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The End of Shrinemaiden As We Know It

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Alfred F. Jones:
As you may have seen recently, our head admin, TSO, has died. With her passing, the staff has now had to confront some sobering realities. Not the least of which is that none of us have a login with root access via linode, our service provider. 7HS and Edible have been in contact with linode, but all we can do is pay the site's bills as a stopgap measure, which I have taken care of this month.

However, it's not a matter of paying bills alone. Without root access, the site cannot be maintained; if there is a forum error or disk space issue (which happens regularly), nothing here will be recoverable.

In other words, our days are numbered, and if you have anything on this site you'd like to keep, I would like to advise you to back it up to your own storage as soon as possible.

Attachments will definitely be gone when the forums go under. Artists, please make sure you have everything you want to keep. Writers who have fanfic here, please make sure you have a copy of it; I have several AO3 invitations I would be glad to hand out if anyone needs them for backing up Touhou fanfic or keeping track of authors. Karisa says that HME and the RaNGE/Touhou Projects section have documentation about fan games/patches that might not be posted anywhere else, so if there's anything from those sub-forums you want, grab them now. The old Gensokyo replay sites actually are backed up, at Maribel's and Tom's. If you have any friends, members or not, who may be interested in saving something from here, please get in contact with them and let them know.

MotK staff will be updating you on this situation as best as we can, but please keep in mind that this community is currently on a slow-moving train of a site and we know the tracks end somewhere up ahead. We're not sure exactly where the tracks end, but we know it could be sooner rather than later, and everyone should plan accordingly.

Keep an eye on this space for updates. MotK staff may not have all the answers to your questions about where this site is going, but we can at least find out together.

Edit: One of our longtime moderators is working on a replacement forum.  While we won't be able to migrate posts/accounts over there, it should serve as a worthy successor.  A few ancient users here will know this isn't the first time we've moved to a new forum/domain, so hopefully this should be simply another chapter in a very long book.

So long, and thanks for all the fishgirls.


Silent Sinner in Scarlet:
I do have an idea regarding this current site's root access, but given this is a public forum, I cannot discuss it here. I can only discuss it in a Discord DM channel.

Okay, so I guess everyone's seen this coming, and it seems you lot have figured out most of the issues and answered most of the questions.

I have a potentially dumb question, not having interacted with a traditional forum in a few years, and having forgotten how some stuff here works despite my time here: do we have a backup tool of any kind? That is, a way to log and save our posting history, PMs, etc? I have over 11 thousand posts here, and while most of that isn't relevant per se, I wouldn't know how to pick and choose from them all the ones I'd like to keep, the conversations we've had that were meaningful, the fun and sad moments, etc.

Also, I'm pretty glad someone already grabbed the torch and is working on a new platform. This place has always been at the frontline of the western Touhou community, and a spiritual successor is a wonderful idea.


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