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-Waking up from the Dream-

Registration and Character Profile Thread.

For current players, please post a character profile here.

For new players, you can register by posting a character profile.

Information for new players:

There is a summary of the story so far in the summary/status update thread.

Current story for each of the available factions:

Gensokyo Faction
You are an outsider who had somehow managed to enter Gensokyo. During your stay you managed to befriend and get close to a Gensokyo resident. However, Gensokyo suddenly collapsed in a sudden disaster when the source of mana supporting it suddenly failed. During the escape you discover that the collapse was a mere by-product of someone hijacking the mana supply for their own nefarious ends. With newfound comrades and your partner at your side you manage to escape out into the outside world.

However, the ordeal has only just begun. Your partner, being a Gensokyo resident who is used to the abundance of mana in Gensokyo, couldn't survive without an external mana supply in the mana-bereft outside world. You manage to establish a mana-share through your the link you share through your relationship. (read the rules on mana-sharing below).

The Gensokyo refugees have now managed to escape, some straight into the small town of Karuisuwa by Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture, some into the abandoned Hakurei Shrine in the Yatsugatake National Park. The latter group found themselves attacked by a mysterious group of agents in black armour, however, who had appeared to capture all the Gensokyo refugees. They've managed to evade capture and get to the safety of Karuisuwa. There they have taken refuge in an old abandoned shrine/hot spring inn, the Saniwa Shrine and Onsen Ryokan.

Here their new life begins as they build up their strength for their retaliation to take back Gensokyo...

Faction 2, Rai Force 1 - The Path of the Chosen

?.your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go visit a certain abandoned shrine?

It was a very well-equipped personnel transport from the inside, boasting all the cool gadgets, computer panels, and whatnot you only thought existed in the movies. It was the very best the secret service could provide. Pity it was just a laundry van from the outside, sporting the brand ?Miyanaga Laundry, Cleanliness is next to Godliness?. You find yourself in said transport, finding the journey a little uncomfortable as the van wound up and down what could only be rather rough and rarely used hillside roads. You are en-route to a rather desolate location, an old abandoned shrine located within the Yatsugatake National Park. You?re a fresh new recruit, idealistic and enthusiastic about your first mission. A little curious as to why you?ve been chosen, but blazing with passion nonetheless.

You?re a member of a newly-formed secret organization (yeah, clich?, but wait for it!) that reports directly to the rather shadowy and mysterious (fictional) secretarial aide to the Prime Minister of Japan (a strange woman named ?Saaya Kikuri?). It is currently still a virtual institute, meaning it was assembled by taking agents from many other organizations and bringing them together under one new organization, which doesn?t have a proper physical headquarters of its own as yet. It was assembled in a hurry and you, a fresh newbie recruit, found yourself drafted into the service of this mysterious new institute rather suddenly and abruptly, leaving you wondering what on earth you?ve done (wrong or right) to deserve this.

You have been assigned to the newly-formed ?RAI? Force 1, the first of its kind. You still don?t know what it?s actual purpose is?.just that you?ve been sent on a first mission ? to go out to the aforementioned location to capture a group of civilians that, according to the top brass, will be there when you arrive later in the evening. They will be mostly harmless, though use of non-lethal force has been authorized. You are to round up everyone you see, regardless of who they are, with extreme prejudice. i.e. Who they are and why they are there doesn?t matter. What matters is that you capture them, alive.

Well, there?s no saying ?no? to the top brass, is there? And thus you set out, curious .

The mission turned out successful. Your team managed to capture a good many of the targets, though you are unsure whether or not you let any slip by you. You realize that the operation wasn?t too well organized and that some may have managed to escape capture. You blame it on the fact the team was still newly formed and inexperienced.

Now, after a week of inactivity, you?ve suddenly been given a new, rather strange mission. You look down at the file in your hand, wondering what on earth the top brass were thinking. One of your ex-captives has been assigned to be your ?partner?.

Problem is, you have to start out by convincing them to cooperate with you?.and the top-brass explicitly mentioned that they won?t tolerate failure. There was some fine print about your future partner requiring a ?mana? supply or something, and that she had been surviving so far on an artificial mana supply or something like that. However, you had glossed over the minor details in your curiosity to find out what you thought were the more important details.

?.time to brush up on your people skills. You?ll need them.

