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Re: Guilty Alice II : Thanks for playing! ;_;

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Yes 2nd round!
lets keep it going guys
I am not sure if there is anyone as evil character in Touhou (depending on the situation
but the whole idea sound pretty fun :getdown:

I'm p sure Seiga and Seija are both canonically evil but that's the fun of it! I'm interested to see what people come up with.

e: Okay seeing as I've received a decent amount of positive feedback on this, we'll go with ROLE REVERSAL.

Unless anyone comes up with something I like more between now and the deadline for new theme. 

Round 15: Role Reversal
Characters acting opposite to their general canon/fanon portrayal.
Entry Deadline: Sat, Nov 23

Suggestion from me: Try to avoid similarities with the Insubordination theme we had a while back.

Well then, let's all enjoy this new round:


Girl scouts are not considered to be envoys of hell, right?

@BananaBread and NonomSM: Huh. My bad for not noticing, then.


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