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CPSS4: Live Free or Secret Hard! (OPEN THEM NOW!)
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Rin Kagamine:
Hey y'all, guess what!  I'm really late so all the deadlines are pushed back a week!

Welcome back everyone!  For those who were not around for the festivities last year (or the year before (or the year before)), this is your basic Secret Santa.  Those participating will receive the name of another poster and be tasked with sending them a present this holiday season.  Everyone loves surprises!

Want to participate?  PM me (Rin Kagamine) the following information with the subject "CPSS IN!" by 11/19/2012:
Full name:
Are you willing to ship international? Yes/No (US/Canada residents only)
Willing to receive NSFW presents? Yes/No/Please
*Phone number(only needed if sending international)
**(If you ship internationally then you will need to give your phone number. The US Post Office has new requirements for international shipping and one of them is that a phone number is required. Feel free to make one up but don?t cry to me when your package doesn?t arrive/isn?t delivered.)
(Optional) T-shirt size
(Optional) 5 things you like (if you're afraid no one knows what you like (NO GUARANTEE you'll get anything from that list))

I stole it from sows shut up

Monday, November 19th is the deadline to sign-up.  Partners will be assigned on Tuesday the 20th so no late sign-ups!

Other important dates to note (Dates are for US Eastern Standard Time, i.e. GMT-5.  Adjust for your country accordingly):
11/19/2012 - Deadline to sign up
11/20/2012 - Partners assigned
12/14/2012 - Last date to ship USPS First Class mail
12/17/2012 - Last date to ship all packages (Slight grace period offered for "something came up")
12/25/2012 - Open your gift and post what you got
USPS has been shipping things pretty quickly these past few years, so shipping dates have been relaxed a little.  If you're shipping internationally please don't procrastinate though.

1. Tracking is required!
2. When you ship your package, PM me (Rin Kagamine) with the topic "Package shipped" and provide the tracking number.
3. If sending USPS international then the customs number is the tracking number
4. If you don't send a present you will be BANNED!

Q: I want to send someone food!  Can I send food?
A: Probably.  You MUST check with the customs laws surrounding shipment of foodstuffs for both your home country and the destination country before shipping.  Your package is likely to be destroyed rather than returned, so be sure and check.

Here's a list of people currently signed up!
- kinoko
- Edible
- The_EP!
- Tamashii Kanjou
- Werepuppy
- triangles
- Zentillion
- Drake
- Purvis (!)
- Jana
- Mr. Bob
- Youkai Jesus
- Pesco
- The Alliterator
- pasu
- venappo
- Reddyne
- Tengukami (!!)
- theshim
- AF
- N-Forza
- Nietz
- NegaZero
- Latule Pyrope/Jam-Kiske
- jq1790
- Zirene
- Hakureism (because that's how I pronounce it)
- Dr Rawr
- Maullar
- Dular
- Nevindar
- Imosa
- Chaore
- Amra
- Nobu
- Vic Viper

Find your friends and think about signing up!

Post any questions in this thread.  Let's enjoy a great showtime!
Rin Kagamine:
First thread is here, second thread is here, and last year's thread is here.

I sure am glad there's a new Die Hard coming out soon so I have a thread title for next year :getdown:

Also, I'm disappointed with the  current board name because now my acronym is horribly antiquated D:
Yay, about time we did this again!

Might be joining, though considering my existing plans for TF2 and MC servers' Christmas events that is also uncertain.

Spoiler: Also not sending synths this time :V
Fucking finalllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

e: I might have adress issues this time, I may or may not be about to move, we'll see. Will keep posted.
There goes the money I've been saving.

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