The third faction, the renegades - The Path Less Trodden, The Renegades

You are a member of RAI Force 1?.or at least, were. Yes, past tense. You managed to capture one of the targets assigned to you on that desolate mountain that evening.

?however, you find that she?s a young girl, harmless, frightened, cold, and miserable.

You brought her back as ordered and turned her into the custody of the institute. But you couldn?t help but wonder about her?.and the other girls who were rounded up and caught that night.

?.you finally demand to see the girl you caught. The people tending the holding facilities weren?t very friendly. However, you are a trained agent, and sneaking in to a make-shift holding facility wasn?t a difficult feat to perform. You manage to locate the girl?s holding cell and broke in successfully. She was startled to see you and was quite afraid of being harmed again but you convince her that you?re on her side, having broken in to see her. You ask her for her story. After a bit, she confided in you.

?.at first you thought she was mad. How could this be true? A hidden realm? Filled with ?youkai?, fairies, vampires and other manner of mythical creatures?

Then she tells you that she?s one of them. Your disbelief doubles. The girl before you looked positively human!

But the more she spoke, the more you believed her. The government wouldn?t have had you catch these girls for no good reason. The fact that they were gathered in a little-known desolate area was also strongly in favour of her story. Well, you have a few alternate theories, such as the possibility that they may be some sort of cult or something practicing their rites in some secluded place?.but the fact that she was a young girl and your pity for her drove any misgivings you might have had completely out of your mind.

Perhaps some old memory drove you? Some old regret over something that happened in your past? Or maybe you just feel that you hadn?t signed up to put innocent girls behind bars.

Whatever the reason, you decided to quit that night. Without any preparation whatsoever, you decide to break out with her.

You succeeded, partly because of your skill, but also partly because of the fact that the institute was still in its infancy and still had many security flaws.

You manage to duck under the radar for a while and lay low. Before long you had created a new identity for yourself and emerged as a new person, living a new life in the small, remote town of Karuisuwa with your newfound companion.

The Forth Faction - The Random Outsiders - Out of the Blue

You are an ordinary person, living an ordinary life, in the completely ordinary rural Japanese town of Karuisuwa. Perhaps you may have heard of Gensokyo from folklore. Perhaps you?re an avid fan of the Touhou series?.or are at least aware of it. Perhaps you?ve never heard of these things before in your life.


You felt a strange, sudden impulse to go out romping into the countryside. Perhaps you felt the sudden need to go camping? Or perhaps just a nighttime stroll around the hills of the Yatsugatake National Park? Perhaps the knowledge that a few trees in the region will be cut down for the upcoming Onbashira festival made you feel somewhat melancholy for the trees. Perhaps you?re just dead bored enough to go walk through sludge. I don?t know. Think up a reason.

Anyhow, the point is, you find yourself there at the Yatsugatake National Park, avoiding deer droppings and other manner of biological land mines as you walk across the hills. You notice the abandoned shrine up atop a hill and feel a sudden fascination. You approach it. However, upon getting close, you notice signs of commotion.

There were people in panic. There was something strange going on. People in black were running after what seemed like harmless young girls. Something was definitely amiss. You take out your handphone and tried to dial 110 for the police?.but find that there was no signal up here in these desolate mountains. Yep, just when you needed it.

Anyhow, through some sort of chance (you decide for yourself what sort) you end up escaping with one of the young girls. You make it back to the safety of Karuisuwa, and, somehow (you decide how), you end up taking the girl in.

What on earth have you gotten yourself wrapped up in, you have no idea. But still, you?re in for the ride of your life?

Simplified Rules:
1) You play as yourself. If your username is too long or absurd, then think of a nick or a variation on your username. For example, mine will be 'Hakurei Mitaka' or 'Taka' for short (Romaji'd my username).
2) Anything goes. Just try to keep everyone in-character. Oh, and comedy is encouraged. The point is to keep everyone amused.
3) You are allowed and encouraged to write in situations for other players. React to what others have written as well.   
4) If you don't agree with what others have written for your character, ask them to kindly make alterations.
5) Try not to go off on tangents or complete solo storylines. Try and stay in groups. The point is to play with everyone else.
6) Keep all OOC (out of character) discussions in the discussion thread provided. If your post is following up on a previous post then please alert others that you're writing a post to avoid clashes in posting.
7) Start all story posts with a location and time heading in this format - 'location, time, day', for example 'Hakurei Shrine, Gensokyo, 12.00 AM, day 1'. Underline and Bold, please.
8) Have fun.

