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It is Layla Prismriver... No other explanation needed.
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it's Koishi.


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Hold on, Komachi's scythe is wavy-ish like that.
...Maybe it's another Shinigami?
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Just for fun, here is something I did really quick.

And hoooooooly crap. Maybe Kyouko's evil twin sister clone spirit.
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He hasn't updated his website with a cd picture yet though : (
Hmm... :<
I can wait.


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I know it won't do any good, but to inject some boring logic into the thread:

Quote from: Ten Desires Prologue
- The divine spirits seemed to be looking for someone to accept them.
 Within the cemetery, dark and smell stench of earth, the faint light illuminates the area, but is absorbed quickly into the darkness, and cannot reveal the whole story to light. 
  At that place, the divine spirits understood.
 Each one of our desires like earning lots of points, not wanting to get hit by a bullet, or even wanting to use the spell card, such small desires are granted only in the world of fantasy and illusions. This kind of greed naturally does not come without one's own effort, not without one's price to pay. 
  But for one stream of hope of enlightenment, the divine spirits march towards the darkness with all their heart and soul.
And then, they return to nothingness, without knowing the reason of their own birth. 
  They disappear just like that, without even knowing that there is a someone who cannot help but smile while observing it whole. 
  As her resurrection drew near, her grin grew deeper - and vowed for her vengeance.

Also, in Youmu's scenario, Yoshika temporarily shows a glimmer of intelligence:

My... master??

What the...

Wait, does that mean there'll be
one of those dreadful religious wars... again?!

...Er, who was that?

As to what this all points to is anyone's guess, but I wonder if it's a sealed evil entity not entirely unlike (but from the silhouette, definitely not) Mima?
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I'm still speculating that Orin's the Extra stage Midboss

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I'm still speculating that Orin's the Extra stage Midboss
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I think the cover is a bit less cooler than other games. Maybe because it doesn't have trees or flowers?
Just can't wait till tomorrow, but I still can't understand the fuss with Mima.
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Because Mima is Mima.

She has green hair and fried shrimp for a tail, yo.  BV
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Clearly Mima with legs:

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