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Any piracy related discussion will get you probated or banned!
« on: January 11, 2011, 06:29:11 PM »
First rule of Piracy, you do not talk about piracy.

There is NO discussion of piracy whatsoever.  No hinting, no saying you got a downloaded copy, nothing.  You can and will be punished for mentioning having downloaded the games.  We do not look kindly upon any piracy discussion.  This community, nor the staff on this site, want anything to do with piracy nor the image it brings.  If you do pirate, you're on your own.  You don't help others do it and you don't discuss having a pirated copy.

Game demos are OK to be posted but we would prefer that a staff member does so.  If you happen upon a game demo you wish to share, please ask a staff member first it check it out.  This is to ensure that 1. the demo is legit and 2. we're not hammering some poor guy's personal webspace.  If we deem it permissible to post, we will either give you the go ahead to post it or we will post it ourselves on your behalf. 

You can discuss them, but you cannot provide download links to them.  You can post a page or two or screenshots as samples or for discussion but we would prefer you do the legwork yourself when it comes to actually obtaining the whole thing.  It's a horribly grey area and to be on the safe side we do not want to be responsible for providing any copyrighted material that isn't explicitly authorized by the creator.  Basically you can post a page or two or screenshots to bring up a point in a discussion or to give people a teaser to get them interested, but you cannot post the whole thing, either directly or as a link to a downloadable copy.

You can discuss and link to Youtube/Nicovideo postings of individual tracks, but you cannot link or post any downloadable tracks or albums.  This includes torrent files.  Youtube/Nicovideo links are the ONLY permitted links, any random video site is not OK.  Why?  Because Youtube/Nicovideo are very large and respectable video sites, and have mechanisms in place for copyright holders to control the distribution of their works easily.  If they are on that site we trust that the content creator is OK with them being on there.

These rules are in place in order to respect the hard work and dedication these people have put into their creations.  If you enjoy their work, please, support their endeavors and buy their products!  There are multiple legitimate outlets for these items, including a very dedicated MotK forum member more than happy to get items for you from Japan. See this thread for more details on that.
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