Things you should keep in mind:
1) You must keep your partner close. The farther she is, the weaker the contract link. If she goes beyond a certain distance she starts wasting away. The maximum distance depends on your own strength.
2) You can improve the energy supply rate and maximum distance limit by strengthening yourself in body and soul.
3) Once we arrive in the outside world, we'll be just outside the fictional town of Karuisuwa (loosely based on the town of Shimosuwa that is situated around lake Suwa, the very same lake Suwako was named after). You will all decide to settle here for the time being as it is closest to the remains of Gensokyo. For your information, it's a good-sized town, about 3 hours away from Tokyo, with all the conveniences of modern life (something a few of your waifus wouldn't be used to...think of all the funny antics possible!). It is well-known for its onsens (yes, hot springs). There are two great shrines here that make up the Suwa Taisha (or Suwa Grand Shrine) and it is also where the famous Onbashira festival is held every 6 years.
4) You return to the outside world to find that there are even greater, more sinister powers at work. The collapse of Gensokyo is only the beginning, a small detail in a bigger scheme.
5) Additional note: You don't have to begin as a married couple. Beginning and fostering a bond with your partner can be part of the challenge and can add a lot to the story. But keep in mind that your spiritual linkage is only as strong as your relationship bond.

Characters currently available (You may choose up to 3 partners at the moment. May increase in the future, depending on player agreement).

Currently up for rescuing from RAI

Currently up for rescuing from the yakuza
Hong Meiling
Kana Anaberal

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Perfect Cherry Blossom:

Immaterial and Missing Power:

Imperishable Night:
Wriggle Nightbug

Phantasmagoria of Flower View:
Medicine Melancholy

Mountain of Faith:
Suwako Moriya

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody:

Subterranean Animism:
Undefined Fantastic Object:
Ichirin Kumoi

Highly Responsive to Prayers:

Story of Eastern Wonderland:

Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream:

Lotus Land Story:

Mystic Square:

Youki Konpaku
Layla Prismriver


How to write a profile:
Fill out the following character sheet. Feel free to add any additional details.

Picture: (optional)
Strength: (can be a personal trait, or a skill, or whatever. e.g. endurance, intelligence, cooking, etc. Nothing over the top please.)
Weakness: (this can be fun ? things like fear of spiders, intolerance to spice, allergy to pollen, etc.)
Home: (current settlement in Karuisuwa)
Occupation: (you can add this later once you find a job in Karuisuwa)
Visual Description:
Partners: (Your in-game partners)
Fun Facts (optional):
Additional Information/Background/History: (add history and other details as you go along)

(I will explain more about profile fields later. This will suffice for now).
Just making sure that I still have Koishi, Satori, and Merlin.

Name: Gabriel "Gpop" Marcello
Gender: Male
Age: 16 (turns 17 in July)
Strength: Physically strong and fit, holds quite a bit of mana. Apparently he could manipulate the amount of mana he could hold, but currently can not control it.
Weakness: lacks magic attacks, holds back if wife and friends are endangered.
Home: Palace (currently gone with Gensokyo), Original Home located in Canada. Now residing in the underground ruins.
Occupation: N/A
Visual Description: Tall, black hair, somewhat tan.
Personality: Caring, courageous at times. May be rude-mannered at times. Carefree. Short-tempered if either him or Satori/Koishi is insulted.
History/Background: Originally lives in Canada. Randomly landed in Gensokyo through Yukari. Found by Koishi. Married to Koishi. Friends with Underground Palace crew and many humans.
Fun Facts: Ever since he landed in Gensokyo, he found it like paradise, as if he can no longer care about the troubles of the outside world. Normally everyone is friendly with others. But now his mind is puzzled and his emotions are mixed after the incident.

The Suwako incident is another story that is best not told.

His dreams reveal some of his past, especially about his cousin, his one true rival in his life. Gpop was happy when he found Gensokyo, and could relieve himself from all of his troubles.

His relationship with Mitaka is not a good one. This was mostly caused from Gpop's personal rage and punched Mitaka in face. It was only natural for him to fight back, but ever since, they could never look eye-to-eye seriously. But as Mitaka tries to apologize, Gpop tends to stay away from him and appears to rather distant himself from him for some unknown reason. Gpop calls Mitaka "deodorant" just to get on Mitaka's nerves.
(Edit: I hear that the pictures are optional. I hear that someone used one. WHAT IS THIS? I don't even..)

