stage 25 - Muenzuka 2
- Stage 26 - Dark Space
- Stage 27 - Depths of Resentment
- Sidequest Superboss Part 2
Oh hey there GoS, haven't seen you for awhile. Good luck to ya on this LP, it could... be worse, I guess?
Welp, I dearly hope you're well stocked-up on...well, whatever it is you need to cope with bullshit if it's that bad.
In the game's defense, grinding isn't really a thing 95% of the time (and can be entirely cut out apart from a tiny bit before the final boss). Extra stats barely help at all so it's only useful if you're about to learn a really nice move, and exp rubberbands really hard to let underleveled people catch up. Materials have low drop rates but the plan is "don't need extra materials"; only craft things that will be -really- helpful, as materials stocked up will make it easier to get all the best stuff in endgame/postgame (where farming is much easier, but still.)

But the difficulty and need for strategy are not understated :V
Oh, nice. Played this one for a while before dropping it in the middle, can't remember the reason anymore as it was a pretty long time ago. The LP should be interesting to follow.
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