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TSO has finally implemented the promised migration, so here we are. You'll need to re-reg your nick, since these forums are completely new.

If you hadn't finished archiving important threads on the old forums, don't worry - they'll be viewable again soon enough for you to go back and pick up anything you missed.

EDIT: Old forum archive!
well I'm glad i guess ^_^ i can take my normal name "Kojiro" instead of "Kojiros" now hahah. I heard that a new plan was gonna be implemented but i didn't know it was now. PRetty cool ^_^
It looks like you can change your public name on this one now, like I can sign in as VOLTFEST and change my name to appear as VOLT.
Thumbs up for the new forum.
Great job, guys! >w<b
I'm going to miss my PM archive.

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