Picture: Zei

Name: Zei Akabane

Gender: Male

Age:  14

Strength: Infinite well of Mana, Moderate strength and fit.

Weakness: ...? Do I have to explain? XD (You guys can figure that out.)

Home: Opposite Mansion

Occupation: None

Visual Description: Tall, dark-brown hair, a bit white.

Personality: Caring, Sacrificial, (somehow)Loving, CAN BE rude-mannered if provoked.

Partners: Flandre, Mystia, Reisen, and Shizuha

History/Background: Originally lives in United States. Was living a normal life until Yukari came along. Landed in Gensokyo thanks to her. Found by Reimu. Lived in Hakurei Shrine for 2-4 weeks. (somehow moved, due to Yukari again.)Moved to SDM after Winter(?). Lived there ever since.

Fun Facts(added since of 8:15am today) :
- Came to Gensokyo right after capturing one of IN's Last words, but it was due to Yukari's mishaps.
- Was a bit of traveller around Gensokyo, seeing what place was safe enough to live
- Has met Yuka, but it wasn't that nice. Zei thought that she wasn't there and ended up Sparking the area. Yuka woke up and Dual Sparked him. He was lucky enough to gap out of the way and back into SDM.
- USED to live in Hakurei Shrine, till Aya showed up.
- DID, infact, have the ability to gap, almost similar to Yukari's. She then told Youmu and then she thought that I was her son.
- Friend of Medicine, but not that close.
- As soon as he got into the Mansion, he immediately helped Flandre get out of the basement more often. Meiling, Patchouli, Sakuya, and even Remilia was a bit impressed by this feat. As soon as he went back to the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu pestered him about where he went. Aya showed up and pestered him about being either Reimu's or Flandre's "lover". As of that event, he never went to the Shrine ever since.
- Survived in Former Hell, due to semi-immortality.
-Gets called "Cirnoass" by Koji.

Thoughts of other outsiders:
Koji: Well..he's a friend of mind, but could laugh at any given thing there is. Can't believe he's actually doing ANYTHING to make sure nothing happens to Remilia. What a nice guy..

Gpop: Don't know him much, but he kinda surprises me in some way or another.

Jan: At first, I thought he was going to raid the Mansion, but turns out to be a Tourist. Weird though.. ._.

Relations with Gensokians:

Reimu: Ahaha, she's such a bitch, but she seemed a bit helpless due to no one visiting her shrine. Too bad it was destroyed by those UNGRATEFUL bastards.

Yukari: ..Not much to say about her. ._.''

Marisa: Seems nice, outgoing, a bit crazy, but all in all, LAZY. ._.

Yuyuko: There really isn't much to say about her than from what happened last time I talked to her. I can tell you this though, 'Innocent look = Guranteed death'.

Youmu: Guh...within a mather of time with Koji, she's already EXTREMELY skilled with swords. Goddamn.. ._.

Medicine: Seemed pretty harmless, but mistaked me for a youkai.

Yuka: Evil. One word to describe it all.

Relations with own team:

Flandre: I've cared for her ever since I first met her. I'm pretty surprised that she's trying to control herself and make sure she doesn't kill anyone. That is just...plain sweet. I don't know how, but she just stole my heart by that. I'm sort-of impressed. o.o'

Shizuha: Yeah...she's pretty lonely since no one CARED about the Aki Sisters before Koji started to mention them. To answer your question.. NO, I AM NOT DATING HER. ._.' She's just like that.

Reisen: Lunatic rabbit that tells me what's right and what's wrong. Why her? I REALLY don't know..

Mystia: Seems caring since she makes sure everyone in the team is ok. Different from what I expected..
Name: Jalal McWallace(for now anyways)


Age:  25

Strength: Can shoot fire from his eyes and lightning from his arse. Is a reasonable tactician, hunter and can wield a claymore with some proficiency. Recently began archery practice. Can remember some drugs. hourai. not bothered by blood. (Added from battle in Sky Ray)His skill with guns is enough to hit a target 10 m away, but not a bullseye.(I never thought I would have to detail this ability) Is well practiced with using the tentacles from the tentacle pill. These grow when and where they are needed.

