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Actually this is what happened: I don't have a camera, nor a modern phone(I'm picking one up soon though).  I then promptly forgot about this thread until someone yelled at me.

BUT!  I anticipated this and wrote down my thoughts at the time of opening the present.  So after I find that(It's somewhere in my room buried under cosplay supplies), I'll post what I wrote.

Edit: Found it after work.  Here is what I wrote.

Could not find camera.  Writing this down with eyes closed as I reach in and pull something out(I have trouble reading my own writing...)

Pulled out a bag of some sort.  Behind my back.

It's hot chocolate mix.  I'm a little sad because I have 3 cans of hot chocolate mix downstairs.  Maybe when I run out of those I can use this(I've still yet to use it.  I still have a can left..)

Got second.  Soft, feels like a doll.

It's a plush seal.  As though on Canadian instinct, I want to club it.  Should ask for plush bat for next CPSS.

Put it with my other plushes.  My room is getting comfy.

Feels like a shoe.  Did I get sent shoes?

They're slippers.  They look super comfy.

They don't fit.  At all.  Stupid clown feet.

Plan on giving to housemate so that someone can enjoy it.

That's it.  Thank you very much for the presents, even if I cannot enjoy them right away.

Now the plan for next year is to make a gift that is NOT just a video game in a box.  I had so much planned and it all fell apart T_T
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