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helvetica has passed away

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The admin of this site, helvetica, has died.  She saved this website and its community years ago and worked to keep it afloat for a long time.  This place gave me many good memories and introduced me to many long-time friends, helvetica herself included; she was almost singlehandedly to thank for that.

Thanks, TSO.  Rest in peace.

So many Western Touhou fans owe more to TSO than they'll ever really know, myself included. This hits hard.

Tamer Anode/Cathode:
I'm. Having a lot of trouble processing this, honestly. Helvetica meant a lot to this community and was a huge contributor to the Western Touhou community. I and a lot of others owe a lot to her work.

May she know peace.

Helvetica gave so much to this community, and helped bring so many people together. I too owe a lot to her self-sacrifice, and I'm really sad to know she passed away so soon. May she rest in peace.

oh wait what.

Motk was my gateway to Touhou Project beyond just "game with cool bullet patterns". Much appreciation for all the work she's done for this community.
Rest in peace.


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