Weakness: mild pollen allergy, hard to understand because of rapid persona shifting. When using a bow, is more likely to hit the guy next to the target.
Home: Where are we?

Occupation: (you can add this later once you find a job in Karuisuwa)

Visual Description: lean, average height. Black hair and eyes. Has worked out quite a bit.

Personality: variable, but generally loyal and upbeat.

Partners: Eirin(married)

History/Background: Multiple choice question at best. Few commonalities include sharing drug trials with Reisen. After all, what better way to see a drug's effect on humans than testing it on a human. Drinking the hourai elixer so that Eirin wouldn't be worried over his death.

Fun Facts (optional): Wants to figure out how Ronald McDonald dances like that and do it himself. That clown must be tapping into some new power. Once saw Kaugya kill and eat Mokou. Then she later spread her droppings in the garden. May argue with the narrator and should Satori look deeper than basic feelings, she will hear "He She but I did never regret money powered ran so slithering I couldn't but there was no cantalopes ate the silver gold." or something along those lines.

Additional Information/Background/History: Earlier, while Gensokyo was still healthy, he had taunted Reisen with the belief You can't drive someone insane who is already insane and that included all of Gensokyo. To make amends he requested that she give him her best shot. She did. His recovery or recuperation gave him the realization that there is no true self, rather such a thing is developed by all the masks or personas one adopts. This leads him to act somewhat differently according to the occasion, even adopting different accents and mannerisms at times. Reisen, as a wedding present, gave him a robe that no two people will agree on its looks, unless Jalal and another person concentrate on a specific style. He is a descendant of William Wallace or so he claims. This does help him as he gained two of the powers his ancestor was once rumored to have.


-Married to Erin, know that she suffers from self-recrimination, but has no idea how to solve it(neither do I)

-Is friendly to Reisen and Kaguya. Reisen still feels a little guilty about lashing out in anger towards him.

-Inspired by Thirtyfour, Frank, and Caboose's conflict. Mainly the jolly robert.

-has NO respect for the fourth wall

-lends more weight to Mitaka's will than he would to any other stranger, but only a tiny bit more.

-Sees Owlbear as a jolly good fellow, up for some hard partying when it come to that

-Argues with the narrator, but is somewhat friendly most of the time.

-Gets this feeling that the place in which Kojiro and Zei are staying is overflowing with goodies

-Somewhat grateful to Ria for the use of the armoury(looted many things)
Running two characters

Name: Ghandi Vernier
Gender: M
Age:  50
Strength: mechanical precision with his tools, genius
Weakness: he is a squishy scientist who works out just enough to be fit, though he sometimes forgets. Recently, he took up running. He is only thin because he sometimes forgets to eat.
Home: Wherever his mobile laboratory is.
Occupation: Government scientist
Visual Description: A dark colored man with a shaved head. He usually forgets grooming.
Personality: A polite person, though never treats his nonvolunteer subjects as anything more than objects. His morality to them is that of a Nazi scientist, though he is not interested in extermination or sterilization. To volunteers, he is a gracious and kind man. He will always attempt to resolve matters peacefully. If he can't, well that's the reason for his recent interest in running. He alway makes sure to remember the names and faces of the people he interacts with.
Partners: none
History/Background: He graduated with PH.Ds in engineering, math, biochemistry, geology, and every medical field.
Fun Facts (optional): He is always asking Isaac to note things. Isaac is his apprentice who may or may not exist.
Additional Information/Background/History: His interest in the occult was not a very strong thing, though he has a few contacts with decent knowledge on the subject. He was assigned to head a small laboratory to research these beings with magic powers. Maribel Han is his first subject. During the course of experimentation, he has removed one of her eyes for inspection and installed a camera in the other.

Isaac exists, this is what is known.

Name: Isaac
Gender: Assumed to be male.
Age: Unknown
Strength: He is forgotten quickly.
Weakness: He is forgotten quickly.
Home: N/A
Occupation: Ghandi's lab assistant
Visual Description: nobody can remember except Ghandi who when asked, will point to him and say "see for yourself."
Personality: His speech will not be in quotation marks. He is only a faceless lab technician at this point.
Partners: none at the moment
History/Background: Unknown
Fun Facts (optional): Only Ghandi will acknowledge his existence.
Additional Information/Background/History: Unknown
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