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RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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Bias Bus:
Now I do.

About a few hours ago, I was being impulsive/stupid and deleted my old one without thinking of that fact.

Name:GA-05/ Lin TianXin/ Heavenly Star
Age: Looks same as Amarillo, which is 14
Strength: The ability to project a forcefield, and some decent Kong-Fu Skills, most notably the usage of Qi (Or Ki, whatever, same thing.)
Weakness: he is not very reliable. often mess things up, and this includes his original ability.
Home: (current settlement in Karuisuwa)
Occupation: Amarillo's Shield
Visual Description: Tall boy with short golden hair. initially wearing a white shirt and blue shorts.
Equipment: A heavy broadsword made of gold (weights 3.5kg) which can be opened and contains his original beam weapon - a pair of dagger and a pair of boomerang-darts. There is also a metal/signal sensor/detector installed in the top of the broadsword.
An instruction manual of how to project forcefields (his commander give it to him since he is more likely to make it wrong without that)
A motorcycle
Personality: Care-free and Hot-Blooded, however much "normal" than GA-01.
Partners: Hong Meiling
History/Background: Firstly send to this time frame to inspect the EFA Base under Syberia, Russia. However, after 3 days, his sensor get nothing, and on the 4th day, his second mission is issued: forget the EFA base for now, and rush to a town in Japan to issue protection on one of his senpais.
However, when he get off from the plane and rent a motorcycle and is rushing on the highway, a bird like object crashed with him.
It's indeed a bird.. however not a normal one.
And his mission is added....
Fun Facts : Often have a dice on him. since he believes in luck more than others.
Additional Information/Background/History: N/A at the moment
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