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Time To Atone For Your Sins, MotK
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Have you sinned lately? Done something wrong that you feel bad about? Want to make up for it, put it behind you once and for all, and rid yourself of that nagging sense of guilt?


Here's how it works:

Confess: Tell us what you did wrong. Don't make excuses or try to rationalize it away - just own up to your mistake, honestly and unconditionally. It doesn't have to be some huge bombshell, like you once shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. But the fact is, we all make mistakes. Whatever you did or whoever you wronged, let it out. Shikieiki is here to help.

Do your penance: By posting your sin in this thread, you agree to receive and faithfully perform your penance in a timely fashion. Don't worry - it won't be anything degrading or humiliating. In fact, it will be something fun for you, and entertaining for the rest of us. All that is asked is that you do your penance quickly, and don't chicken out. Besides, you wouldn't confess your sin unless you were willing to atone for it, would you?

Receive absolution: If you have successfully completed your penance, Shikieiki will officially absolve you of your sin. From that moment forward, you can then release yourself of your guilt and shame, and move forward into a bright future.

So then, you filthy sinner, tell the Yama of Paradise of your sins, and begin your path to salvation!
Some of the overly brazen and efforted bigotry on 4chan makes me laugh.
I beat a nun to death on the steps of a church with a table leg.
I am a hopeless procrastinator who will take every possible chance to not work because it makes me feel better than working.

Even if I feel better after work is done.
I play DotA.
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