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May have goofed up with AdvWorld 2 since I am not seeing trees or ores in the immediate area. If that is the case for further areas then I may close it and make a new one.
I'd try joining, but the recent removal of my back 4 teeth (Yaaay, wisdom teeth...) is kinda taking up the use of my hands. Look forward to playing again though.
Deleted the warp to AdvWorld 2 after determining it was not useful for anything. Will remake it.
Good to see that we're up and running again. The server is in good hands.  :)

To clarify on that experience pearl compensation effort I was contemplating: I still needed to do some SCIENCE with the /xp command to see if it gives people whole levels, or just individual experience points. Either way, I was planning on having people turn in their loaded pearls and I would have compensated them the total number of levels therein, as well as return the empty pearls to them. A fair amount of legwork, with somewhat liberal use of  /xp and creative mode. Much like the Music Disc exchange setup I had done earlier. The demand for the exchanges would wane over time.

As for my WilyFort, that project has been moved offline and will continue to be constructed in SSP. I am in the process of implementing resources from IndustrialCraft and BuildCraft into the structure. :3 Anyway, feel free to plunder anything/everything from the existing WilyFort on the server, as I don't plan on working on the online version anymore. No sense in having parallel versions of the same structure, y'know?
Good to see the server's up and running again!

I'll be on later this week, as work demands most of my free time right now.
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