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I draw myself a ponytail Marisa, because my fetish isn't gonna draw itself (Should have add glasses tho, because fetish :V)

I don't know why this place is so quite lately, so here's a short hair Yuugi :flowerpower:

Fulisha of Light:
Was depressed last week which made drawing anything difficult. Felt better, and managed to complete this:

Behold! A mandrake drawn in (an attempt at) JynX's style~

Hope ♦ Metal:

Fulisha of Light:
Did some more revisions of some touhou ocs/fcs I made last year; stage 1 and 2 looked really terrible, so I had to redraw some if not the entire art. I've gotten a lot more confident with Photoshop and drawing with a mouse.

New Stage 1 Boss
New Stage 2 Boss

Older versions of both

The first one is a fairy and the second is an aosaginohi (night heron) :3

There's another I'm thinking of revising as well, but I'm not sure how to go about it; either adjust a few lines or play with some palettes.  ???


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